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Old 01-31-2014, 11:19 PM
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Default Ogre Weaponry

This one is rather simple, in the way that since they do not have multiple units, give them a switch of weapon. Since they aoe in a wide arc in front of them, why not give them an alternate weapon that has narrow but long aoe?

Think the cave troll from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring. That spear could go through several men. The goal would be to keep the total damage the same, but switch the dmg types a little. where the club is mostly crush with a little slash, the spear could be mostly pierce, with smaller values for crush and slash. While the dmg total between the two weapons would equal out to be the same, their distribution would be totally different. To keep it simple, i will only use dmg % ratio.



This would allow Ogres to be similar to the other troops who can switch formation to fit the situation, which ogres have been stuck with just what they have. With this it would allow them to have at least a little bit of flexibility, offensively at least.

This would allow them to stay effective to switch to what would do the most dmg at the given time. It would also add plenty of spice that ogres so need. However, we would need to make sure that these weapon swaps wouldn't be OP, because of they were to space them right, they could then use the forward reach to hit an entire army *albeit with only a few of them* similar to how if you stack ogres on top of each other in a army engagement they tend to do massive dmg in that small area.
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