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Old 03-13-2014, 05:59 PM
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Lightbulb Other Races?

Well, i have Heard that dwarves are going to be added as a main race so cool! But then i would increase the player cpacity of cities from 3 to 4 (when dwarves are released, so everybody has a chance to try them).

then as other posible oficial races, or mercenaries,or even npc enemies for PVE:

Lizardmen?: (Could have some relation with dragons?) some kind of bipod lizards/dinosaurs.
They would probably become my favourite race.

Mummies, skeletons, zombies, vampires, bats...

Beast men?
Lycans, werebears, ratmen, etc...


Humans/siege machinery/horses

Elves/living plants/spirits/unicorns
Orcs/goblins/ogres/siege machinery/wargs
Dwarves/steam machinery/Halfling/gnomes/golems
Beastmen/werewolves/lycans/minotaur/Saytrs/Centaurs/Harpies/Gorgons/other mutants

Then about for other posible dwarf units:

Steam ship:

Ground: (They won't use horses, so they need some kind of counter for it, wether its heavy fire:
Steam tank: (Gatling gun?)
or very fast:
Gyrocopter: (normal rifle) would act like a dragon, can use the ability to fly ovee objects, but in noemal mode it flies close to the ground so melee units can attack it.

Steam gives new posibilities:
Steam chainsword shock troopers:
Steam walker/mech: (Same as elves siege trees?) (What about golems?)
Bayonets for rifles.

summary of the unit ideas on the thread:

Human - Orc - Beastmen - Elves - Dwarves - Lizardmen - Undead - Dragons
Peasant - Labourer - Tribesmen/ratmen - Warden male/female - Dwarven Workers/Miners - Indigenous Lizards - Zombie servants - Slaves
Swordsman - Goblin raider - Barbarian warrior - Bladestorm - Dwarven Battler - Lizard warriors - Zombies - Drake warriors
Maceman - Slayer - Minotaur - none - Dwarven Axeman - Lizard skirmishers - Ghouls - Drake paladins
Halberdier - Impaler - Satyr pikeman - Sentry - Dwarven Phalanx - Lizard Lances - Zombie pikeman - Drake pikeman
Foot knight - Berserker - Werewolf - Grand master - Dwarven Hammerheads - Lizard krokodils - Death reapers - Drake helljumpers
Archer - Goblin prowler - Barbarian archer - Rangers - Dwarven Rifleman - Lizard Hunters - Zombie archers - none
Crossbowman - Marauder - Satyr spearmen - none - Dwarven Axe throwers - Lizard dart throwers - none - Drake Archers
Cavalier - Beastriding Slayers - none - Ranger Mounted - Dwarven Battlewagon (Tank) - Mounted Lizard lances - Skeleton cart - none
Mounted knight - Impaler Beastriding - Centaur - Grand Master Mounted - none - Saurus Riders - Mounted death reapers - Wyvern Drake riders
Battering Ram - Siege ram - Siege ram - Treant - Dwarven ram - Armored lizard - Skeleton siege ram - Drake siege ram
Escalade - Siege ladder - Siege stairs - none - Dwarven Siege ladder - none -Skeleton siege ladder - Drake siege ladder
Belfry - Siege tower - Mammoth - Treant - Dwarvern Golem - Armored lizard - Skeleton siege tower - Drake siege tower
Trebuchet - Siege catapult - Giant - Bolt Thrower - Dwarven Cannon - Siege lizard - Skeleton siege catapult - Drake siege catapult
Oil cart - Ogre - Harpies - Garviola/Unicorn - Dwarven Gyrocopter - Carnosaurus/Hydra - Zombie dragon - Dragons green red black
Wizard - Shaman - Druid - Enchanter - Dwarven Technician - Chief Mage - Summoner/Necromancer - Pyromancer

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