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Dawn of Fantasy


  by Langor on October 27, 2014 - Replies 3 - Add Comment

Patch # 1.05b - Huge Leap Forward Dear Players, Today we continue with fixing the majority of the remaining major issues - including the server not properly saving player's progress, resulting in lost progress or lost units. We have also re-enabled deleting town and Importing, and fixed various other bugs across the board. Things should work much much better now, and we hope to have Kingdom Wars on it`s top performance by Thursday, so that we can start adding new content and cool features. Our team is working full speed on providing the best customer support we can, and at the same time im... Read more

Patch # 1.04 - Faster, Better, Stronger Dear Players, the past few days been a thrilling roller-coaster, with so many things going wrong, but at the same time thousands of players enjoying the game, and our community growing like never before. The main problems were all related to our mega game server performance - and we are happy to say today we`d made a huge leap in getting our server to run smoothly with thousand+ players online. Our team is working full speed on providing the best customer support we can, and at the same time improving and adding to the game. Thank you for your sup... Read more

With just hours left before the massive launch of Kingdom Wars free to play this Wednesday, we have one last patch in-store for you. With the last round of polish and fixes, it`s fair to say - Kingdom Wars is finally in a great shape, and ready for thousands of new players. As part of today`s upgrade we greatly improved the network performance, as well as added multiple game servers support. New players should also benefit from world region exploration mode objectives - mini tutorials really. And finally we got around to fully rebalanced Elven economy - sorry our dead Elf players - no more un... Read more

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