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Old 04-07-2013, 01:10 AM
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Default A review from a new player

So here is my full length review of the game as well. I figured I'd write this for both Hi11zone and the rest of the playerbase. I have only been playing the game for three days, but don't discount my review based on that. I believe I bring up some very good points, and I don't try to address sections of the game that I don't know or understand.

Story: N/A
The story to this game isn't horrible, but it also isn't entertaining enough to keep me paying attention to it. I can't accurately write a review based on the story because I stopped paying attention to what Fred Firkinson said after the third quest. I understand that these quests are important in teaching the player how the game works, and I am willing to sacrifice a good story for good gameplay.

Gameplay: 8/10
The game has so much potential. I feel like I'm back playing Age of Empires, but it's even better because now we have online functionality and I can play with my friends and PvP too! The game has a lot of cool things in it like corpse looting, elves, orcs, and even more races in the future. The downside is right now the gameplay is also kind of buggy. There are times when my units are very unresponsive to my commands. I have a group of peasants that believe they can do whatever they want to do, and to top it all off I usually have to click three to four times to get my units to go where I am actually directing them.

Graphics/Presentation: 5/10
Alright, so I have to be straight up in this portion. I think the coolest thing about the graphics and presentation are how each race and each region has it's own landscape. However, the GUI looks like it was made in 2000. The graphics aren't horrible for an RTS, but they also aren't the best I have ever seen. I haven't had any performance issues so far however, which is a plus. I can live with the graphics in their current state, and I don't really weigh them into how good the game actually is.

Sound: 3/10
I really like the voice overs for the Human race. I feel like the orcs and elves could use some improvement, but so far the humans are dead on. The voice overs (in the humans) bring me back to Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, which were some of the funniest and also best voice overs I have heard in an RTS to date. If you could reproduce the amount of effort and quality put into the human voice overs, you would be set for life. I feel like the music is repetitive, but that is pretty standard in most video games. I think that this section of the game could use the most improvement though. Currently the combat sounds are some of the worst I have heard, and not only that, but they are loud enough to destroy your ears if you don't turn the volume all the way down.

I have weighted the scores to what I feel each section deserves.
Story: 10%
Gameplay: 50%
Graphics/Presentation: 20%
Sound: 20%

Since I didn't give the story section a rating, I will distribute that section to the remaining three. Each section gains an additional 3.33% weight.

Overall: 6.12/10

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