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Old 11-13-2011, 09:20 AM
Griegor Mcvennor's Avatar
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Default Town Customization

Hello again,
Been a few months since I checked in. Bought the game only to find the download server is borked... oh well. Figured I'd type this little tidbit in.

I know there may be a host of problem associated with it, but are there any plans to venture into the area of town customization. The current system of selecting locations from preplaced buildings is ok.. but there is no feeling of ownership over a town.

A few suggestions to think about. I'd like to suggest these topic only for generating thought because I don't have any of them fleshed out in any meaningful way.

1. Town Customization- Decorative skins for cities for example Evill Theme (blood skins on walls, torture devices, skeltons chain to walls, mean dogs around the castle, graveyards, zombies, etc), Holy Theme (inquisitors doing burnings, flagellants walking around, holy icons around the castle, churches, wandering preachers around the castle), barbarian theme, Imperial Theme, etc etc.

* Different themes and skins to give more customization to player towns and maybe open the door for pvp/roleplay based on the type of kingdom you are creating. Perhaps purchasable in the store. Additionally, each theme could have a unique unit.

2. Army Customization- The ability to arm and equip units with different weapons and armors thus affecting their stats. For example we have a blacksmith. Allow the blacksmith to reskin units and their equipment at the cost of gold. Change color, add banners, change out leather, chain, ringmail, platemail, etc for each squad. Different armor levels change their skin and increase/decrease armor and unit walk speed.

Same thing for weapons. Create a level of weapons that could be changed out for different unit types. Allow the halbard units to choose between spears, piles, halbards, etc. Allow the swordsman to change between Two handers, Sword and Shield, Mace and Shield, Two hand Warhammer etc. Give each weapon combination different stats.

* Allows players greater control over their armies. Balancing may be a pain but then again you as the developer does not need to balance the units. That is the player's job. You simply give them the tools to adjust their units as they please. Item shop should open the various weapon, armor, banner, horse, equipment choices.

3. More castle designs. Pretty self explanatory. We need more castle designs or the ability to adjust the current ones for online play.

4. Bigger maps. Castle vs Castle Siege. Instead of sieges being simply player army vs castle, I'd like to see larger maps where it's castle vs castle. Perhaps two armies meeting in the field have the ability to upgrade encampments into log fortresses or somthing and fight it out?

5. Fleets and Ships- What is the purpose? Give players the ability to create fleets of ships and blockade ports between destinations. Any player trying to enter or leave has to fight the blockade with their fleet or surrender a portion of their army's loot. Tie this in with a coastal map for each nation so that players can choose between land or sea invasion of that pvp map.

6. Common Roleplay Area. Replace the current chat system and create an interactive zone where players can meet and talk. Put player trade zones up across the map. When an army enters this zone, only the hero is spawned and enters a small village with a tavern, blacksmith, etc etc. Make it so players can chat with chat bubbles in this area and conduct trades of units, resources, items, between each other.

7. Multi player fights and reinforcements- I'd like to see multiple player battles and sieges in the future. Somthing akin to the final battle in Lord of the Rings. Armies all over the place having at each other.

8. Horns, sound effects, etc. Units need more sound effects. Swords clashing, boots marching, horns blaring, etc. Obvious needs to be balanced with resource drain on user's systems.

I think thats all I got for now. I know you have a long wishlist and many priorities but I am hoping some of this will make it in eventually. The game was fun in beta, but I personally feel its the customization and small details that keep people interested.
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Old 11-13-2011, 12:04 PM
Dreamwalker Dreamwalker is offline
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Whoa-awesome ideas! I like the army customization...and the castle vs. castle sounds really fun.

I don't know about the roleplaying areas, though...would be cool if done right, but I don't think chat should be replaced.

But anyway, if you've got more ideas, post away!
That was so funny, I laughed twice.
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Old 11-13-2011, 12:53 PM
SethWms SethWms is offline
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If there were a like button on this forum, I'd totally like your post.

After the current bugs/features catch up, I think it'd be great to see the devs hit up this list where possible.
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Old 11-13-2011, 01:16 PM
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+1 here lol.I totally love most of your suggestions.
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Old 11-13-2011, 01:36 PM
Konstantin Fomenko's Avatar
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On one hand I wanna say - awesome ideas! Especially Castle vs Castle...
On the other hand - I`m scratching my head and thinking - this is gonna be LOTS of work.

I`ll brainstorm your suggestion some more, and reply here once I know what we can and can`t include.
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Old 11-13-2011, 03:13 PM
Griegor Mcvennor's Avatar
Griegor Mcvennor Griegor Mcvennor is offline
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I would say that it would be a TON of work. Some of the ideas such as Castle Theme customization might be easier since it's mostly decorative. Other ideas such as total army weapon/armor/color customization would probably be better reserved for an expansion + Testing phase on the test server with the community.

Additional castle designs to choose from might be one of the easier projects to include. Me personally, I would prioritize based on easiest to hardest based on the fact that your primary concentration right now is bug fixing and optimization.

We understand that real meaty game enhancements are not going to come until most of the major issues are ironed out.

I'd certainly like to see the developer's white board on what features you want to implement over the course of the first year of release.
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Old 11-14-2011, 10:08 AM
Sunleader Sunleader is offline
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Somehow I always feel good when I look into this Forum

The idea of a CEO being Active in a Forum of something the Company is doing is not that far fetched of an Idea for anyone who doesnt know.
But for anyone who knows how things run in the Internet it is quite a Rare and Exceptional Occurenz
and in my Eyes Something that cant be praised enough ^^

I am playing 3 Games Online at the moment and I played about 50 different Online Games in the last 8 Years

So far I only know of 7 Games in which the Staff does actually Read Feedback and Suggestions
and only 2 in which I have seen the CEO of the Company being Interested in it.
Ah well make it 3 it wasnt the CEO in that case but it was the Person in Charge of that Game as the Company has several Games out so I guess this can be acceptet as on par.

I hope this Suggestion has turned some switches
I disagree with some parts but well theres always some differences in Opinion

for most of the Stuff I think it would be Great if it can be realized

Pls forgive that large part of the Post is Off Topic
I just had to say this
especially since I have been active in others Games lately
where it is unthinkable to get even some sign of Staff reading the Forums
much less any of the Staff would ever post a reaction to something ....

so I wrote this a little out of the Moment just now
and forget about the actual Topic a bit .....
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Old 11-24-2011, 04:22 PM
Griegor Mcvennor's Avatar
Griegor Mcvennor Griegor Mcvennor is offline
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So I was sitting here contemplating the idea of carving and eating a great Turkey in a few hours and an additional to my original idea of town customization came to mind. So I present to you an amendment to my original town customization.

Premise: There are two primary ways to do town customization that I can think of.

Option 1: Expend thousands of man hours of a customization system that allows the user to choose colors, skins, armors in a sort of character/kingdom customization screen. This screen would be similar to a paint/skin system used like Dawn of War or any type of character creator used in most games. The user selects a theme of colors and skins to apply to a range of units and then it get's imported into the game with the Town creation.

* Wide range of customization options for the user
* Ability of user to completely customize the look of each individual army unit
* Ability to customize banners and flags
* Ability to customize unit names (possibly)

*Highly reliant on player knowledge/ ability to work a complicated skin system
* Colors combinations/ Skins may not import properly
* Man hours required to make a large array of skin options may exceed current feasibility

Option 2: Theme based system where the user chooses a "nation" or "tribe" that allows them to customize only the colors of their units that already fit into a pre applied theme.

* Greater developer control of themes/nations in the game.
* Better control over possible import problems with the data
* Themes could be released as content purchased with wealth
* Themes could be total army make overs. Reskinning could cover buildings, Walls, Towers, Army units, weapons, banners, colors, voices.
* Themes could be released in stages rather than all at once unlike a full customization system.

*Theme system limits player customization to nation selection and banner/unit colors
* Some themes may not be popular thereby wasting man hours of work
* Themes require new artwork for each unit/building rather than drawing from a pool of pre made skins/armors etc.

Personally, I am starting to lean toward the Theme based system. It would be cool to be able to choose a Nordic Theme or Imperial Theme, or a Knightly order theme that would reskin all my units and buildings accordingly. I would happily pay the wealth cost required to be a unique theme that would set me apart from my opponents

Hopefully something can be added to take advantage of this in the coming year or so.
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Old 11-25-2011, 11:10 AM
Dreamwalker Dreamwalker is offline
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Personally, I would go for something in the middle. Maybe being able to choose more than one theme for your city, letting you be more creative.

There could be different types of themes, and you could have one of each type:

Architecture, which affects the style of your buildings
Personel, which affects how your people look
Artwork, which affects the look of your in-game menus

So you could have a city (let's say human) with maybe French architecture (walls are lighter colored and more elaborate), Norse personel (many units wear furs and/or have beards), and Celtic artwork (lots of knotwork and other cool Celtic things).

Besides themes based on real-world cultures, there could also be some based on alingment (good/evil), and in-game cultures (like different themes for different regions).

Of course, all themes will have to be altered from race to race (a theme that works perfectly well for the elves might not look great on orcs! ). But I think only regional themes and/or other race specific themes should actually be limited by race; the others should just be changed slightly where neccessary (like making the nordic theme less barbaric for elves and more barbaric for orcs).
That was so funny, I laughed twice.
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Old 11-25-2011, 11:41 AM
White935 White935 is offline
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castle vs castle. could simply make it into a mini-war no? Aka a small map between two castles in form of squares which holds color depending on which side holds saw. which each is fought instanced with your armies moving. enable During fight reinforcements would be nesscary thou. might even be nice for multi aka

White's city vs Griegor's city (castle)
Whites allies: (only have armies): John Doe
Griegors allies: Kon

Each player have 1 army on the small square map. once armies meet (think chess?) combat emerge, with the goal of taking down the opponments castle.

Thou Making upgradeable "camps" into keeps/castles. or perhaps outposts and making outposts attack eachother would be do-able aswell (already is to some extend noh?).

perhaps make it possible to make permantent camps which you can after x- time produce into a keep?.

Anyway Greigor great suggestions. i espcially agree with the keeps. I want blood on my orc walls. its too cleans! i want skulls out of blood. corpses piles around my camp ^^.
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