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Old 05-11-2011, 02:13 PM
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Default Buyable Technology

i made a post about this in a diffrent thread but was very untidy and did not really get to the point of my idea. I must say though, this is just a random idea i have came up with, and could well be a bad idea. But i say MEH to that, and i thought i share it with you guys anyway, in more detail, and hopfully better grammer.

So in a old post i came up with this make shift idea where people could buy technology. I am not in any way saying people should be able to buy perks like better armour, weapons, certain quest, units or even buildings. Becouse they be unfair for people playing without buying new stuff with real cash. unless there is a way to use game money to buy that sort of stuff. But i thought maybe there could be buyable technology that would change a small but intresting part of the players gameplay strategy. Example being, there could be buyable technology pack or single tec, that allows the player to change the speed at witch his/her troops are created, but in doing so give all the troops created this way weaker strengths, training, ect. In doing this players that buy the new tec, gives them new ways to play, but allso and most inportently dosent unbalance the game due to the fact the players troops are now weaker.

This is not the only way that this could be used, I feel this could be used in many other ways, and still be fair for none tec buyers and buyers alike. But still make money for the devs, what is very inportent in the end of the day to keep this sort of game alive.

But like I said at the start, this is just a random idea i just came up with, and thought it could be kind of cool, but then agean I could be totally wrong. Im not going to do any sort of poll for this becouse of the fact people may be bisead, ageast people that would like to buy this sort of thing. I am just going to put this out there though, just so people dont think i am bisead, i might not be buying into this sort of thing due to the fact i hardly buy anything online, unless there are not any other way of geting it. So ye. i be a none buyer, but i do really really think that there will be alot of people that would like this sort of thing.

Well anyway, feel free to comment i would like to see other people opinions, on what they think of this idea.

I just making it clear im not trying to get into beta with this post, becouse im geting the feeling people may see me with under 10 comments and think im just like all the spammers. I put this up becouse i thought people might like to hear about my idea, even if people dont think it's is not that great of an idea.

Last edited by GrandOp : 05-13-2011 at 05:20 PM. Reason: Im not trying to get into beta with this post...
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Old 05-26-2011, 03:49 AM
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Its good to put these kinds of ideas out there, but i think it would cause too many balance issues, for those that dont use real money ot cant/wont buy stuff with real money would mean you can buy your way to victory still as you'll have more technologies more units, better upgrades then say someone who couldn't buy the tech.

You will be able to use influence points to use to get DLC, so maybe useing the same system yo get new tech could be done, but all the new tech is going to be in DLCs anyway. I personally wouldn't want this implemented myself for balancing issues it would cause, but others might like this idea, and devs get to see what people are whilling to do for the game aswell.
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