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Old 12-06-2010, 06:26 PM
Nimlot Nimlot is offline
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Default Vassals

Is there any mechanic in this game for making someone your vassal?

I reckon if you beat someone you could force him to join you and pay small ammounts of money every day instead of being totally annihilated

I feel this would be a cool feature to the game if it was implemented. Maybe though the vassal would only be a vassal for a few days or could rebell against his/her master at certain situations

Do you guys think it would be booring for the conquered part or would this be a good feature?
Old 12-06-2010, 06:59 PM
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Henry Martin Henry Martin is offline
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Henry Martin is someone to look uptoHenry Martin is someone to look upto

Actually, I like the idea. I don't know how many people would really want this though (damn casual gamers!). This does seem like something that would be in single player instead of multiplayer, but I would like to see this tested, seeing peoples reaction to it. I think those that like role-playing would like this a lot. I think the being a vassal for a few days or some set time limit world work better.
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Old 12-06-2010, 07:29 PM
-Sigma- -Sigma- is offline
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I like it. I think there should be choices for the victor. Like in the total war series where you could occupy it, enslave it, or simply sack everything and kill everyone. But the problem is how many people in the please base would actually like it. It may turn a lot of people off the game.

But i do like it, i think its a good idea.
Old 12-07-2010, 12:20 AM
Avatarn11 Avatarn11 is offline
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I don't like it because you can kill a game with the super gamers kill everything and not everyone has all day to spend on a game. They said if you win a seige you get alot of resources,gold ect ect ect. i don't know what the losing side gets but there are bonuses to seige how ever you spell it. but you can only do it when the player is online not off.
Old 12-07-2010, 10:07 AM
hooba hooba is offline
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I like the idea. It makes the game more immersive. Even if you are on the losing side of the siege it would make things more interesting than just losing. Then if there was some way to find who the conquerers other vassals are you could stage a rebellion with all of them.

Perhaps for the super powers it would be a nice means of gold. But if he gets too greedy with many vassals under him... That will be the downfall of the super power as another player could unite his vassals and he would have A LOT of enemies at the same time lol.

Last edited by hooba : 12-07-2010 at 10:10 AM.
Old 12-08-2010, 12:05 AM
Zeluk Zeluk is offline
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Hmm, forcing someone to join you and continually pay fees just because they lost a battle or two doesn't seem very fun. Kinda obnoxious really, especially for pvp. Maybe a system that would allow high-end players to mentor and possibly ally with lower level players, essentially making them their vassals. For example, granting them bonuses for skirmish battles such as like a squad of elite units or a bonus to resources. In turn the more Vassals a player has the better their bonuses are or maybe an increase to influence. Something along those lines would be more fair.
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Old 12-08-2010, 01:06 AM
Sirstroud Sirstroud is offline
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Perhaps, if they pay tribute, 1/4 of the Lords forces are sent to defend the vassal when under siege, so they also gain a benefit, but, can fight for independence if they want too .
Edit: But must send half their forces to defend the lord
Lord of Stroudshire

Last edited by Sirstroud : 12-09-2010 at 10:45 PM.
Old 12-08-2010, 07:05 AM
Nimlot Nimlot is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 27
Nimlot has a default reputation

How about if you win over someone, you can choose either pay money to the winner, or become a vassal for a few days? or just for ONE battle you would be forced to join them? this wouldnt make it as strong and it wouldnt ruin the gameplay for the person beaten.

Or another alternative when you are under attack is to become a vassal to save cities
This would mean if someone with alot more power than you attacks you can choose to become his vassal for a few days to keep your land and armies (but noone can FORCE you to)
Old 12-08-2010, 05:10 PM
Jason Dennic Jason Dennic is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2008
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Hmm, It's a very cool idea, but I don't know... I think having too much conciquences for losing can get really annoying really fast. Especially for newcomers in this game, they will probably lose quite a bit as they start out. And if each time they lose, they have to become a vassal to that person who beat them and continually pay out sums of gold every day to them seems kind of like overkill. Maybe this feature can be implimented in seperate, more hardcore servers meant for more veteran players (if they will have any that is).

I do like Zeluk's suggestion though. I think having bonuses from allying up with strong players is an awesome idea. However, I think that it should only happen in alliances and bonuses should only go to the lower players, or else there could be a lot of "pushing" going on in the game. "Ally with me and give me bonuses or die!!" lol.
Old 12-10-2010, 04:16 AM
Emrus Emrus is offline
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: India
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I like the idea of vasssalge instead of the usual alliance systems which is in place currently in most of the other mmos on market..

I am not sure about all the current game systems exactly as i have never been into the game yet,but here are my two cents on this...

A.A player can become another's vassal by own will :
( as a supporter , i'll mention mostly the advantages only )
advantages: movement of workers/researchers between both the parties(subject to max population limits,if any)
2.Market is more favourable,with reduced/no taxes on trades,if any.
3.Vassal gets protection.
4.Lord CAN collect gold, a certain percentage from vassal,as tax.
5.Vassal can pay a lumpsum amount of resources/gold as fee to terminate vassalge,but he looses his ability to ally with other kingdoms for a certain period

B.A player becomes another player's vassal by war upon loosing:
1.Lord gets tax from Vassal.
2.Vassal can pay a lumpsum amount of resources/gold as fee to gain freedom immediately,but he looses his ability to ally with other kingdoms for a certain period.Though, Vassal can choose to ally with his lord,himself.

Note: these are just a couple of points that come to mind while i prepare my desk for work, they are far from perfect i know, but thought like giving a push to this thread and topic.

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