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Old 02-06-2014, 01:53 PM
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Default Help Me Decide

Guys Im a noob can you guys help me choose a race...
Old 02-06-2014, 03:24 PM
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Go for Men

look at my youtube for guides the Race of "men"
Old 02-06-2014, 03:29 PM
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Checkout some youtube videos about each race and then decide.
Hour of wolves
Old 02-06-2014, 03:48 PM
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Depends what you like more from my experience playing all 3 races in order from most played to least played is 1.Elf 2.Men 3.Orc
so Elves have the most "trickling" IMO which means you automatically gain resources your houses provide these which you can set all of them to get wood/gold/food and you get wood spirits that harvest wood at a decent-fast rate that don't cut down any trees and shrines that allow you to construct your own ore veins/food bush so elves have the most sustainable/easy economy so you can focus alot more on getting your troops. But i must warn you wardens which are the primary gatherers of Elves are among the slowest resource gatherers to balance out the trickle. Troop wise they boast the best archers in-game which superior range and the best walls for defending, But they only have a little selection of units which are Rangers/Mounted Grandmasters/Mounted and Bladestorms as your primary combat units along with enchanters who can "summon" your siege equipment on the battlefield which consists of Bolt Throwers/Treants (they latch onto walls and can kick down gates)/Ruin Vines (they destroy enemy walls) along with making defensive siege equipment in your base which is Bolt Throwers/Garviolas (man eating plants)/Sun Stones (they explode when you tell them to and heal units around them)

Men i haven't been playing them as much as Elves but for resources they also have "trickling" in the form of farm animals which you can keep until they fatten up and sell them or slaughter them for gold. They need Storage Houses or Horse Carts as resource drop-off points, you get a limited amount of Farms 2-3 from my experience depending which region you choose which depending on the region also you can have a max amount of Peasants working on said Farm (2-4) for food while you have horsecarts next to stone/gold veins to gather that faster, Humans also get a wide variety of troops compared to Elves consisting of Swordsman/Macemen/Halberdiers/Knights for all different situations. They also get Cavaliers/Mounted Knights. They also get a good amount of siege equipment/defensive siege equipment consisting of Trebuchets/Oil Pot/Stone Tipper for defense and a Trebuchet/Siege Ram/Escalade (ladders)/Belfry (siege tower).

Orcs i only recently started playing only about 2 days so i can't give you much info about them but what i can tell you is that they're the only race without "trickling" so your resource gathering relies entirely on Laborers/Marauders they also have a wide variety of troops like humans BUT for troops other than Marauders (your archers and food gatherers) you must sacrifice a group of laborers to transform them into your basic units. Orcs also are the only race that can build buildings whereever you want (besides where your walls are supposed to be) Huts can act as resource drop off points so building 1 near a ore vein etc will maximize efficiency. Orcs also are the only race that are able to speed up the building progress by putting multiple Laborers on one building. Oh yeah.....OGRES!

That is all my information that i can think of on the 3 races from my experiences playing all 3 so far (only been playing this game for a couple weeks now) so i hope this helped somewhat.

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