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Old 05-20-2014, 01:16 PM
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Lightbulb Suggestions for Fixing the game.

As I was reading the following post I decided to share what I'd like to see resolved. I've made a separate thread as it is quite large and I will also be including rolling updates as I think of them. If you agree/disagree please let me know. If you have any idea's of your own please share them as well or use the link above. Thanks.


-When trying to do co-op sieges or PVP 'connection time out' error messages sometimes occur, mostly on eligible vassal PVP sieges. These messages lock up the game and forces players to restart.

- When choosing the co-op option there is a spelling error on the screen when you see "Player name & Unkown& City name"

-Text on right side of the screen bugs out frequently. Such as the "Return to world map" box.

- Town/city names from the world map will glitch when loading into the battle map, where they will still display.

-Human Archers will commonly stop attacking live targets and instead focus on castle walls, where they cannot do any damage. Possibly because of enemy units glitched inside of walls?

-When a co-op player disconnects prior to victory it breaks the match, not allowing the other player to win.

-Towns/Cities won't correctly display if they are Vassals/Trade/Looted on a frequent basis.


-------------------------------------------Outside The Game------------------------------------------------------
-Your forums are confusing. Why is it when you click on the Dawn Of Fantasy Sub forum you see more options than the breakdown list of subforums from the Reverie forum page? You've got a media fair subforum which should support your news and announcements forums with the exception that it hasn't been updated for a year.

-What is the name of your game? Is it Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars? Or how about Kingdom Wars Empire, maybe it's Kingdom Wars Siegeworks - A Dawn of Fantasy Game? Why is the title of your game different depending on which place I look? We get it, you like to change your name based on whatever free expansion you are releasing this year but please, have consistency. Why not keep it simple, just call the game DAWN OF FANTASY.

-------------------------------------------In General------------------------------------------------------
-The game needs to be more intuitive. It's too difficult for new players to understand how the game works, which is probably the biggest reason why this community is so small. Implement better audio and visual cues to assist them.

-More options for improving trebuchets. Fully upgraded they are still too slow, low damage, low accuracy, low durability to be a viable option for armies.

-Healing services needs improvements. The price of using the healing service in many cases is more costly than to level up the units in training grounds, which in turn brings them back to full health. Thwis occurs mostly with elite units.

-When sending resources through the manage economy option in Vassals, have a slider bar for transporting goods instead of the dropdown menu. It should be possible to simply move all resources to the home location if chosen.

- The game needs more options to choose from in the Menu. Things like resolution settings, window mode etc. Even though steam has an option to launch with settings it doesn't appear to work. Sound adjustment settings are pretty bad.

- Hero level on profile page doesn't match my hero's actual level.

- Make a nice audible tone when selecting units instead of the 2-3 catch phrases. They get very annoying. At least make the catch phrases rare.

- Allow players to toggle on/off a unit's visual attack range. This should be identified by a red circle around each unit.

-------------------------------------------Sieges, Co-op, and PvP------------------------------------------------------
-No more than 4 hours of attack protection for new players. Remove the permanent attack protection prior to building walls rule. While attack protection might seem to be a benefit for new players to learn the game it actually hinders their learning process. After an hour or two of understanding the interface and doing a few starting quests they should be ready for their first pvp battle.

- Remove any attack protection in the store over 4 hours. Players should only be allowed to have a maximum of 4 hours on at a time. This will eliminate players keeping their computers on overnight farming gold.

-Remove barriers on PvP and Co-op, with one exception. If a players army is under 300 rating they can only be attack by an enemy army within 50% their strength, otherwise all armies can be attacked. There is not a large enough community for current restrictions to exist.

-With the removal of barriers give players the ability to see other players army composition through the profile. This is to help players select co-op partners.

-Allow players to choose their co-op partners army they would like them to use.

- At the start of solo sieges the player is given the choice on where they would like to have their camp to start the attack. This isn't much of a choice because the player cannot get a good visual as to how it would change the gameplay. Additionally, choosing where to start a siege does little to change gameplay on most occasions.

-Does vassal/siege PvP exist in the game currently? I have not got it to work once. As above, remove the requirements.

- No option to PvP siege a town/city you are friendly to without damaging your alliance. Players are locked out of competitive content by completing the game.

-Have a toggle (on/off) option to disallow players outside of their friends list to invite them to Co-op matches. This is to eliminate player A randomly selecting people to co-op siege with and getting player B who declines their request over and over, this is very frustrating for both parties. Also, if you decline a siege request you should be removed from the random option pool for one hour.

-Allow the option for each person in a co-op to decide on whether friendly fire is allowed before the match starts. I'm getting very annoyed with my partner's wizards killing off my battalions.

-Incorporate an auto-kick feature during co-op. I've had multiple occasions where my partner just sat in his base while I performed the siege. If I would decide to quit the match I would be penalized.

-PvP and Co-op matches can be engaged regardless of where each army is in relation to each other on the map. This is a temporary change until the community grows to a more acceptable size.

------------------------------------------Elite Units---------------------------------------------------
-Special units (Elite/Hero/Wizards) need to be more distinguishable on the battlefield. Please place an aura around them.

- When creating an online kingdom there should be a hero creation screen where you can choose your hero's name, their appearance and abilities.

- No more than 4 elite units in an army and no more than 1 wizard in each army.

- Elite Units should have their abilities better explained in the store before purchase.

- Unit's special powers should have special animations attached to them.

- Elite units need balanced in terms of unique abilities, many currently are very under whelming.

-Placing leveling points into attack power should also increase the damage of spells and unique skills on elite units and wizards.

- Wizards should be put on stand ground stance by default. They too commonly walk off and get killed during battles. Or perhaps a better solution is to only allow the melee attack range (which should be very small) to be the only threshold for allowing the wizard units to engage in combat automatically.

- Deep and wave attacks should have a reduction in base damage, to make changes for points being put in attack via the suggestion above

- Wizards should be given a bit more HP by default.

-Place a timer on the sales page so that players no when an item is going off sale. As far as I can tell sales happen twice a day?

-Please put the original price next to the sale price on items in the marketplace.

-The players marketplace bank should have limited slots to eliminate players from hoarding. The bank should also span correctly, instead of the first row on pictures constantly shrinking.

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Old 05-20-2014, 09:32 PM
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Reserving Spot. So does anyone even bother with these forums? Where is all the discussion?
Old 05-21-2014, 03:02 PM
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Nice suggestions. Don't think we ignore these suggestions we read all of them and apply the ones that we find suitable for our lore and society.
Dalthosian <King of the OoM>

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