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Old 01-29-2014, 06:44 AM
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Lightbulb [PROPOSAL] Dwarves

Hello everyone,

With this post, I shall make my attemp to create a race used in most of the games, yet unique to any.

Premise (main idea): The dwarves are technological advanced but they are very isolated from Mythoras

The history:
The dwarves are an ancient race, they were the first ones to settle them. They once lived on the grounds like everyone, sharing their lives with every other races happily. There was a nomadic race, wandering near the Dwarven Marches. The nomadic race had nothing, none of tools, nor clothing,...

The Dwarves, like they always did, happily shared their technology towards the nomadic race, they taught them the settlement, the warfare, and everything they knew. The nomadic race began to settle themselves inside the human region, their reproduction rates were higher than any race, they grew in numbers. In the matter of years, they became very aggresive and greedy. With Dwarven tools and weapons, they attacked the weaker settlements, slew many people, children, et cetera.

The dwarves were shocked when they heard the bloodshed of the nomadic race, they felt guilty, they used their tools, their technology and knowledge in order to slay others. The Mountain Emperor decided their technology is too dangerous for yet inferior but evolving races. They set up a new law, that involves the prohibition of sharing anything towards everyone, they also have to build large cities underground, in order to isolate them and let the races evolve peacefully. Dwarven armies marched towards the bloodthirsty nomadic race and slew them off, taking everything they gave them back. There are still dwarves above the ground but they are very rare, they became a legend.

Present time
An evil wizard wanted the riches from the Dwarven treasure, it's rumoured they have more gold than metal. In order to succeed this, he created alliances with the jarl Olaf Darkbeard, the jarl has influence and every dwarves knew he wanted the Mountain Emperor dead and take over. Together, they made a plan, the plan is that the wizard creating an earthquake, the dwarven underground cities will fall. The earthquakes forced the dwarves to leave the cities.

Some of the Dwarven cities, including the city of Mountain Emperor fell completly down, killing everyone in it. Only three jarls (including Olaf Darkbeard) survived the earthquake). Due the death of multiple jarls and Mountain Emperor, it caused a turmoil between the jarls.

(The player begins here)

More are to come.

The broadest sovereign of the Dwarves are the Mountain Emperor. An Mountain Emperor might appoint or confirm or tolerate subsovereigns or tributary rules styled "Jarls". The Jarls own one mountain, along with the mines inside the same mountain. But the difference between other races is that the Jarl are independent. They can do what they want, even waging war against other Jarl.

Due to the incident they caused centuries ago, they believes the dwarves are superior to any races. They are arrogant towards every races, even amongst themselves. Along with their arrogancy, their pride is very important to them. The dwarves go to any length in order to maintain their pride. They will rather choose death over defeat.


Iron Defenders
red unit above. Fat and with large shield

They are defensive dwarves, with a shield nearly the same size of the dwarf. The shield is very thick and heavy, they walks very slow and their stamina decreases rapidly.
When in a defensive stance, they has 200% health but they cannot move, nor fight.
Weak attack but high health. They also can use stoneform, increasing their defensive.
Weakness: horsemen

Axe thrower
An example of axethrower from BFME2
They are the best axethrowers among every races. Their axes does damage critically but they cannot throw far. They does not have many ammo but when depleted, they can fight melee.
Slightly weak but yet stronger than every laborers.
Weakness: melee

I know, this is another race but get the general idea.
They are most agressive dwarves, they uses two mini-axes to slay them off. Their health are pretty low but they does much damage. For short time and stamina, they can turn berserk and have decreased health but increased damage.
Weakness: ranged

The prospectors are advanced dwarven miners. While mining, they also look for gemstones. Gemstones gives a slow tickle of gold. You have to spend crowns in order to activate the prospection.


With crowns, players can spawn tunnels between mines, increasing the transport speed but they also can use for warfare.
"The best defense is attacking", using the tunnels to attack the army from their behind.

Hall of Axes
This building trains Axe Thrower, Iron Defenders and Berserkers, along with upgrades for them.


Activates the gold tickle for miners when they mine the stone.


Maybe do not try to use the current dwarves, the ones you can recieve by trading with crowns. That way, you do not need to change them. They are elite among the dwarves.

The contents are to change anytime, they will be added by time to time, check this topic regularly if you want to keep updated with my ideas.

I ask nothing more than credit if you use this content, I'd like you to let me know what you are going to use and even change.

Last edited by Supronas : 02-03-2014 at 07:52 AM. Reason: Added "Extra" and content for "Present time"
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Old 01-29-2014, 07:08 AM
Supronas Supronas is offline
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Reserved for extra content
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Old 01-29-2014, 08:50 AM
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Good news! The dwarf race is one of the two races that will be coming to Dawn of Fantasy. At the current moment all future content has been put on hold though due to some critical issues with the game that is being looked into.

You have made a well written post. I would like to see you continue writing to see what you can come up with. The more idea's the better!
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Old 01-31-2014, 11:27 AM
Supronas Supronas is offline
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Default Updated

Updated, some contents are expanded and some are added.

If you are going to use anything from this, let me know
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Old 01-31-2014, 05:43 PM
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Lots of great ideas, yes Langor is correct we listened to player feedback, and we have put all content on hold, as our #1 priority is making the game run smooth at 100%
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