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Old 10-11-2011, 07:07 PM
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Default The General : A Dying Breed - Part 1 - The Legion Dawns : First Entry - Kramps' End, The Ogre and the Commander : Second Entry - The Warlords Speech : Third Entry - Mythador At War : Fourth Entry

The General : A Dying Breed - Part 1

The army camp at the edge of the vast orc forest of Thikken Dal bustled with movement, All the clans forces that were part of the first attack had arrived. The burning skull tribe and the smashmouth tribe were two of many that had heeded Thagurz's call. They were eager to see battle and spill human blood. The atmosphere within the camp was wild, dangerous, battle crazed and ready to attack. It was because of this reason i lone orc sat apart from the camps blazing fires and occasional cheers from the troops as they discussed how they would gain glory for their tribe.

The General sat staring into his small fire, It was a strange thing that he was so well known and yet not much was known of him. He once led the Bloodied eye tribe in a peaceful existance within the desert lands of Brakental long before the coming of Gromgorgan and his ideals of glory, Long before Thagurz and his lust for war and battle. Very few orc tribes were content with a peaceful existance however as Gromgorgan soon won over his own people and bested the General himself in one on one combat. It was on that day of defeat that the General was stripped of his name and his pride. Gromgorgan however surprised the General by making him his advisor at first and then his most trusted military commander. The two had become good friends over the years, Another shock to the general now that he thought about it.

A cool breeze swept by as the fire flickered in the night. Battle would begin in a few more days and the war would begin to claim its price on the people of Mythador. Human scouts had already been spotted in the area and no doubt Dagbor and the free cities were now certain invasion was about to commence. It was the calm before the slaughter.

The General sat still, The burning flames of the fire reflecting in his eyes, His thoughts began to drift to the battle plan that Thagurz had organized. It was the Wold that would feel the orc peoples wrath first while Thagurz's secret allies these 'dreaded' were to attack the rolling plains. They were to sweep accross the land destroying all in their path, A barbaric and merciless tactic but effective at spreading fear and dread among the enemy. It would be brutal and the losses immense on both sides. The General would see many of his own tribesmen fall, Orcs he had known for a long time but.. Were they the orcs he once knew? Gromgorgan had turned them into something else now. He did not feel anger at Gromgorgan as this was not the orc way. The warlord had made them what they were born to be. The General chuckled, He was sounding more like Gromgorgan by the day and his laughter masked something else, Something deep down inside. What was this feeling? Fear?

The General made his way to his tend next to the fire, He would need his rest for the coming days. Thagurz would arrive tomorrow for the final preperations. The General looked at the camp at his people before looking down a moment and entering his tent for the night. His rest was troubled...

Early next day the General appeared from his tent to be greeted by the High Warlord's grunting and shouting, he was barking orders to everyone as usual. The General made his way through the tents until something upon the edge of the camp caught his eye, A human man and a woman most likely his mate bound at the wrists and ankles. Two of the High Warlords bodyguard were standing near them talking, one of them holding a pitchfork in one hand. The General made his way over...

'...Well! Looks like weapon to me! How many orc you kill with this humie?! None?! HAHA! Well maybe we just make sure it stay that way.' - Warlord's Bodyguard.

The orc drew his sword and waved it above the terrified couples heads, The General watched for a moment. The humans eyes shone with terror and they wore ragged farming gear. The General before he realized it was next to the orcs and looking down at the couple.

'General! Ha! You want to start war now? we start with these General! You should have honor! Glory for orcs!' - Warlord's Bodyguard

The General took the blade from the bodyguard as it was handed to him, The blade tip drew closer to the human couple as they begged and sobbed. Why did he hesitate.. These humans were the enemy and yet..

'No, Put them with the other prisoners these are farmers they are not worth cleaning out blades over.' - General

The other orcs seemed surprised and yet nodded quickly as the prisoners were dragged over to the prison tents. The General looked at the blade he was holding, His fist gripped it so tight his hand hurt. He slowly released and dropped it not realizing the figure standing beside him.

'I do not want a commander who is scared to do what is necessary!' - Thagurz

The General simply looked at the High Warlord, Saluted him fiercely and began to walk back to his tent..

'So, You will cower in your tent a little more will you!? HA, i know you 'General' You lost your name and your tribe to Gromgorgan, Everything! I still told him he should have executed you there and then, but he was always stubborn.' - Thagurz

The General froze his fists were tightly clenched as he shot the High Warlord and angry glare.

'Ahh! So! You have got some fight in you after all, Good. You will need it General. Now report to your forces and make sure they are ready, We must cleanse these human filth as soon as possible... All of them..' - Thagurz

Thagurz grinned wickedly and began to walk away slowly, The General noticed the orcs begining to gather to listen, In this exchange he had lost much honor and soon word would spread through the ranks that he would not kill a human. His weakness had just cost him a far greater price then command, it had cost him respect. He would not live like that and he definatly would not die a coward. He knew what he had to do, The High Warlord had seen to that, He only wished he could have seen Brakental, the beautiful desert sands one last time. He took a deep breath.

'You know what i saw when i looked into that human womans eyes Thagurz? I did not see respect, An i did not feel that glory was mine. There was no glory in killing those peasants! We are orcs and should fight worthy warriors!' - General

Thagurz suddenly spun around staring the General in the eyes, His rage growing by the second, nearly half the camp now gathered around the two watching the exchange.

'Know your place whelp! I am your High Warlord! They are the enemy it is as simple as that, We slaughter them all in glorious battle! If they are to cowardly to fight then they will be crushed under our might nontheless!' - Thagurz

The general kept his eyes locked upon Thagurz's, As his words became daggers.

'High Warlord Thagurz...' - General

To see those beautiful deserts... one last time.

'I challenge you to one on one combat.. For the right to lead the united clans of the orc people! Do you accept? or will you be forever labeled a cowardly wretch?' - General

Thagurz roared with anger and hissed the words in response, As all the orcs slowly backed away to form a large circular arena around the two. The atmosphhere was tense among the orcs and shocked.

'I accept.. 'General' ...To the death..' - Thagurz

End of Part 1

((Part 2 will come soon in a new thread when im not half asleep Sorry if this one seems a bit half baked, Im tired but cant sleep so i decided to write a bit, I'll try to make part 2 much better either wednesday or thursday, I will go back into more detail as to the generals character and the changes that have occured when im done with the dying breed as he has changed a LOT from the begining and ill go into detail later. An no hes not a 'nice' orc per say!))
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nice one adam.
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