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Old 03-27-2014, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by ElderDays View Post
I'm liking the way things are shaping up. As always I have a few thoughts I want to share. Should tribesmen have any melee combat capability? Since the beastman faction has expanded somewhat perhaps the faction could be renamed "Wildlings" or something similar. Instead of a technician may the dwarves could have Rune Casters. The Rune Casters would have spells dealing with the element of earth. I'm mainly suggesting this because I don't really like the idea of dwarves being mechanically focused and having technology that is well beyond anyone else. Oh and don't forget goat mounted outriders!
Wildlings? I would prefer wildmen over that. When I read wildlings the first thing that appears in my mind are diminute living things, living on the forest, and that's not the idea I have about a faction that is half men, half beast. So maybe, perhaps Wildmen could be better than Beastmen.

About the tribesmen having melee weapons, sure why not? Just like the elves peasants.

rune casters sounds good, but technically Dwarves don't use magic, that's why I considered a technician for them. They are the race that is more technologically advanced, I can see them using machinery as units with support role for the main dwarf warriors.

goat mounted outriders, not sure about that, they could use vehicles such carts too, but if the goats were designed well perhaps it could work and look appealing for them:

If not bears could do too:

would be nice to see a sabertooth tiger:

but no idea about what faction could use it.

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Old 07-29-2014, 04:07 AM
AlvinJones AlvinJones is offline
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Wink needed wallpaper

I've checked lot of threads for any hd image or wallpaper , i wants a wallpaper for my desktop can anyone help me to get hd wallpaper of this game , currently im using other game wallpaper but after joining here i like it too much so wants to change it.
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Old 07-29-2014, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by AlvinJones View Post
Please create your own forum thread in the appropriate area of the forum and I'm sure someone will help you!
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Old 10-29-2014, 06:27 PM
nightovizard nightovizard is offline
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Hey, any news regarding this stuff? I'ts been a while, and with the success of the F2P patch, it seems that the game is progressing quite well hope we can see more races/factions soon, though I understand that bug fixing comes first.

reminder of the summary of the unit ideas on the thread:

Human - Orc - Beastmen - Elves - Dwarves - Lizardmen - Undead - Dragons
Peasant - Labourer - Tribesmen/ratmen - Warden male/female - Dwarven Workers/Miners - Indigenous Lizards - Zombie servants - Slaves
Swordsman - Goblin raider - Barbarian warrior - Bladestorm - Dwarven Battler - Lizard warriors - Zombies - Drake warriors
Maceman - Slayer - Minotaur - none - Dwarven Axeman - Lizard skirmishers - Ghouls - Drake paladins
Halberdier - Impaler - Satyr pikeman - Sentry - Dwarven Phalanx - Lizard Lances - Zombie pikeman - Drake pikeman
Foot knight - Berserker - Werewolf - Grand master - Dwarven Hammerheads - Lizard krokodils - Death reapers - Drake helljumpers
Archer - Goblin prowler - Barbarian archer - Rangers - Dwarven Rifleman - Lizard Hunters - Zombie archers - none
Crossbowman - Marauder - Satyr spearmen - none - Dwarven Axe throwers - Lizard dart throwers - none - Drake Archers
Cavalier - Beastriding Slayers - none - Ranger Mounted - Dwarven Battlewagon (Tank) - Mounted Lizard lances - Skeleton cart - none
Mounted knight - Impaler Beastriding - Centaur - Grand Master Mounted - none - Saurus Riders - Mounted death reapers - Wyvern Drake riders
Battering Ram - Siege ram - Siege ram - Treant - Dwarven ram - Armored lizard - Skeleton siege ram - Drake siege ram
Escalade - Siege ladder - Siege stairs - none - Dwarven Siege ladder - none -Skeleton siege ladder - Drake siege ladder
Belfry - Siege tower - Mammoth - Treant - Dwarvern Golem - Armored lizard - Skeleton siege tower - Drake siege tower
Trebuchet - Siege catapult - Giant - Bolt Thrower - Dwarven Cannon - Siege lizard - Skeleton siege catapult - Drake siege catapult
Oil cart - Ogre - Harpies - Garviola/Unicorn - Dwarven Gyrocopter - Carnosaurus/Hydra - Zombie dragon - Dragons green red black
Wizard - Shaman - Druid - Enchanter - Dwarven Technician - Chief Mage - Summoner/Necromancer - Pyromancer


1 Tribesmen: The unit designed to gather resources. (Like human peasant)

2 Ratsmen: Could be used as an advanced unit to gather resources from dead bodies. (Like dwarf miners who are specialized in gathering stone and gold)

3 Barbarian warrior: Main beastmen infantry unit, they are humans, but because of their looks they seem beasts.

4 Barbarian archers: Main long ranged unit, These barbarians use bows.

5 Minotaurs: Already ingame. Heavy melee unit.

6 Pikemen Satyrs: Armed with pikes, would be the main counter for cavalry.

7 Spearmen Satyrs: Armed with spears, these would be the elite long ranged units (They throw the spears)

8 Werewolves: The elite units, very fast,very strong and deadly.

9 Centaurs: Chavalry that would use bows, resembling a bit the Mongolian. could have the ability to change to melee weapons, and act as if they were normal cavalry.

10 Harpies: Designed for lightning strikes, the tactic is hit hard, and fly. This can do a lot of damage to enemy units and certain strategic points, for example a surprise attack from these could destroy the door mechanism, which would allow the other forces to enter the castle.

11 Mammoth: Very powerful unit, also it is used to assault castle walls like a siege tower (Would be like the elf ents)

12 Stairs: The standard siege stairs.

13 Catapult/Giant: Catapults, Or maybe using giants to throw rocks and destroy walls (destroy doors by kicking them?) giants actually could fit there. pg

14 Siege ram: Main unit to take down gates. (Similar to orcs) jpg

15 Druid: Main beastmen wizard.


1 Dwarven Workers: Main dwarf worker force.

2 Dwarven Miners: Specialized units on gathering gold and stone. (already ingame)

3 Dwarven battler: Main Dwarf battle unit. (already ingame)

4 Dwarven axeman: Heavy melee units. (already ingame)

5 Dwarven phalanx: anti cavalry units.

6 Dwarven hammerheads: Elite units with big hammers.

7 Dwarven axe throwers: These can throw axes to the enemy.

8 Dwarven rifleman: Units with a deadly long range weapon. (already ingame)

9 Dwarven battlewagon: It would bo some kind of armored vehicle, or tank, with a machinegun on it.

10 Dwarven ram: Siege unit to destroy gates (already ingame)

11 Dwarven siege ladder

12 Dwarvern golem: Would work exactly like the elven eant siege unit.

13 Dwarven cannon: (already ingame)

14 Dwarven gyrocopter: Some kind of helicopter.

15 Dwarven technician: Dwarves are supposed to not have any kind of magic.


1 Slaves: The unit designed to gather resources. (Like human peasant)

2 Drake warriors: Armed with a long longsword.

3 Drake paladins: Dual sword.

4 Drake pikeman: Large pike.

5 Drake helljumpers: These drake haven't lost their wings, and can still fly.

6 Drake Archers: These drakes are armed with bows.

7 Wyvern Drake riders: these drakes ride Wyvern class dragons, which have the ability to fly too, but cant use fire.

8 Drake siege ram: Main unit to take down gates. (Similar to orcs) jpg

9 Drake siege ladder

10 Drake siege tower

11 Drake siege catapult

12 Dragons green/red/black

13 Pyromancer


1 Indigenous Lizards: The unit designed to gather resources. (Like human peasant)

2 Lizard warriors : main lizard battle force.

3 Lizard skirmishers: Very fast units.

4 Lizard lances: main anti cavalry unit.

5 Lizard krokodils: Heavy infantry melee unit.

6 Lizard Hunters: lizards with bows.

7 Lizard dart throwers: They use flutes to launch darts.

8 Mounted Lizard lances: They would be mounted on a 4 legged lizard the size of a horse.

9 Saurus Riders: They would be mounted on a 2 legged lizard bigger than a horse.

10 Armored lizard: This would be a big lizard that would have the same function as the elven eant.

11 Siege lizard: A lizard with a siege weapon mounted on it.

12 Carnosaur: A big deadly carnivour lizard (dinosaur).

13 Hydra: The ingame hydra.

14 Chief Mage: lizard wizards.


1 Zombie servants: The unit designed to gather resources. (Like human peasant)

2 Zombies: Main undead battle force.

3 Ghouls:

4 Zombie pikeman

5 Death reapers: These elite undead units spread fear all over the battlefield.

6 Zombie archers: With bows.

7 Skeleton cart : Zombie Archers are mounted on carts.

8 Mounted death reapers : mounted on zombie/skeleton horses.

9 Skeleton siege ram

10 Skeleton siege ladder

11 Skeleton siege tower

12 Skeleton siege catapult

13 Zombie dragon: A zombie dragon, wouldn't be able to use fire though.

14 Summoner/Necromancer

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Old 10-30-2014, 06:14 AM
Frederickshon Frederickshon is offline
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What of a race with nordic aspects? Vikings(instead they are not vikings,they are barbarians to conect better with the game's lore)? or called glaciars?

They have spearman,hunters,mystics.soothsayers,highlanders,m ounted mammoths or snow panthers...yeti....donno,it can be endless...from here the frost dragons come aswell,their homeland.
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Old 10-30-2014, 05:43 PM
Dwarfurious Dwarfurious is offline
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Vikings might have too much overlap with Dwarves and Orcs... the Ice theme is a pretty good idea though, sort of like that Cryo race from heroes of annihilated empires?
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