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Old 02-04-2011, 02:29 AM
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Sense my last posting (I wasn't part of Reverie and we didn't have much information posted publicly like we do now. So what I can say is the following...

The underdogs (usually starting players or those decimated to pretty much oblivion ) will be safer from the huge vast armies that will roam the map. In time players will get to know the ways to identify such and see that village over there as "no threat" and an attack would do no good and there would be a good chance they couldn't be attacked to begin with. It will be more like..

"Ok, I see that new nation just starting there, hmm maybe I should see if he wants in the alliance?"

"Maybe I should do some inquires to my buddies and see if anyone knows him."

" Maybe I should send a tell and say "watch your step in my neck of the woods friend""

... and so much more

Alliances and having huge battles is what we are all about. It would be silly to limit the players abilities to form such. This comes down to (as many are starting to post) just like your standard MMO, looking at the aspects of pvp a bit more. When you try to take on a mission or keep (like in daoc (dark age of camelot for those that played it) ) you would call upon your alliance (an organized group of guilds ) to work together to take on the keep as you know this is the only way you can take one down effectively.

Now there are strike teams, infiltrators and spys that would head out prior usually to determine strenghts etc of the opposing force. Same thing here, you can have alliances and attempt to define what your best options are.

Will you send out a decoy to another target and throw the other forces off? Will you pay off someone not in the alliance but has a strong position to help you out? Maybe this person is all by themselves but after attempt after attempt you just couldn't un-lodge him or her. Would that be a good concept to pay them on the side in resources to help your cause? Would that person come back and tell others that you made this deal and back-stab you?

Ahh the list goes on and on, think the bigger picture. You might start out as a small fish in a large ocean but sooner or later you will have an effect on the world around you. Having a hard time getting a foothold? Maybe making peace with a neighbor might help? See what I am getting at. In DOF it's in the player's hands (where it should be) and that is why I joined the team. The game will be best combination of a persistent world , resources, rts etc etc ever to exists in our strategy genre.

As you noticed, I didn't say anything directly about this game's mechanics ATM because again I sadly can't. We would love to but as you know still working on the refining process of getting everything the best we can so things change from day to day. However the reference to daoc is pretty much hand in hand and this information (if you dig threw the forums ) is there to see.

However , what I did write here should give you guys some good insight into what you can expect,. the mechanics are there for a good persistent world to flourish, it will be up to the players to make it happen!

These are "my personal opinions" and in no way reflect those to Reverie World Studios, 505 games or any subsidiarity there in. (If I were a rich man, lada deda deda dum!)
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