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Old 04-12-2013, 06:18 AM
McMurphy McMurphy is offline
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Lightbulb So Treants....

Before we begin please watch this:

You done watching? No wtf? watch it. Done? Ok then continue:

Now that you see what treants (or ents) should be like we can take a look at them in this game.

One of the major things that disappointed about playing elves was the treant. At first I thought that they could attack (I assumed as much). Come to find out he was just a battering ram and tower and I was a bit peeved. Now I can see why they would be that way (game balance), but I think there is more we can do with treants while keeping game balance in tact.

How? Elves are already OP as %$#$#^. Calm down. Simple. I would also make a new unit (the druid) that does the summoning, while enchanters would become more tanks/unit buffers, but that is getting off track. That and make a proper building for them (treant grove, Ent moot) that you could build in certain spots in the forest area.

So how to balance them? Be able to summon different types of treants. In this way you can balance each one and give them a "job" or task that they are good at. I think this diversity would be welcome and provide a more strategic depth to elf besieging. (That and you need some better sprites for them badly imo). So ideally what would I do?

1) Get rid of the bolt thrower for "high elves". (save that for dark elves as they would not depend on treants for sieging or shouldn't)

2) Change Enchanters to magic based tanks/unit buffers. They would deal magic type damage (so goes through lots of resists) and as such would have low dmg, but be able to tank ok (not the best obviously) and they would gain a few buffs for units and also lose mass heal. I would make druids for summoning/healing/ranged magic dmg and leave enchanters as non heal unit buffers/tanks. Perhaps a few small passive buffs for nearby units as well once game balancing has really started (after bugs have been flushed out)

3) Make the ent moot/treant grove building. This would be where treants would come from instead of just being summoned by enchanters/druids. Druid would only be able to summon 2 types of the "new" treants. This is where their upgrades would be too. As there would be new upgrades needed.

4) Different treant types. There would be different types of treants. Two would be summonable by the new druid unit (maple and Redwood). These are the main siege/economy style treants. The more war based ones would need to be from the new building. The new types could be something like this:

- Maple: economy based. (would not take up a pop) The maple aspect would be nothing more than a drop off point for workers and maybe provide a very small non stackable buff to nearby units. (perhaps a small stamina buff? Like 20-25 or something?). These could be summoned anywhere, but would not move once summoned and have not a lot of base hp.

- Redwood: Siege tower treant. The redwood aspect (would take up 1 pop) would be what the treant is now in game. It would be the best battering ram/siege tower.They would be slower moving (not the slowest) of the treants. I would redo their stats based on any new upgrades that you would give them.

- Oak: Catapult Treant. The Oak aspect (would take up at least 3 pop each). These would be the siege weapon of choice. They would act like mobile artillery launchers needing stone for ammo. The good thing is since catapults are in all the other races it would be easier to balance this. To make them different I would give them increased accuracy, but decreased range than more traditional catapults. I would also give them a roll attack (bowling for orcs anyone?). They would also have higher hp since they need to be closer.

- Pine: Battle Treant. The Pine aspect would be similar to the Ogre from Orcs. It would be a decent tank, slower moving of course. Would also be good against walls and gates, but a lot less than the redwood aspect. He would have lower slashing def (to simulate weakness against chopping attacks), but very high impact and pierce defense (shooting non flaming arrows or running a horse into a tree doesn't do much).

- Wilow: Buff tree. (at least 3 pop) This could be another optional type of tree that gave buffs to other units (especially trees). Would be slow moving and would have to "root" to give the best buffs. Rooting makes it immobile (duh), but would increase some def slightly. There would then be a timer as to when it could uproot. The Willow could provide different style buffs (perhaps hp/sta regen, pierce def etc) to nearby units. The would be good to park next to some of you range units for a solid support unit once rooted.

This would be a lot of work imo, but would add some great depth and a few new play styles for high elf players. Trees inherent weaknesses (fire, chopping) would be a great balancing factor. They would fall real fast to fire archers, but would have decent hp levels.

Changing/adding these unit types would add some great new strats for elf players. They could have a cool tree army, or use enchanters/druids and their main tanks/range for something different.

So if you agree that they should do something more with treants please keep this thread bumped. You may not all agree with how I chose to implement it, but I think more tree action would be good. Devs if you want more details as to what exactly the new style units should have I would be more than happy to work on it if you are serious about implementing something like this.

Thanks for your time,
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Old 04-14-2013, 08:03 AM
Imwiththatguy Imwiththatguy is offline
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My first city was Elve's although what you suggest is pretty immersive with the lore of the elves, I just think that overall it's just a overcomplicated system for everything and currently uneeded. The Ent moot for me is far too similar to lord of the rings in which allot of people associate elves with the majority of the time for some reason.

Good depth of thought but it needs re thinking in my opinion.
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