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Old 10-19-2009, 03:16 PM
bikkebakke bikkebakke is offline
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Default Price for ignorance

Okey here you go cybroxis

Four centuries ago there was a battle between Orcs and elves of such magnitude that stories is still being told about it, from the orcs perspective they speak of it as a sacrifice for the gods becouse they do not wish to admit it as an open defeat but the elves sing of it as an victory for all goodly beings. They sing especially strong about an elven wizard called Alderis Mothra, the most powerful magician that have ever existed throughout the ages, was it not for him the elves surely would have lost against the hundred of thousands of orcs amassing against them.

It was even a rumor that he was so strong in the arcane way that he had been able to foresee his death and before the battle he had left a book that is said to contain a most powerful spell that can restore life to the barren earth that the coming battle would leave.

One young wizard read about this in a storybook high up in a shelf in an old library, he read it and found a small clue, one wich actually got him to find Alderis book after surprisingly small effort. The book contained an incantation and an instruction on how to activate the spell.

So the young wizard set out to the famouse battleground, went to the exact spot on wich it is said Alderis grave was and started the incantation.

IF the book would have been found by a more powerful wizard he would have seen through the spell and destroyed the book but Alderis was not that stupid, he wanted everyone to believe his book was just a rumor, to believe that Alderis strength was fiction, made up to strengthen the look of elves, he wanted someone foolish to read about that story, to read and try the spell in hope of restoring dead lands... Becouse the spell did restore life... but not the life of the dead landscape but the life of a long dead Wizard. Aldreris had found a spell in wich he can be resurrected, a spell that is a forbidden art for the elves and that is why he couldn't let anyone powerful find it.

The young wizard finished the spell.... looked anticipating at the ground, then it cracked, he jumped up overjoyed and with a smile, a smile that soon died when he saw a skeleton hand digging through the dirt. The wizard started to run but soon found himself dangling above ground, hold up by a spell conjured by the long dead Alderis Mothra, a spell that slowly sucked the life out of the wizard and was added to Alderis, slowly restoring portions of his body, strengthening him.

Alderis dropped the fool on the ground and smiled. In his death he had walked across planes unknown to man, he had gained knowledge long forgotten... he had even learned to raise the dead to serve him. And with a mumble and a wave of his hand ground cracked and he raised 100 soldiers from the old times. The spell of ressurection takes a lot of effort and even Alderis can't raise as many as he wants, but if he just can raise one hundred he can teach the spell to another of his minions so he can raise another ten and in this cycle he will gain an army that is undeniably loyal to him, if they rebel against him he could just seize the spell that grants them undead life. With this power he will get an army that will never complain, that will never have to feed and will never stop.

Alderis is set to slay all living beings and paint the ground before him in blood for Alderis Mothra has seen death and he loved it...

*The ressurection spell is not the exact same spell as the little wizard used to ressurect Alderis, The spell the wizard used took back the soul of Alderis from the plane of death/hell, but the ressurection spell just raises the dead to follow the one who raised them, in the beginning they will be an empty shell that contains the most basics thoughts, they know how to battle and walk and talk and things like that, but as time progress they will become smarter. And due to that Alderis can teach them the ressurection spell (well not everyone can learn it but some can) and in turn they will raise soldiers to follow Alderis. As in battle it will be somewhat useless to attack normal skeleton soldiers, to permanently kill them the summoner must be destroyed, for when he dies they will just fall dead... again.... and if Alderis is slain all of the undead will just fall dead...... again....*

eeh i think read through it but its hard to find mistakes that you created yourself>,< so feel free to complain

holy sh*t this story got long... and i wanted it to be longer :/ there's a ton of details that you can add but damn it would be boring to read then xD

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Old 10-19-2009, 03:19 PM
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Was a pretty nice read actually.
Old 10-22-2009, 06:07 AM
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Default Valahia

The land is Valahia, a land divided between warlords, different nations and different cultures. The savage clans of the orcs in the nord / the human kingdoms in the west / The magical realms of the elves in the east / and in the south the black sea.

You are the only son of an old village chief. As time has come for him to pass away, your father summons you for a one last time. With his dying breath he invests you as his heir. Your time has come. How will you rule?

Until now your village was part of small Dukedom from the Raven kingdom, and such you’ve benefited of the protection of the duke and of the king armies. Your ties with the world were slim; your people were simple shepherds and farmers until now!!

Lately the surroundings changed, the protective armies were seen on a more rarely basis the bandits became bolder, the orcs were on the move.

Your choice:
1. Take Up Arms!!...Lead the militia! Support your Duke and rise in the ranks as you fight as one of his vassals. Support him to take the throne.
2. Take Up Arms!!...Lead the militia! Use the momentum to declare your independence from the Duke!! Conquer/convince other villages to join your rising Dukedom. Obtain the investment from the King.
3. Take Up Arms!!...Lead the militia! Use the momentum to declare your independence from the Duke!! Conquer/convince other villages to join your rising Dukedom; transform it in a kingdom as you battle/ negotiate your way to power.
4. Continue the way of your father. Raise your sheeps, plant your crops, pray that by becoming an economic power in exchange for money the Duke will protect you.
Old 10-24-2009, 08:48 AM
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The bored orc children sat around the old shaman on his lore-mat while he recited the names of those killed in the siege of Darssen.
When he had finished he asked " Now what do you wish to hear of little orclings, the ambush of the Merental river or the battle for Uttal Atras?
"Derakaaaan" said one of the children "why can't you tell something more interesting."
The shaman answered, quite angrily "These things are important! You need to know these things!"
"Why" asked another older child
The shaman said wearily “Very well. What do you wish to hear?"
"The saga of Farkun!" yelled all the children at once.
"Ok, I think this is how it goes...."

In the small orc town of Borkentak, in Brakental an orc was born that would shape the future of Mythador. This orc was smaller than average for an orc but still larger than a goblin. Because of this he was taken into the desert and left to die when it became apparent that he would not be as strong or as large as his siblings. After hours of wandering in the desert he came to an oasis and there he drank the clear, cool waters. After he swallowed his first mouthful the waters suddenly went dark. A few seconds later an image appeared in the waters. It was a map and on to the map fell a spark, as if from an invisible flame. The paper caught fire burning large holes in certain parts of the map.
Then the map disappeared and a flame leap from the oasis to the orcs body and he was knocked unconsious.
When he woke he found he was in a tent with another Orc knelt beside him.
The orc was dressed in strange garb for an orc, a red and yellow robe with orange trimmings.
The kneeling orc, seeing the other orc was awake, got up and said "I am Gershak (Knower) of the Aksun (Rememberers) and we found you knocked out in the desert. You were burnt and scarred. Speaking of scars you may want to look at your chest."
The orc did so and saw that burnt on to his chest was a mystic looking rune.
"That is no ordinary scar" said Gershak "it is a mark from the old sky flame. It means you shall one day be a great ruler. But for now what is your name?"
The orc then replied "I don't have one". Then Gershak replied "Then you shall be know as Farkun, the scorched one. Now you shall join my tribe and learn the old ways and the chants of sand and rock and fire!" and with that he placed a circlet of bronze upon Farkun's head.
For thirteen years he stayed with the Aksun learning the ancient orc lore, how to use a sword and bow and the most important of all, tactics and how to command effectively. Farkun excelled in these arts but by far he was best at tactics. In combat he made up for his small size and relative lack of strength by being cunning and nimble.
When the time came for him to come of age the tribal council held a meeting about whether or not he should become a full orc.
It was decided unanimously that he should.
On the 15th of the month, when the tribe usually had the moon feast the ceremony took place.
The entire tribe sat in a circle on the ground, around the fire pit and Farkun was given the only seat and in came Gershak wearing a robe of scarlet, gold and saffron and around his head was a circlet of dragon gold from Sssilistra.
In his hands was a circlet of silver. This he put on Farkun's head, after removing the bronze circlet.
Then Gershak turned towards the unlit fire pit and threw a ruby the size of an eye into the pit.
Suddenly, flames shot up from the pit into the air and the feasting began.

To be continued...
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Old 10-25-2009, 03:39 PM
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Very nice, all of you
Also, bikkebakke, an easy way to do spell check is to do it in mozilla firefox :P
it does it automatically
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Old 10-25-2009, 04:00 PM
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Default The Revival

Yes, vengeance.
It seemed like years ago that D'Shara first met with his long-forgotten cousins. He lived in a simple town, a community so large some might call it a city, even if half the residents were dead. Alive, but dead.
He remembered it as if it were the day previous...

He had just completed the resurrection of another of his people's Dark elven dead. In the past, he remembered putting them to an endless sleep, but times were hard, even for the humble Dark elves. After the "Fracturing", even betrayed as they were, his people were never violent, and would never think to use these dark arts for bloodshed (just because they were dark, didn't mean they were evil, you see..). However, instead of the dreamless "Sleep", his people had changed, and so had their dead. The dead walked.

No, not zombies, nor evil, malevolent spirits. Rather, they were the spirits of Dark elven citizens (if their town could be called a city) put back into their own bodies. But that is a discussion for the meeting of 2 colleagues at the Darken academy.

Back to the action at hand. He had just finished the sigil, and Dun'Arak rose. A clap of the hand, and he went back to work. The newly risen undead "helper" happily went to serve the people with which he had shared a peaceful, happy life.

Now these "Dark elves" come to his peaceful village. They ask his people to participate in a "revenge" against those that his people's ancestors had once completed the cycle of life with. His people may not like it, but, it didn't seem they had a choice. With their loyal, intelligent, undead, they had become invaluable.
-Rebel against your "cousins"
-Go along until the time is right
-Accept it
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Old 10-27-2009, 04:28 PM
cybroxis cybroxis is offline
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Okay, so. Once again, this is a "non-profit" contest - just for fun (and maybe the devs will use these stories? )

You can make your own, or make one that plays off of the storyline of another person or one of you own (be sure to tell which one).

So, it's up to you - the focus is creativity (but try to be neat and have correct grammar as much as possible (firefox autochecks Hint* Hint* ))

There is no "termination date" as of yet, because as of yet there are no beta keys to be release . If the devs think different, they will say something. However, for now, this is FOR FUN. Just be creative.
A cyber-optic snake (half-dracula)
Old 11-02-2009, 06:50 PM
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Soooooo, anything new you guys have been cooking up?
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Old 11-02-2009, 09:53 PM
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I just redid my story as I said I would.(It's in my original post on the front page).

Also, in my original silly story, I said it was an elven man but then said she at the very end. I was alluding to how some people say elven men are quite feminine.

Picture made by Aametherar the orc (Elves are the best!)
Old 11-03-2009, 07:14 PM
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Default New system

Hmmm, ok I'll buy that :P . And besides that, your story is VERY well done - you must have spent hours on it. .

So, guys, I wanted to try a change of system:

We will make a story, and then we will "popcorn" onto someone else.
This person will have to continue the storyline, and leave room for more. When I think a story has gone on for long enough, I will tell you so. Leave room for more, but go onto a different story.

Because we have so many stories right now, someone will say "MINE" and whoever says it first will get to have theirs "popcorned" off of. You may choose one of the users that have already posted (make sure you like their writing style).

So, yeah, that's what we'll do. BEGIN.
A cyber-optic snake (half-dracula)

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