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Old 09-03-2014, 03:29 PM
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Default Proposed Overhaul That Won't Happen

I am sure everyone here who has ever played an MMO is familiar with what I shall propose, which is much like the Talent Tree system.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, in most MMO's each class has three separate paths they can follow and usually are not restricted from mixing them a bit. These tended to give a few new abilities, passive buffs, and in some cases, completely changing your play style.

What I propose however, is a bit different. I propose something called, "Veterans."

Yes yes, oh no he can't do that! That is impossible! It would never work! Hopefully, this line helped you get all of that out of your system so you can read the next bit without predjudice.

Veteran Lines:
Survivability (Tank): Contains passives and perhaps one or two abilities fitted to the race that could be used by the unit that has such things that allow said units to be harder to kill. An example could be boosting resistance types, but still unable to go over the 90% max, allowing some tank units to make up for where they are weak, or for traditionally dps units to gain some survivability to stay alive. A tank ability that would help tremendously if placed low in the tree, is a "taunt" which many have likely heard of, which makes nearby melee enemies target them instead of their squishy allies. For a short time of course, so micro-managers could correct it soon enough.

Blood-lusted (Dps): Contains passives that allow them to damage enemies more efficiently with a few abilities that fit with this goal, such as a short stun to their first target, or an ability that reduces enemy defenses by 20%. Other such things in this tree would include passive armor penetration, damage type changes, and a few other neat tricks. A damage ability that would be low in the tree could also be a "hamstring" which makes it so enemies can no run away and heal.

Spiritual (Healer/Sustain): This one is different than the previous two in the fact it focuses on two things instead of one, meaning you could ignore some of the passives and still be able to get full benefit. A sustain passive could be something as simple as slightly increased stamina regeneration. A healing passive could be something such as receives/provides 5% additional healing. As for abilities, sustain could be something along the lines of a toggle that would decrease their offense by a certain amount, but severely increase their resource regeneration. A healing ability could be something like a temporary bubble that absorbs ranged damage, leaving an actual heal ability higher up in the tree.

Now you probably are asking, "Well, how do we get these things and how does it work?"

To that, I say it could work similar to how each squad works currently with their levels. A more in depth system if you will, in addition to what is in place currently. Put down that outrage and sit back in your seat, let me explain, sheesh!

You receive the usual 3 points to spend per level as usual, but you gain one additional point to spend in the "Veteran" system, meaning for regular units the max would be 19 points. Hero and regular troops would have completely different trees to retain balance. What this means is that each squad you have is unique or at least can be, depending how you spend these Veteran points. Some units might naturally be stronger in one tree than another, but there is almost always a counter to everything, meaning a High dps unit should beat out a High heal unit, and a High heal unit beats out a High tank unit, and a High tank unit beats out a High dps unit. Typical circle, yes, but you have to keep in mind the hybrids that would emerge, which makes them unable to get the 2nd ability in either tree, but the first of both.

As for who these trees should be available to, they should be available to every single unit, but each race should have slightly different trees that help to fit with their themes. Example, Orc sustain might be stamina stealing from enemies since they are invigorated by combat. Whereas for elves it could be they heal x hp every time they hit an enemy because they have conviction to defend their forests or some such. Humans it could be something like the more allied units that are nearby, the better their resolve which results in small hp and stam regen *middle ground*.

So yeah, I just thought I might as well toss out this opinion when I could, even though I know its chances are less than 1% of coming true.

Hope you all enjoyed the read! Thoughts and other opinions are welcome, always.

Sincerely, The Goblin King

"To underestimate a Goblin Horde is to stare into the face of Hell and think it to be heaven." ~ Svulnar, The Goblin King
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Old 09-03-2014, 11:15 PM
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For the sake of having a discussion, let's ignore how long it would take to code, balance, and implement your proposed feature. The idea itself seems intriguing. On the one hand, it would add a new variable into PvP combat, with players having to consider how to counter hard front line units with extra defenses with the possibility of even deadlier DPS units backing them up. On the other, I'm not sure if another variable would add to the excitement of combat. While this idea does have some merit and appeal, I question whether this idea to this would actually increase the quality of gameplay rather than other community-tested ideas, including expanding the variety of units available with special abilities. One example of this in the past was the implementation of wizards, which in my opinion added a new worry into the minds of commanders, rather than just worrying about whether the enemies units are simply more tanky or higher damaging. If my comments come off as a little critical, it is unintended as I feel the community is the best source of opinion about the future direction of a game. Please forgive any typos, typing on my small nook keyboard as my computer is in the shop.
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