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Old 01-22-2011, 12:07 PM
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Default Hello!

Hi Guys, very excited about this game. I have a lot of experience in various MMO's, and RTS's of all sorts, ranging from pure PvE- Hardcore intense PvP sandbox play such as Eve online.

MMO's I've played:

GuildWars: my first MMO, I ran a guild of 100 people and had played semi-high ranked GvG's into around r250-500, I played this for about three years, great time and I learned a lot.

World of Warcraft: Played this for 2 years, did raiding, and arenas- mostly arenas. I never got very far and while it was alright, I never did anything notable.

Eve Online:
Played for approximately 4 months, I loved the concept of the game and really wish I had the time and patience to keep up with it. In the time I played, I focused on supporting mining fleets in 0.0 Sec space, and got into several fights with pirates and rival alliances.

I play this now, just for fun. I find it interesting with developing a kingdom and interacting with other players in real time, coordinating making a stronger empire together.


Age of Empires: My first RTS, I played this since I was 11, probably the most fun I had for a singleplayer MMO.

Stronghold Crusader: Same idea, Played it since I was 12.

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War: Been playing that since release

Rome, Medieval, Empire, Napolean: Total War
: Probably the most in depth strategy/RTS games I've ever played. Especially with mods.

I've also played Mount and Blade: Warband...not sure what category that fits under, perhaps Adventure/RTS/First Person Melee: Very interesting sandbox single player game.

About me: I'm 18, live in America, and currently enrolled in medical studies, I aspire to one day go to medical school... Thats about it- very excited to play this game!

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