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Old 10-11-2014, 01:41 PM
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Default Patch # 32 - Almost There

Dear Players,

In just a few days we will be releasing Kingdom Wars to the public as free to play on Steam. Meanwhile we have two awesome patches ahead of us before we hit our F2P content milestone. Introducing today`s patch 33 - all about making the game feel and play better.

As a main feature we have greatly improved our unit AI, as well as worked on tasking large formations, and improving pathfinding for newly created units. Alliances are finally back - with current players getting their alliances back. Although please keep in mind - we could only bring back these alliance members who have already installed the game on Steam. And you should also notice more updates to the main menu, as well as preview option for customizing your heroes and flags.

We also worked on improving the flow of the game - building prices and construction time. New players will now enjoy quick construction time - that takes seconds and minutes instead of hours. Meanwhile late game players might 'enjoy' paying much more and waiting longer for their buildings.

And to end on a happy note - we are expecting more of our veteran players to join us this weekend, as everyone prepares to face the horde of new would be Emperors. And please don`t forget - next week we`ll be introducing a limit on how many crowns players can store in the account (999) and in their alliances (9999) as part of our effort to address Crown loss issues. So spend `em if you got `em.

::::: Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Facebook and Google+ share links have been added to the Invite Promo window
-Update to unit AI - AI units will retreat to protect original position after chasing off player troops
-Reworked group unit tasking arrow cursor - to properly represent formation shape
-Customization Options in the Store now show how Hero, Banner, or Town will look like with animated portraits
-Fixed pathfinding for units spawned from buildings, will now properly form up, and not all take one space
-Alliances are enabled once again

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Added Alliances for the players who already Imported their towns, only could add members who also imported
-Going forward Importing CD key will import your alliance if you have one - but without any members, since most have not used Steam yet
-Fixed bug effecting new players creating their first town or importing
-Minor fix for Sending Resources - now shows player name instead of ID number
-Started reworking main menu art - to be completed in the next patch
-Vassal towns now show trade rates with decimal values

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Construction time for buildings are greatly reduced in the early game - starting from under 1 minute
-Construction time for buildings increases with each new building
-Price for each new building increases by 10% for each new building
-Price for each new house type of building increase by 5% for each new house
-Fixed Ogre having huge attack vs some units
-Minotaur Stats reduced - 200 Stamina, -300 HitPoints, -150 Attack

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