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Old 12-14-2011, 06:48 AM
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Exclamation Bugs and ideas for developers.

I apologize for my English language...

Username: Theandric
Race: Elfs
Townname: TreeOfLife
Slot: 1


Hero reset him self to lvl 1 after i quit game.
Troops ( Sentry + Rangers for now ) cant remember last know formation what i set and they reset thier formation after i quit game.
I have two heroes now and im not sure its bug or it have something to do with my 1 Quest against orcs on wolrd map.
When u r building things there isnt name. So if i start for example Alchemy lab then when i click in that contruction i dont see what is it.
When i gonna make upgrade then i dont see what upgrades going up and how long it will take.
When i move my units..then that point where they go have same flag as humans...

I belive i shall have option where and how my castle will be placed... so when i pick forest why i canot be situated in alpines that sux... maybe that apline forest or swamp shall be perk same as is Forest protector or forest warrior etc..

Update 1.0:

There shall be hot key for Attack move command. Attack move command as it now working badly because u should click on hot key as A for example and click on ground left mouse. Units shall go to A-waypoint in attack mode but when i click normaly right button they shall stop using Attack move. So then u can rly control ur units without problems.
Ofcourse there should be hotkeys for other thing but later ill update necessary things...

another problem is... game cant remember grouped units... If i set group 1 by CTRL+1 then i wanna after relog when i pres 1 this units under my control without re-group them again.
Another problem is when i hit twice 1 i wanna be on that unit with my screen... i mean i shall rly be on same place as unit. Now when i press 1 i have them under control but i canot see them on my screen.

I made upgrade Deer Communion that lower deer cost 1 lvl = 50food 25gold. But when i click on that building again i got 70food 35gold cots for one deer. So i tryed build it and rly cots me that much. Both deer upgrades are gray in shadow i dont know why by my opinion there should be option for next lvl upgrade no?
In fact reserach should have same color under building HP(green line) as units have stamina. All transfers can have gold color for exmaple.
Atm i clicked on Tree Symbiosis and i found some option for rescource transfer for exmaple some gold and wood (im not sure) for 1K food but when i click on that building again this menu isnt there lol... and that transfer didnt happend so i didnt get 1K food but i lost resources for that transfer. It is same like with all upgrades that wont work but cost me resources.

Sometimes after relog i got 2 heroes sometimes i got one hero... anothe problem is after relog always one hero coming from woods why? I didnt let him stay in wood... he was placed near that Quest guy...

In Tree Dwelling is upgrade for wardern... it is for warden male or both? Wardens should be more clear for me...
Im afraid do upgrades because im losing resources for nothing and it looks like kingdom is more buged with every single thing what i do.

This shall be war game without mercy i hope ull make complexe world where u can destroy somebody to ground and burn him out. For example Imperial warfare or Red Dragon was good in this.
Btw. one city is enought dont do same mistake as everyone else to let someone build more than one city and if u do something like this please share resources for all towns and option for atomatic thing or macro what shall be done in that town and where units will go and more option.

There are upgrades in Setlement and in Tree Dvelling... why E (econimic) upgrades are in war building and war upgrades as walls are in E building? :/

Update 1.1:

There is few another problems with formations... fact is this your formation is in fact togle skill... so u canot use formations as cube or wall or something else...
to protect another units when u wanna use stance: stand ground... another problem is when u send units somewhere... for example if they are forced go to wall defend city or to tower then they are stacked on one place and always fighting only few units and thats unbalanced because enemy units can attack a lot more... another problem is they can attack only 1 target as i can see it... i think there shall be simple rule like... every 3 warriors can attack 1 target in overall 15 members in squad can attack 5 targets at same time... u can also make different numbes for different types of units. Like arcghers 16x can attack all of enemy squad but demend on accuracy how much success they will be. Because now i have 16 archers but then shooting 1 maybe 2 targets max and they missing a lot. Thats unbalanced because they have high damage but suxx accuracy and all of them shooting on one target i thing. Thats bad. I alsa didnt catch how voley works... to me it seem to be useless skiill... perhaps when u click on voley attack u whall have that 16 targets with less accuracy... without i can have 8 targets with precision...
Back to units on wall... they shall be spread among walls... because atm they are stuck on one place and u need defend whole walls not only part of them like 1cm and in fact they die a lot after one singel catrapult shoot as they are stack... there should be also option to mix units as one with sword and one with pike... they also shall move on walls to the enemy... i mean they shall go or run to problem location where is enemy trying to reach walls. There shall be also option to guard another unit or place... for example they will block enemy unit to reach another unit... so if i make order to defend direct unit they should be no harm until my another unit what defending this unit gonna die or until i say otherwise...
As i see it... this whole unit menu should be re-place.

Update 1.2:

There isnt option to cancel upgrade or remove upgrade from quote.

Mass Heal spell/skill sometimes dont work and sometimes yes and thats weird because other unit standing next to unit with mass heal spell... this shall be AoE skill as i can see it and there should be circle of effect if not then there shall be target to heal unit and this skill shall be renamed. Also there should be how many unit i gonna heal/cure if all or only one squad...

There is another think with Elf formations... when u using wind skill u should be faster then anything in game at least little bit cuz u sacrifice ur defend and u have same speed as some other enemy units and u have lower stamina too and that is rly bad because u wanna play hit n run-hide tactic... or lure them somewhere... micro is important...

Also there are enchanters... i think they are mages... so why the hell they attack with sticks... they should have magic type or effect and low-medium range damage...

As i talked few lines back about guard units... u can make for each race different type or icon of guard... example for elves it will be root... for humans guard... and for orcs... well... orcs should have only rage DD... so u will click on unit select root/guard and click on enemy unit what is aproching to ur another unit what u wanna defend and they will lock that unit with own body this is best i think... or u will click un unit what u wanna cover and this guarding unit will automatucaly hold enemy unit... but this is bad because if u set more units to guard one they can all attack one enemy unit and that wont help u.

I missing option for disband or kill my own unit. This also should give u some resources back from that unit.

All my upgrades now have grey color and are in shadow and i canot upgrade more thats bug...

Update 1.3:

There is also problem with graphic of my units... why some of them have different colors and symbols ( sentry X ranger ) ?! Btw. there shall be option to chose my Emblem and colors... then my units shall wear it... sure if i go fight against player he must see me like enemy = red.

There also should be option to togle skill repair (auto-repair).

There is problem with sending units some times unit not respond i dont know where is server and this is lag or bug so... also i dont know if this units have delay because ping is big or what happend... there shall be option where u can see FPS... PING... maybe population on server... connection quality...

another problem is when u have grouped units and left click on unit then u select one unnit but when u click on another nothing happend... u must reselect whole group to select that unit...

Update 1.4:

Mass Heal - my Enchanters can sometimes use it without consumption of stamina. Look like bug to me.

There isnt button for DONT ATTACK/FIRE so units in hide automaticaly unhide them selfs. And u cant rest. Maybe hide shall working as command for rest and dont shoot/attack or something else.

Bridges have bad textures on begin i fall down with soldiier... middle of bridge looking fine.

Sometimes i losing my gold in town without reason... whole resource system income stats is prety wrong because i got a lot more income then i can see.
When i look on resources i wanna complete list if income.

Update 1.5:

I clicked on Nothras and now his portred with status is blocked on left side so i can select other unit but this Northas stats are still there.
Fortunately relog/restart game working for most this problems.

During Q [quest] bolita sings pain part 1 there is palisade cover and inside are units... i used atack move and my units - rangers will after few seconds turned it off and do something else than i order to do...
Also when u commanding more units in same time then units going to freez without change last order and u must way i belive it have to do something with the flags of every single unit where they gonna stay... in final u r in monster lag or what is it and this can be place where i can lose my units...

If u walk to allied city and walking around sometimes i dont see flag of movement... where i go...

When u maxed anz unit skill there should be lvl of this skill i think and lvl window as it now canot be opened when u spend all ur skill points thats wrong too... u should see what skills i have on that unit.

Elf army should have hide even of moving around map... for now i know its useless but later if u upgrade world and pvp...

Mounted Rangers and Grand Masters - first formation doesnt work... dont giving bonus to armor resistances... heal for this units sometimes doenst work and sometimes when u clicking too fast consume more stamina and dont work... i think problem is in units HP i mean... if there are 2 units left and they have full HP then heal wont work because game think everythink is fine. Because there is no damage on that 2 units but whole squad is almost dead... propably this is why mass heal doesnt work for me sometimes too...

That problem with healing over time when it doesnt consume stamina is when u have still cooldown but u r not in fight and u can use it in cooldown... but it wont heal u for too much...

When u building unit there should be timer how long it will take and how much left...

Why are all whisps stucked in them self on one place? One route in same times? Random floating around Settlement should be nice...

Upgrade research traditional provisions and fostering should be same as other are? because they arent one in first one arent bonuses for rangers.

Update 1.6:

There is problem with Alchemy lab... i made one and it working somehow... i still dont under stand on what depend this resource income floating because sometime i have +3 and one minit later i go +0.5 one minut later +4... weird... another problem is i made +9 alchemy labs annd didnt get bonuses from them as well i didnt get nothing from transmutation it means only one alchemy lab working and rest is for better picture or i dont know... this should be fixed or there should be restriction to build only 1 alechemy lab.

I was offline and when i came online my "Online kingdom" was without resources that mean i didnt get resources when i was offline... why?!...

Update 1.7:

during lags and bugs i lost 10x mounted grandmasters... two units ( half of them ) was stucked in map without chance to move... and stucked orders as atack move or skills or not working skills... hide doesnt work for me cuz enemz units attack mz units in hide... i had 10x squeds of mounted grand masters and only few horses attacked enemy not all...
btw. after i won fight my army was complete as before fight... thats suxx cuz if i lost army then army should rest in peace...

Well im going bored by this...

I staring thinking if developers are capable do what they are trying to do... if they even trying to do something...


Graphic details:
Completly dont work if u make change. I turn shadows off and they are still there but look like crapy cubes.


Starting page... this is real hell this dwarfs still shooting no matter where in menu u r and u canot turn this canon sound off. So whole menu u hearing canons and thats make me angry.

My PC:
Procesor: AMD Phenom II 955 BE - 3.61ghz
Memory: DDR3 Corasir Dominator 1600Mhz CL7 8Gb
Graphic card: RoG ATI Asus Matrix 5870 2GB version
Mother board: RoG Asus Formula IV
Sound card: Asus Essence STX

just for case...

Ill update this threat always when i found something... new things in each section will be under Update x.x

Last edited by Marek : 12-15-2011 at 06:10 PM.

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