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Old 07-08-2010, 02:28 PM
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Post Han's Fan Fic Comp.

Hello it is me Hanador one of the newer members. Now assuming that the War of the lost kings is the war that granted you your lordship I have dated it as before the war and possibly after if this is not the case then please include a link so I can edit the journal entries dates and wording. I will be uploading by "years" and have decided to do a Diary/journal of a soldier since most of the other stuff is actual stories and im really bad at creating conversations.

14 Years before War of Lost Kings - End of Summer
Dear Journal,
Today marks the first day of my military conscription into the army of Dagbor. They are sending me to Dagbor for military training, though I am not quite sure why they have a sudden need for troops especially if they are recruiting from the farmer population. Though I shall not question them directly, for fear of punishment, I hope they shall give us answers for this sudden conscription.

Dear Journal,
Today we have reached the outskirts of Dagbor where we are supposed to be trained, already I miss my hometown of Haelus and its lush green trees, today would normally be the harvest of our pumpkin crop it would be hard work but it would be worth it to have food for the winter days. Dagbor is nothing like I had imagined firstly its walls are tall and thick, as well as being made of stone instead of the palisades that protected our small town, their population is nothing to scoff at either they have hundreds of people living in the same city and houses for each family. I almost forgot I have met with the man responsible for training us Mathias Slade apparently he has fought in plenty of battles he seemed nice enough at least he did until he told us that we would not be sleeping inside the city in comfortable houses, rather we would be living outside the city in tents for our training.

Dear Journal,
I am sorry for not taking more time to write but we are training night and day literally, one of the activities I have found Slade is best known for is waking troops up in the middle of the night screaming about an attack and then marching us off into the wilderness in full plate armor even the archers who are supposed to be lightly equipped…he said something about it building strength and character, all I feel is tired and hateful. On a positive note I have found a friend in a man named Schal who also came from a small farming town like myself however he says that his town is frequently raided by not only Orcs but men claiming that they are from Menthor who preach that the kingship is wicked, wrong, and as such must fall. Perhaps that is why the sudden need for troops has arisen.

-Beginning of Winter
Dear Journal,
Today marks the end of my military training I am now officially a swordsman in the king’s army. I’m glad that we are all one unit if they had separated all of us after that hell of a training camp I probably would have deserted. Our first assignment is to travel with a caravan to Denwall on the Rollingplain to resupply and relieve many of the troops already stationed there. Based on rumors the Orcs are on the offensive and have been raiding towns close to the border to make matters worse the rogues from Menthor have captured many of the towns that fear Orcish attacks and and have began raiding towns loyal to the king. I fear that we will be ordered to strike our own race down for treasonous behavior. Guess I know why the need for soldiers has arisen.

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Old 07-09-2010, 10:31 AM
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13 Years before War of Lost Kings - Winter
Dear Journal,
The winter months in Denwall have been particularly cruel to us, our commanding officer was killed and none other than the great Slade was sent to hold the lines against the Orc offensive. I have seen hundreds of men die at the hands of Orcs throughout the winter it has stopped bothering me to watch people I know dying at the hands of those savages. Schal is still alive and it brings me comfort that even in the face of all this death and hatred he still has not changed much he is still the same old rugged farmer.

Dear Journal,
Today orders came in from Dagbor itself. The king ordered the destruction of the estates controlled by those loyal to Menthor. We started the short march to Moen one of the border towns that had joined with our enemy. When we arrived the town had already been destroyed the bodies of civilians littered the ground. A single building was left standing the barracks, which had been crafted of stone. Inside we found three women and two children as well as the bodies of a dozen Orcs and at least a division worth of men. When Slade questioned the women they told of why the town had joined with the enemy, she said that those from Menthor lied and had said that the king and his army had abandoned their small borderline town and with reports of Orcish marauders they had joined with them for protection…what they had received was the opposite they had opened the gates allowing the Orcish marauders to slaughter the civilians in the town were it not for the few militiamen they had even they would have been slain. After hearing her story I asked Schal if the Menthorians had tried anything like that to his hometown…he replied grimly “This is my hometown”. He went to bed sobbing I knew I could do nothing to comfort him.

Two months have passed since I last wrote, since then the attack on the Rollingplain from Menthor has eased however it is with regret that I must say the Orc raids have increased and in the last battle Schal had been killed by four Orcish berserkers, Reports indicate that the Orcs from Thikken Dal are the ones on the offensive. In the two-month span I have also been promoted to captain due to Slade’s death at the hand of a paid assassin probably from Menthor. I have been charged with the defense of the border town of Aldro it has recently come under the attack of the Orcs from the east. If I am successful in my mission I am to press the attack into Thikken Dal and send word of my outpost’s success. I sincerely hope that I live to see that happen.

When my company arrived in town the lord had been assassinated and the militia was losing the fight against the Orcs. There were three breaches in the wall, which were filled with militia pikemen all fighting for their lives. Any archers that were alive on the palisade had no arrows and were resorting to fist fighting any Orcs attempting to scale the wall. I was actually surprised to find that the wall was still standing. The cavalry from Denwall were the first ones to charge into the fray they were also the first to be crushed by an advancing wave of ogres they did not die in vain for they bought us ample time to enter the city and re-arm and relieve the militia. It took a week of fighting but we finally sent them onto the retreat. Half my forces were to remain and protect Aldro the other half of my remaining forces pursued the Orcs into the swamplands of Thikken Dal. We are now situated on the outpost of Erian named after our noble king without whom we would be at home living peacefully.

-Note all dates and parts are not final and may be changed if parts of story = boring or I didnt like em.
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Old 07-10-2010, 02:47 PM
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Miclee will become famous soon enough

Interesting way you're making this, year by year, though the large font is bugging me. :P
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Old 07-10-2010, 04:02 PM
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Henry Martin is someone to look uptoHenry Martin is someone to look upto

Great story. I like they way its done. I dont mind the large and bold font. makes it easier to read.
aka "u_have_krabs"

"90% of what is considered "impossible" is, in fact, possible. The other 10% will become possible with the passage of time & technology." -Hideo Kojima
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Old 07-10-2010, 08:44 PM
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Nice touch -very personal way it is written, etc.. My grandfather kept a diary during his service in WWII, and I find this quite similar in style to that actually. [of course, it was on a daily basis, however]
"Yes... I am writing a book. So far I have the page numbers." - unknown author.
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