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Old 10-01-2011, 04:56 PM
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Default A couple of bugged quests

It seems like every quest, where you go down on a field to face an army you may choose the strenght off, it cannot be completed.

This type of quest is that you enter a field, and u get to choose a number beetween 1-6 wich decides the strenght of the army u will face within this quest. Neither of the quest of this type can be completed, since even if you kill all the opponents, u will not get the victory message, u will simply be stuck on the field. This despite what army strenght you choose for the npc opponent within the quest.

As human-forest i have encountered this quest type 7 times this far, within all these 7, this problem appeared.

The quest are named following:

Sir Lentoth - Expunging the canker

Sir Lentoth - Expunging the canker Target 1

Sir Lentoth - Expunging the canker Target 2

Lord Hathfram - Afronts on two fronts

Lord Hathfram - Afronts on two fronts Target 1

Lord Hathfram - Afronts on two fronts Target 2

Lord Hathfram - Afronts on two fronts Target 3

Sir Morin - An eager evil

Sir Morin - An eager evil Target 1

Sir Morin - An eager evil Target 2

Within the area of Sir Morin - An eager evil Target 1 there are also invisible Ogers running around.

Also, humans can buy Orc Labourers in orc cities as mercenaries then take them home to their cities and use them to finnish buildings way faster, i do not know if this is intended.

If this was not intended my suggestion would be to remove Labourers as mercenaries in the orc cities they are being sold.

Also, this is not a bugg yet a problem, the trading within the game is in some part way to superior to other ways of gaining resources. For example i who knew the best trade place since the Beta, had 5x full squads of units and pop capped my town after just 4 hours of playtime, a total of about 380 unit squads, ofc i also had almost everything within my town in construction. To allow people to make a almost 300% profit in each turn you run back and forth with goods is to much. I am right now able to bring in 57 000 gold about every 8th min with an army of 60 horse carts.

My suggestion to solve this problem would be a trading system where for every 1000 unit of something you buy in a city, the price for it is raised by 1 within this city, at the same time how much you gain by selling this resource within this specific town is also increased by 1 for each unit (of 10 resources)

For example you venture to a town to buy stone, the price of the stone is 15gold for 10 stone. After you have bough 10 000 stone within this city the price of stone goes up to 16. If you previously sold stone for 8gold for 10 stone within this city before u bought 10 000 of it, u may now sell it for 9 as the sell gain increases with the price.

And it also works the other way around, if someone else visits this town now, to sell stone, he will now sell for 9gold for each 10 stone, after 10 000 stone has been sold within this city the town will only pay 8 gold for each unit of 10 stone, and ofcourse, the town will now at the same time lower it's sell price for stone by 1.

Then ofcourse for this system to be fun, it has to be shared by all players, so if someone raises the price of stone within 1 city, it is not only raised for him, but for all other players aswell, and the other way around if someone decreases the worth of a ware within a city.

Ofcourse the prices can not be updated all the time, so perhaps they should be updated every 3rd hour, so that every 3rd hour the prices of wares within all cities changes to the new ones.

You should also be able to view sell/buy prices within cities without visiting them, this would make the best and probably most skill requiring trading possible. As in this system, yes fast and clever players could make a lot of gold, but in general it is now hard and skill requiring to gain lots of gold trough trading, and u have to fight with other players to keep prices at the level you want them to be.

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