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Old 10-28-2014, 04:46 PM
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Default Dwarves! (long)

So in spite of the game robbing Dwarves of a proper faction, I still play it, for the potential that Dwarves will be added later. I kind of love Dwarves and where they are i go, and where they arnt i curse at elves.
Whether they come by expansion or sequel, here are some suggestions for a Dwarf faction based on my experience so far with the game, and with Dwarves in general.

The Three Zones:
I was told they'd all be underground, but this neednt be the case. Ideally, you'd have Deep dwelling Dwarves, the farthest down, with little Wood but lots of rock and gold, the expert miners.
Above them would be the primary Dwarf cities where the resources from the miners are put to use in the forges, these would be the smiths, above the Deep Miners and below the surface.
Lastly would be the Mountain clans, the gateway to the surface, these would be the Traders and Guardians, since its through them all trade with the surface must pass.

Obviously Stone and Gold will be more plentiful than food or wood for all of them, but especially in the deep. Plenty of ways around this though, if you want to be realistic or creative. Dwarves could rely entirely on Trade for food or wood, with steady caravans trickling a profit. Iron could act as a substitute for wood, but thats too much work for a new material. Subterranean forests maybe, giant mushrooms could be food and wood.
Plants could grow, a lot of stuff does grow underground, typically you'll throw in some glowing/warmth stones that help cultivate and farm underground vegetation.
As far as animals go, lizards and bats could be herded or hunted.
The mountain clans would have it easier since they have surface access for food.

Dwarves are never too numerous, for one reason or another, and they do not make "cheap" weapons and armor, inferior quality is a waste of materials. Because of this, standards are high for the dwarf military, they wont arm just dwarf. This would put their squads at a lower number but higher quality, these are tunnel fighters, hardly fighting out in the open, so numbers never really mattered that much for them. Having the best possible fighters in the narrow caverns and hallways did.
Dwarf troops are naturally very slow, but with great stamina. To compensate for this, most dwarf infantry carry throwing axes to strike enemies who try to run or keep a distance. Giving dwarf infantry ammo for this would be cool.
An advanced infantry that is popular among the dwarves is a fully armored berserker, whose armor is his weapon. With spikes and blades he can literally throw himself into his enemies, could cause trample damage like cavalry.
Speaking of Cavalry, Dwarves may not have them at all. There is little room or food for the burden of mounts. Battle For Middle Earth 2 solved this nicely with the War Wagon. For surface battles, the dwarves could quickly adapt such a weapon instead of cavalry, needing only one strong and quick beast to carry a wagon of armed dwarves. Ideally, you could put a squad of any dwarf into it, to diversify its role.
For range, Dwarves generally prefer the Crossbow or Gun, but its a little odd since Riflemen are already a mercenary unit... Maybe when the race is added the mercenaries would be changed?

This is where Dwarves really shine, with amazing fortifications and weapons. We already know they have cannons, i'll assume thats the maximum tech, so that rules out golems. The battering ram is tame, Dwarves would probably convert a mining drill into duty, to drill through walls of stone, could have some sort of fire weapon too for wood walls.
With cannons already there, the next step would be a Mortar, with greater range and damage but less accuracy, it would be more for shelling armies than walls.
Defense wise, they'd probably employee explosive mines.

Lastly, a Wizard. Dwarves are usually known for a resistance to magic, not aptitude for it. But if orcs can do it... Dwarves would field a Geomancer, an earth mage. He could create and hurl boulders himself, much like a catapult. Aside from this, he could devastate enemy walls with earthquakes, or repair friendly walls, magically mending the stone. He'd do little damage to troops and only shine in siege scenarios. He could possibly erect temporary stone towers, to give archers a place to shoot from.

Anyways, i think thats all. Dwarves are awesome, elves can suck my beard, thanks for reading <3

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