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Old 10-13-2011, 12:28 PM
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Default High Warlord Thagurz

High Warlord Thagurz - Iron Wolf Tribe

Thagurz is perhaps the most feared orc there is and he has spilled the blood of many. He is a large orc and is a deadly combatant in battle. Weilding his large bladed sword of which little is known the High Warlord crushes all resistance and keeps his clans in order with an iron fist. If humans were to have a true nemesis then Thagurz would be it. His hatred for humans is unmatched and his lust for war outweighs that even of his own people. This ruthless orc may just be the one to bring mankind to its knees in the coming war.

Thagurz's past is a mystery to all but his most trusted friends, He has taken many a life with his blade however as both orc and human have suffered at his hand. The united strength of many orc clans now stand with him which has caused quite a stir not just with the humans but with some of the biggest cities within orc society. This orc continues to gain power and strength by the day and is a very real threat to the other races.

The High Warlord is not some mindless brute however, He is well trained in aspects of warfare and is devious and cruel on the battlefield. To Thagurz there is no defeat there is only a delayed victory. At this time the High Warlord's attention is focused heavily upon 'The Free Cities Of Mythador' or 'Magnus Protectores Hominum', he has even struck an alliance with a group known as the 'Dreaded'. A very unusual and unexpected move for the High Warlord but one would be a fool to think Thagurz didnt know exactly what he was doing.

Thagurz most known about duels mostly involve clan leaders who defied him or spoke out against him where there are others to hear, His most recent duel was against The General', Warlord Gromgorgan's commander. Thagurz always duels to the death and slew The General after a heated battle.

'I am Thagūrz Warchief of the Iron Wolf tribe,
We the Iron Wolves seek to make a new Clan, a Clan to unite our breathren,
to make us strong again, feared again.
The tin cans of the west dare to trespass on our lands,
to take that with rightfully belongs to us! we shall burn their cities, and pillage their towns and take every riches which they posses.
and the scornful Treehuggers in the North,
They hide in the shadows and unhonorable slay our laboureres to protect their trees,
Well we shall respect their wishes, and Cut them down,
and use their bodies as nutrition for their beloved trees.
I am Mada, I am Warlord and We shall band togethere and form the mightest clan
,and we shall rally our breathren, and our vengeance shall begin!' - Thagurz, High Warlord
(Taken from white935's post, Credit to him)

(This is really full credit to white935 for the inspiration i got from the concept of Thagurz, I hope to do some other write ups like this for other characters if i get the go ahead to do so by the player. Id like to do Redkam09's Lord of Normandy, Gromgorgan is upcoming and id also like to do Arkantos soon, Again if i get the go ahead from him and Dreamwalker)

Warlord Gromgorgan - Bloodied Eye Tribe

Gromgorgan is perhaps in appearance is of typical orc build, The difference being in his attitude. Gromgorgan above all else wants glory for either him or his people (Its somewhat hard to tell most the time) and is quite capable of attaining it. Warlord Gromgorgan is chief of the Bloodied Eye Tribe based within the desert of Brakental, After defeating the orc known as 'The General' in combat for the right to lead. Since then however the two orcs have become good friends. One is the more cautious and is not afraid to speak his mind to the Warlord, The other a glory hunting warrior with a tribe under his command, A very odd match indeed.

Gromgorgan slowly turned the Bloodied Eye tribe from a small and semi-peaceful settlement into a massive war machine now boasting many warriors. He has corrupted their peaceful nature with glory fueled ambition and soon after was one of the first clans to join High Warlord Thagurz when he first made known his intentions for war. The temptation of being part of such a glorious campaign was to much for Gromgorgan and despite warnings from 'The General' he battled Thagurz's forces in the shifting sands of Brakental. Gromgorgan lost the battle but it was enough to prove that Thagurz was worthy of his alliegance.

In the months that passed Thagurz and Gromgorgan became friends, Both eager for the campaign against mankind to begin. Gromgorgan's feelings towards humans are perhaps the strangest thing about him as he does not 'Hate' them as much as your average orc despite how he acts and talks and definatly does not hate them as much as Thagurz, He merely sees them as a tool to be used (or rather slaughtered) in his peoples climb to glory. Gromgorgan promotes the hatred for humans within his troops as he knows this will improve their performance when the war begins and push them further. Gromgorgan does not care much for the past however, Just the future.

'Glory will be ours General, This is vow! I would rather die them see our people rot away into nothing!' - Gromgorgan

'And yet you march into a massive war which could very well cause such Warlord' - The General

'Bah, Sometimes i think you are an elf stuck in orc form General. Nontheless it is done, Our forces will join with Thagurz. We will bleed the humans and carve a new destiny for the orc people one filled with glory! Mythador shall scream the name 'Orc' when we are done.' - Gromgorgan

-Quote from a conversation between The General and Gromgorgan
In game name : Adam
Every morning orcs like me should have a good long battlecry.. to the tune of.. ahem.. 'WAAAAGGGHHHH!!' It prepares you for the looting and pillaging the day brings.

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Old 10-13-2011, 03:12 PM
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Nice one adam. and yes you can do this on Arkantos. I am excited to see what talents you and dream have and maybe even combine to create the best stories that would be on this site.
IGN ingame: Arkantos
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Old 10-13-2011, 03:35 PM
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Cool; always great to know more about the great warlord!

And yeah, I like the idea of these character write-ups. And like Ark said, I think it would be great to combine our stories, though we're kinda already doing this: telling the same story from two different perspectives, the elves and the orcs.

Oh, and I'm sorry that I haven't put out any new chapters lately, but I will soon; and it will be awesome.
That was so funny, I laughed twice.
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Old 10-14-2011, 11:56 AM
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Updated with Gromgorgan.

I'm also working on a pretty big entry soon.. So might take a while. It will be a short story like 'The General' etc entries i did. And still working on part 3 for that.

An yes its really awesome to see two sides of the story too! I love it
In game name : Adam
Every morning orcs like me should have a good long battlecry.. to the tune of.. ahem.. 'WAAAAGGGHHHH!!' It prepares you for the looting and pillaging the day brings.

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