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Old 12-22-2011, 12:35 PM
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Default Game Freezes

The game is freezing for some reason now everytime i go into battle view on open ground. After im in battle view killing stuff for 2 min it freezes.

I know you guys are working hard to fix this game, but seriously every single aspect of your game is glitched. There is litterally a problem with eveything. Resources are glitched (they just dissaper or drain), the readout of where ressources are coming from is glitched, dragons are glitched (my lvl 21 dragon has 60 skill points to distribute and its stats are already maxed the same thing is happening with my other dragons), Dwarves have formations you cant use cause the pre reqs are not researched...., For your home town when you research pre reqs they remain red as if you havent researched them, units dont move or attack properly when your trying to get them on a wall or move them around obsticals, game crashes and freezes almost constantly in every battle, pvp obviously doesnt even work its not existant but you know that severl months in and havent fixed it, Its still a pain to select units on the screen you can click a unit and it wont be selected which is really annoying to play when the game is not freezing, the mini map is horribly designed its hard to see your units on it unless they are the right color and when you click on the mini map ur view goes to some random position that is no where near where you clicked, the game freezes so often players loose the equivlent of entire armies from auto pay offs being executed when you have to close the game client, even the single player stuff is glitched. Players lose their entire cities or cant even log into them, your units lose lvls. I mean this is redicilous what people have to put up with.

Seriously I dont know what laws there are protecting consumers from buying faulty software, but im sure if there is ever a game that pushes those laws to the breaking point its yours. Of all the hundreds of games i have played in my lifetime and all the indie games i have seen this one is by far the most un finished glitched game i have ever played. I mean its so badly glitched its un playable. It has been several months since your release and the game is still so broken it is not even a game you can even do anything in game without a freeze or loss of achievment due to bugs. And the worst part is you offer no information on ur website about the game, the units in the game, you offer no free trial, you just have a link to buy the game. Because you know it is so badly glitched that you cant give any free trial period or no one would buy it. Your charging people 20-30 dollars to work for your company as game testers. I honestly belive the failures of this game are so extensive you could be sued succesfully with a class action lawsuit because you are litterlly selling nothing to people who are expecting a playable game.

I want to know if you would give a refund to people that asked for it?

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Old 12-22-2011, 04:58 PM
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I can sympathize with you. There as issues that the developers are working hard to fix. Many of them are not easy to stomp out because there are folk such as yourself that have extensive problems that only affect a few people here and there. That makes it's much harder to nail down the problem.

Here is what I would suggest. The advantage of this game over other MMO's is that your only paying one fee and there is no subscription. All updates and patches are literally free for you. I would give them a chance to get the christmas patch and the follow patch out and see if the situation improves.

In the mean time, make sure your posting all the bugs you find with a copy of your log1.txt file in your post. Please note, this file is only useful if you post it right after you encounter a game wrecking bug. The next time you start the game, it begins a new log1.txt.

If all else fails you can always take a month off, give the development team some time to hash out some more bugs and then pick it up again and see how things have improved.

I'm just another player who tries to help other players out. I experience alot of the same bugs you do and I understand your frustration. I also have the unique honor of helping to find out alot of these bugs so they can squash them. Trust me when I say from personal experience that these guys are not sitting in their bums. They are working hard every day to make everyone's experience better

Give them time. At least we are not paying subscriptions. There are other MMO's out there that have just as many problems if not more. These guys at least will compensate their fans for game breaking bugs. Most MMO's won't give you anything in that regard.
Advisers are NOT employees of or affiliated in any way with Reverie World Studios. We are merely fans just like you who attempt to help other players as best we are able to.

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