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Old 10-19-2011, 03:41 PM
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Arrow What bugs should we work on?

Dear Players,

We wanted to follow up on the discussion in the Patch 1.0.8 post ( and work out priority of bug fixing vs new content. From where we sit we can`t always judge best what bug fixes to prioritize, so we would love to hear from you.

Please list the issues that are the most annoying for you at the moment. Or perhaps you would like us to concentrate on bringing you the new content like Army vs Town or Alliances first.

In our next few patches we`ll try to concentrate on the issues you list in this post.

We greatly appreciate your feedback! And just one request - it would really help if you would link to the other posts with detailed bug reports. Also - lets keep this realistic

On our end once you have provided sufficient feedback - we`ll reply with our patching plan for the next couple of weeks including as many of you requests as possible.

Reverie Team
Old 10-19-2011, 03:44 PM
White935 White935 is offline
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two annoying bugs for me (admittingly people who has "town" issues probably got it worst).

City names Sticks on screens, and keeps adding themselves til your entire screen is filled with em. (i've had like 8x sets of city names spread over my screen).

Endless search: sometimes when you search for PvP you just get stuck searching. endless.
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Old 10-19-2011, 03:47 PM
Dalizon Dalizon is offline
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Well the most annoying thing is the PvP, its laggy as all hell can imagine and people still out of sync a lot. Even past the out of sync patch, which only really fixed 20% of it, if were lucky to even fight a fight there are a few things that can happen, the most common and most annoying is the lag, most battles you cant even really command your troops due to the excessive lag. Another thing I have seen come up is when you enter the battle the screen goes black, you can still fight via the mini map, but I know this came up for me. Also the AI when you cant find a player does not seem to even work. The PvP lag and misc issues are the main thing right now I would say.

Aside from that, buildings not building unless your logged in to watch it, people cant log off and have their town build.

Camps as well, unless I am mistaken, camps are supposed to generate materials like the city, at a constant pace while offline, I have not seen this, they forget their job as well as any materials in the camp prior to logging off are all deleted.

There is a new bug I found, its not very important but the flags in Southmont when moving troops, if your selecting on the upper part, were the main keep is, the flag will be waaaay off the target.

There always more smaller bugs around, but those are the ones that stand out the most to me.
Old 10-19-2011, 03:52 PM
Faded Faded is offline
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It's a small bug, but the gatehouse fix.

Nothing else has annoyed me as much
Old 10-19-2011, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Faded View Post
It's a small bug, but the gatehouse fix.

Nothing else has annoyed me as much
Come on now, you'll make me seem like a monster for having such a massive reply.
Old 10-19-2011, 04:04 PM
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one of the very annoying bugs I found while pvp-ing was that sometimes when you select a unit,the description of that unit will get stuck so even if you select other targets you can't your own troops abilities when that happens . That's very annoying.

another tiny bug which hopefully wouldn't take long would be my dragons bug.he needs millions of exp to level. But this isn't too important.

And a bug which is quite annoying is that archers put into towers don't always stay there.sometimes you find them near the tower and that can be quite frustrating when you deal with a full city.
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Old 10-19-2011, 04:09 PM
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Well, since I still don't have the game , I can't name particular bugs.

But, I will definitely say that bug-fixing should come before new content. I mean, what's the point of adding new stuff if the old stuff still dosen't work?

My (unhelpful, I know) two cents.
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Old 10-19-2011, 04:19 PM
Defilus Defilus is offline
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- Orc gatherers going to the north point of the map.

- Gatherers who stop gathering, and resource stop while offline.

- Goblin Raider to Goblin Prowler switch not saving, making it hard for me to make a good army of Prowlers.

- Countless of PvP bugs/crashes when the army size in the battle is big.
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Old 10-19-2011, 04:37 PM
Magicmud83 Magicmud83 is offline
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1# Fix the pvp lag as best as possible alot of the time we cant click or give orders to our troops.
2# Endless PvP searching.
3# Orcs. Just about the entire Orc race and its building, workers, and wargs is full of bugs.
4# Human workers going idle every 10-20mins.
5# Failed pvp matching cause town names all over screen.
6# When leaving the view mode in Orc lands 1/3 of the time it gets stuck on the loading screen.

Once these core gameplay issues are out of the way most of the people will be able to enjoy the game while the less widespread bugs are stomped.
Old 10-19-2011, 04:37 PM
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Ok ill try and help out with your battle plan for tackling the bugs and features

To start i myself would recommend this order of implementation and focus >

1) Bugs and Issues

These seem to be the 'big' things at the moment that people want sorting so i put bugs and issues as the first port of call as my suggestion, The main things i would like to be focused on first in regard to bugs since you asked are the following :

-Building time fixed, Buildings are getting stuck at 58 minutes construction time when people log on, but to be fair on you guys you have replied in and are aware of it, So i wont go in to it to much.

-Over population limit for orcs, While not particulary urgent.. it seems the spawn for orcs que's when your offline, Especially wargs and you end up with population over the cap, My orc swamp town has about 10 goblin huts and last i checked i was at 129 / 90 population. Info here :

-Lost Armies, This hasnt personally happened to me however i know a few who it has happened to and it can be pretty frustrating if you lose a dragon this way. If its been fixed i apologise but i thought it worth a mention.

-Dragons, When they die its a big loss and for someone who spent 50+ influence its a big blow to them, I think they should respawn at the players town or some sort of 'Insurance' feature for them implemented if possible. I know i know... 'its the risk of pvp' and no i dont own a dragon. However with influence being a little more valuable now with the recent increases in research costs i think something needs to be done to protect our dragons. As for their strength the fireball deadly, but they are a bit squishy and die easily.

-A search pvp cancel button, Dont need to go into detail with this I will say however being stuck searching is awful and a cancel button or improved 'no targets found' feature would really help us out.

2) PvP Stability

Second is the pvp stability, I dont know if anything can be done to reduce the chances of 'unable to connect' or sync issues but i will say for me the pvp is a LOT better then it was so i thank you for the work youve done on it so far. if theres any more imrpovements you can make that would be excellent especially before sieges and alliances

3) Balance

Third is the balance of factions, Now you can never 'perfectly' balance things in games i know this very well, However i think the orc race mainly could use some of its units getting looked at. I personally think they could all use a buff ranging from minor to major power wise (Except ogres). I know you guys very busy though so main units i think need some love are the orc Impaler and the orc Slayer. Through extensive player testing goblins are the only true orc units that do what orcs are supposed to do, Swarm with numbers.

Additionally though, i mean balance is a terror it truly is it can never be perfect so id like to just see all military units be 'useful' in some way in an army. it seems a waste of a unit if someone has a mixed army but doesnt include a unit because it is inferior or just not useful. I also really think removing healing from units altogether would be a good start and build from there. (With attention on orcs first as without some of their units heals they would be even worse sadly, ie Beserker)

4) Alliances

I would like to see alliances in before town sieges myself, I dont speak for everyone but some of us would love to join up with our allies. As for alliances before sieges well its a fun factor for me id rather have a social experience as well as a game teaming with friends promotes this.

5) Town sieges

Really looking forward to this feature, but again id prefer alliances and good balance patching first.

6) Guilds

*drools* Last but not least, Guilds! would love this feature so much but its the last priority on my list as it is a big feature and wil take a while to put in a reckon.

Thats my personal want, for the order of things to be done anyway, hope it helps guys.
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