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Old 06-26-2013, 03:46 PM
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Default Finish my wall, please!


I'll split this into two sections. A Case explaining what led me to this suggestion and the Suggestion itself.

You don't have to read the case if you don't feel like it, but it adds to why I am suggestion what I am so it may be of interrest to potential developers or someone with enough time on their hands.


I've been playing for a while now and I kinda like the game. The more I played, the more bugs I naturally came across but I was able to constantly tell myself "It's okay, it'll get fixed eventually" and look through the annoyance to find some joys. However after tonight, my goodwill began to fade greatly when I realized something.

I began playing in the Plains region but stopped when I noticed my walls did not connect properly. I know this might sound weird, but even though the area not connected was impassable because of a large boulder, it simply looked hideous. I figured this must've been a bug or a minor issue at best only regarding the Plains region. So I moved on, faithful that the Wold would give me a change of pace. At first glance it looked like heaven, the way the sloped cliffs provided a natural defensive value was so appealing to me I could not wait to construct walls. When the construction began, I was thrilled. I had not imagined how beautiful it would look and I was watching every section come up with awe. That is untill I noticed something was amiss.. My workers began constructing a stairway which led to seemingly nothing in the middle of an empty area where wall seemed like it would appear later. No biggie, right? The gate came up and looked outstanding, but suddenly construction kinda stopped. I realized that the outposts were being set up and figured they'd return and finish the other side of the wall afterwards, but to much dismay - nope, that was it.

WHO at the development studio in their right mind could POSSIBLY look at this and say "Well, that looks pretty good, let's call it a day!"?!. I'm able to look through the many bugs, but when it comes to the visuals that are supposed to entice me and fill me with pride like the walls are supposed to represent; this is just NOT okay! The tower sections at the split 'ends' of the wall pieces suggest it's as intended, but this is just outrageous. I don't want 2/3rd of a wall, I want a castle like I paid for!


* Take a close look at how the walls are currently designed in-game. I've only played as Men, Plains and Men, Forest so far, but both stone walls have a huge flaw. The Plains one is only a minor oversight where a boulder blocks the finishing of the wall making it look awkward. The Wold, however, has a HUGE gap on one of the hillsides where the wall just looks absolutely disgusting and incomplete.
* Solve the issue by assigning your art and/or development team to follow the abovementioned suggestion and spend a bit of time making sure all walls connect properly to construct a stronghold - not just a wall section with dead ends.

All the bugs are tolerable for me, but what breaks my experience is when I feel forced to sit and watch something that is supposed to invoke pride and joy to me, instead having an overwhelming sensation of disgust.

So I ask of you, nay I beg of you, please.. PLEASE finish my wall so it looks, works and feels the way a wall is supposed to. Thank you.

- Kasperio

Note 1: I'm not asking to be able to manually place walls or anything. I'm fine with the current system if it would just cover the entire section with wall as you'd expect. What has upset me so greatly is the half-assed, partially finished looking mess that you're left with as the 'final product'. If the wall was simply connected all the way around, I would not have been driven to the point where I am now.

Note 2: I'm sorry and sincerely apologize for being so harsh in my wording, but it really reflects the amount of anger this - otherwise seemingly small issue - has invoked in me. As mentioned above, I can tolerate the many, many bugs and such, but this straw just stands strong enough to pull the entire things away under my feet. It's such a simple design flaw that could be fixed in a matter of days by a dedicated few. I know there are many pressing issues that need to be solved, but I cannot stress enough how much this one in particular means to me. It's the single straw the broke the camels back for me and has led me close to regret from purchasing the game. And that's sad.

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