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Old 05-20-2011, 05:31 AM
Wolfentir Wolfentir is offline
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Default Tactics?

Hi all, First of all I just wanted to say I'm very excited about this game .
Now, those of you that have a beta key could you give me your thoughts on how tactical and strategic battles are?
Do you have to use proper battlefield tactics ( flanking, formations, proper facings of the formations etc)?
Or is it more a case of grouping battalions together and sending them en masse at your enemy?
Old 05-20-2011, 06:14 AM
NomadSoul NomadSoul is offline
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This is not like Empire Total War or something like that basically it depends if ur attacking someones Fort you just need to Focus all your troops onto the main gates (basically the enemy will know from which way your going to attack and then he positions all his troops onto that side of the castle you will attack from , if you try to ''flank'' from the other side it will take loads of time and your still not gonna be flanking really because Castles have several Layers of walls by the time you get into the first one he will already have all his troops onto that side. As For on a battlefield you could try to flank but i don't believe there's like additional damage for flanking and i mean the enemy will see you coming anyhow so..But you can always play strategically although i dont think it would be wise because if you round up units to flank that will mean that your main battalion will suffer more losses.

The way i see it you get all the cavalry in front then following by some pikemen swordsmen what ever and then archers in the back (I like human race most they are simple yet they are decent so)
Old 05-20-2011, 12:14 PM
Ghost Ghost is offline
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Ghost will become famous soon enough

Flanking with cavalry can be devastating. The reason being that they cause trample damage and will ride through your whole formation. So sweeping across a wide formation is much more effective than charging in from the front. PvP hasn't been enabled yet, but you can bet I'll always have halberdiers or sentries guarding my flanks in case of a cavalry charge. However, like nomad mentioned, they will be able to see you coming as there is no fog of war on the battlefield.

In regards to how much strategy is involved, let me give you an example of a battle I've had:

My homecity is attacked by an NPC (they do attack you at times). They've got me outnumbered, but I've made some provisions. I've (manually, not just clicking a button) laid some oil slick on the field just outside of my city walls. Using the 2 minute warning you get before the enemy troops arrive, I station my infantry inside my walls and my archers on top. Ranged units get a range bonus from being on higher elevation. I toggle my tower mounted trebuchets to fire at will and set them as well as my archers to use flaming arrows/rocks. I split my cavalry into two groups and position them on the farthest ends of the map on either side.

The enemy arrives and my trebuchets immediately begin bombarding them as they advance. As they near my walls, some of the flaming arrows from my archers cause the oil slick to catch fire. A flash fire starts which actually lights the nearby fields and farming areas on fire taking out a large chunk of their infantry and splitting their forces in half. I order my cavalry on both sides to charge the far group while my archers continue to rain down fire on the near group. A few of their ladders reach my walls, so I toggle the boiling oil pots and rock droppers (defensive fortifications) which douse them in oil and drop large boulders onto the area near my gates. Right about this time, my cavalry swarms their far group trampling through the disorganized infantry and cutting a large path through them with trample damage, meeting eachother in the middle. In conjunction, I open my gates and send my infantry charging out to engage the near group which has no where left to run thanks to the now large fire still burning behind them. Send the villagers out and loot the bodies.

It's hard to say until PvP is enabled, but strategy looks to be very important. Something I'm still playing around with is the Elven mounted archers. I believe they're the only mounted ranged unit in the game and hit and run tactics seem devastating with them. You can pick off slow infantry or tempt a group of enemy cavalry into chasing you right into a group of hidden sentries (the elven counter to cavalry).

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Old 05-20-2011, 12:38 PM
Novakiller Novakiller is offline
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When im attacking i make sure i use a sh!t load of archers highly ranked up for accuracy and damage, and do as much damage as possible from range before i load up for the gates with the rest of my army, making sure i have thow-away units for the first wave because of wall defences ect.. like boiling oil pots falling down on your men, so make sure you dont throw all your good units at once for example when attacking human settlement.

Deffensivly, build up your stuff as fast as possible, build roofs over walls to givie almost complete cover from attacking archers, i always leave several units outside the walls and make a choke hold on the bridges to my stronghold and take em out from range with my burning arrows. Units outside walls will always die for the most part but their there to stall the assault on the gates, if you let them come to the gates freely, you can get overwhelmed fast!

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