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Old 04-28-2012, 07:14 PM
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Default Problems and bugs Ive found ever since

Hi all,

Has been 3 months that Ive been playing this game and I wish to share a list of issues that Ive had. Some are bugs other are just things that I consider problems. I hope that can help the staff to fix it and give my feedback about the game.

-fog of war not working
-I can hear others units sounds, this means that I can predict what my opponent is about to do
-some pvp battles are lagge (but have to say that this decreased; not sure if Im just luckier now)
-when looking for pvp I get "Connection time out" after some minutes, a) and sometimes when this happen I go to the battle some time after Ive stopped looking for pvp, then a msg "Could not connect to player" appears and I get stucked in world map
-elven hide skill are not working against players, they can see you
-support for more players in pvp and coop
-we cant see others armies/cities (dont know though if they want to implement this on the game).
*Im not sure and Im not understand much about connections, but those issues could be caused by the peer-to-peer connection that we have on DoF

-when a player pay off to avoid battle (before it starts), that money doesnt go to the attacker. The attacker should receibe a msg that the player paid him, otherwise it seems that there is no players playing the game.

-there is something not right with army strenght calculation, sometimes it shows higher or lower values when actually you didnt change nothing to that army/city

-looking for Cities to siege could also find others armies camps, Im not sure if that is intended but when you build an army with towers and siege weapons and find a camp full with warriors you will be screw

-sometimes the game find armies really far from your army, wich is strange since your and his army appear in a region that you werent.

-we should be able to select wich available army we could use to siege coop, since the game system many times took wrong armies obligating my or my ally pay off and try again.

-resources are not being gathered at the same rate. For elves wood is faster (per second not per minute). a) it seems that stones are not being collected when Im offline.

-I think elves should use wood instead of stone as siege ammo.

-Elves fiery arrows and bolts are not working properly; we cant set on fire the ground.

-Trebuchet, dragons and catapults fiery shots sometimes hit the sky, dealing no damage to units.

-Dwarven units dont work fine for elves. Miners dont mine and cannos can shoot at your own wall/units, so you cant put them on walls.

-some houses to rise your cap after you reach 90 pop limit.

-Some elven houses are under water

-Elven formation is bugged: it bugs your units armor value and also freeze some units. DONT USE IT

-levels are bugged: sometimes your troops get it resetted and you have to re-set the points, sometimes they loose the points, sometimes the skills screw up with wrong values.

-Some graviolas are not hiding under ground.

-When a battle starts your units spawn all together, consuming your time to organize them

-/who global is not working properly

-race channel is not working for elves

-it would be nice if we have hotkeys for units habilities.

-you can set fire on water ^^

-Sun Stone is not working

-quests are too easy. We could have level dificulties of quests to choose.

-We could be sieged or attacked by an AI random army. a) It could had some armies walking aroud world map like in Mount and Blade. Im saying that because PvE dont offers me a challange, so when there is no one to do pvp with me I have to log out. I think more ppl think the same since many players stop playing. You guys could make it more agressive and with higher stats, maybe that fix it.

I know someone have already posted a list before, but it was some time ago and I wish to make a new list of bugs and problems that Ive found. Also Im having an issue that my city is consuming my stones with no reason and that looks like because Id had to repair my walls two days ago and it still thinks it needs repair. But even with all those problems, to not mention path find since I know it will be fixed next week or soon, Im loving this game because its unique and its siege system is awesome. Keep the hard work guys and good job for what you already have achieved.

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