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Old 10-28-2014, 07:28 AM
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Default PLEASE for the love of Mythador!

Ok so when besieging an AI city you get a camp with walls and gates...walls and gates which you can sensibly CLOSE.

Walls and gates which actually prevent some of your OWN siege equipment from getting out of the gates properly.

Walls and gates made of wood...solid material unless it is some form of bizarre spectral wood in which case why is it here anyway?

BUT whenever the AI you are besieging sends its reinforcements...the entire gods be smitten cavalry force RIDES THROUGH YOUR WALLS destroying incredibly valuable and CROWN PURCHASED siege engines (read dwarven cannons) and murdering ALL of your peasants before they bother focusing on your soldiers.

Now...I'm a rational guy...I get that the enemy cavalry army is SUPPOSED to be a challenge but this is the SECOND damn time I've lost 6 dwarven ENTIRE force of peasants and carts....and all of that to a cavalry force that phases through walls.

Now...that means I've lost 12 dwarven cannons to this...I couldn't care less about the peasants (they are there as fodder so whatever...even the carts are only moderately frustrating as a loss save for ALL OF THE RESOURCES you lose). but the damn cannons are a REAL time investment that are difficult to replace.

I do the smart thing and shelter them behind my walls when I know the enemy is coming. I button up the gates...I shouldn't be losing the damn priceless things because of phase shifting cavalry....


And if it's a "balance" incentive...DO NOT KEEP IT. It's dumb...frankly dumb. NO disrespect to you as developers this comes as a person to person talking about a game balance idea. It's bad.
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