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Old 05-24-2013, 11:59 AM
shizuyami shizuyami is offline
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Default Is it a dream come true?

I was browsing trough the steam games and noticed this game called dawn of fantasy: kingdom wars, it looked interesting so I went and watched the trailer, it really reminds me a bit of stronghold and total wars so I decided to take a further look since I have always enjoyed playing RTS games, then I stumbled upon some negative posts from players who describe a lot of bugs etc, but when I kept on reading I noticed that the devs are doing a lot to fix the bugs and that they really have a lot of promising stuff planned for the game!

So i only got myself more and more excited while reading up on the game features, looking at the game with the big potential it has, I got myself really pumped up... and here I am, and not only did I buy the game for myself, I gifted it to a friend too! Since he also joins RTS games and I made him pumped up too.

So now I am downloading the game with my super slow internet x.x I haven't even played it yet but I can already see myself enjoying this game and promoting it to my friends.

You guys also did a great job on the trailer! didn't take much to draw me in. If it really is as amazing as I think I'll continue to support the game!

greetings shizuyami
Old 05-24-2013, 12:09 PM
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Hello and welcome to the DoF Forums!

I'm glad that you like what you have seen so far, and I'm sure that you'll like this game even more after you start playing.

There are some issues ingame, but I can assure you that DEVs are working every day on making this game even better, and Support is awesome. So, if you have some question/problem, feel free to post here or PM any online GM ingame.

Community Manager - feel free to PM me about any game related issue, bug, question...
Old 05-24-2013, 02:54 PM
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Hi11Zone is a glorious beacon of lightHi11Zone is a glorious beacon of lightHi11Zone is a glorious beacon of lightHi11Zone is a glorious beacon of lightHi11Zone is a glorious beacon of light

Yes, we are here to serve. Enjoy the game!
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Old 05-24-2013, 03:42 PM
shizuyami shizuyami is offline
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Originally Posted by Hi11Zone View Post
Yes, we are here to serve. Enjoy the game!
Yes yes, work my minions, work! xD

Thanks for the welcome guys, I will have the game in about 30 minutes, it will probably become an allnighter^^ keep up the good work.

greetings shizuyami
Old 05-25-2013, 01:41 AM
Jacks Jacks is offline
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Thumbs up nice and good work

Nice to read such a possitive comment from someone that is not even ingame now..
For the moment i play about 61 hrs and really enjoy this game a lot.. so you did a good thing to join!
And yes there are some probs/bugs etc.. but my experience is that they really work hard to fix it (the big bug in mulpiple-quest i have was solved in less then 24 hrs and all is working fine now, ended the quests and the following quests without any further probs.
- The only probs i have now is that sometimes the health and sometimes (mercenary) troops are gone when i'm going from a quest-zone back in the world-zone.
So i do not payed heal any more now (only when i'm to far from my city and like travel further away), cost to mach gold, and most of the time, i heal them on the healthwell in my city.
- and the prob with merenarys i buy them in Dagbor, train them, do a quest and when i came out this quest-zone the new troops i just buy are gone.. this happends 2 times now.. not fun, (=lost gold from buying and training but hope this will also a bug that can be fixed.
- With the hero's i have a little prob; when i take them in out of my city in the world-zone, then they show about 20 till 50% helath lost.. when i go to Dagbor for healing, i have to pay for the heal.. but.. when i do not heal them before and go in quest-zone.. the health is full anyway.. so i'm thinking is just a visual prob when they are in an armee..

*** Then one personal question for the ingame Mod(s):
When i have that prob with multiple bug, is lost some gold + 2 hrs protection, can you set this back or give some back to compensate??
Do i have to be online for it and ask that again then??

Thanks in advace and keep up the good job, like i say before, i like the game a lot and appriciate all the good/hard work you all are doing on it.
This will become a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug and very enjoyable game!!!

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