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Old 03-14-2014, 10:13 AM
nightovizard nightovizard is offline
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Thumbs up Multiplayer Suggestions

First of all, let's take a look over the online world, I like this idea very much despite that many players hate to be attacked by other players because their armies and cities get destroyed, and it's hard to recover again.

Actually I like this , think for example about MMO Browser strategy game such as ogame or kingsage, your armies/cities can be attacked in any moment, even if you're offline, and you can lose everything and have to start all over again. There are some people that even pay with real money to get some advantages over the other players, and even though they can lose too. So since DOF has MMO features I would, indeed, keep this feature. (Although you would only be attacked by other players while you're online in this case)

So yes I would allow other players to attack your city. Of course I would keep the ''protection against attacks'' you can find in the market too.

The only thing I don't like at all is that if my army is travelling to attack a quest objective, other players armies can attack it, so this is kind of unfair, even in ogame and kingsage you cant do that. So what I would do is, only the armies that have build a campsite can be attacked by other player armies.

Also if some player decides to attack you, it would take time until he gets where you are, so you have time to prepare your defenses and reinforce your army. Even cancelling that attack by paying with gold or buying/using a ''protect against attacks'' from the market. a ''imminent attack notification'' would appear at the corner of the screen showing what's going to be attacked, and when it will happen. You think people when saw this would log out, but what if this action was punished, and the attack continued even if you were offline? People would prefer to spend gold and crowns over this.

The other thing I would consider is adding huge rewards for participating in PvP battles. For example if you win against another player you will get X resources, bonuses and units. And if you've lost, you could get some reward or bonus too (For example recover 30% of your army after the battle), this way you would encourage people to make more PvP in the Online World. (One incentivation to have PvP would be to get crowns just by participating on PvP battle and lose or win)

would be nice if people could send you reinforcements both for the attacker and the defender. (Guilds would have an important role here).

Then about Coop in the online world, I would make this more user-friendly, so you can choose who you want to help you, even invite some friends to it. If possible I would increase the player capacity too, so more people can help you, maybe up to 4 players.

I don't have anything else to say about the Online world, maybe you could add more races and units, for example:

And try to fix as many bugs as possible, improve path finding and the game performance. I would like to see sea battles soon too.

Other nice suggestions I have read:


Something I missed in this game is another Multiplayer section, different from the online world. This is what would like to see in the main menu:

- Online World
- Singleplayer
- Multiplayer
- Game Options
- Credits
- Exit Game

So basically multiplayer would be the castle sieges/defense from singleplayer, but online, from 2 players to up to 8. like in singleplayer, this wouldn't have any direct relation with online world, this is a way to have quick matches, and playing against other players, not IA, without fearing losing your army and city like happens in the online world.

This even could give an opportunity to mapmakers to play custom scenarios in these type of matches when steam workshop becomes enabled. It would be nice if developers made a default sample scenario of an online castle siege up to 8 players (4 attackers, 4 defenders) to open in the editor. So it would be easier to make custom scenarios that worked well without major bugs and errors, we would use it as a base for our custom scenarios.

Thank you for reading.

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Old 03-14-2014, 10:33 AM
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Thanks for posting those cool ideas. There will be many new features and gameplay changes when new free expansion comes, and I'm sure you are going to like it.

But, everyone needs to have one thing on their minds - balance. It's hard to balance all gameplay features to fit all players, so some compromises are required.
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Old 03-15-2014, 06:31 AM
Fennr993 Fennr993 is offline
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"So what I would do is, only the armies that have build a campsite can be attacked by other player armies."

One problem with this is that most of us have workcamps, so maybe ith would be better if there is a different kind of camp that would allow PVP and PVE and one just for workcamps.
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Old 03-17-2014, 06:57 PM
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Good post - but with about half of these suggestions - we already have most of this in-game, although not to the extremes you mentioned, but for example - there`s a reward for loosing also (but I think it`s currently bugged).

We are debating the idea of being able to designate your army as PvP participant. It`ll be an on/off toggle. Perhaps we`ll also make all armies under 80 strength or so (basically all small armies or labor camps) - be automatically excluded from PVP. So yeah - this is something we are working on - but I doubt we`ll see us change anything there until after Emperor expansion release.

But hey guys - the more ideas the better! We always read over player suggestions to find some inspiring ideas.
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