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Old 02-25-2014, 05:37 PM
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Default Bugs Help Devs Please Read

Hello everyone i didnt writh here yet because my english writing is not that good.
TO THE DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ THIS i just want to help a bit tooo :-) and i didnt get responce in chat from any DEV or a e-mail back so far

Im playing Human

latest bug i need help with

The last coop siege fight i lost total controll of my units i could not klick them anymore i lost i think 4 lvl20 not sword fighters the other stronger ones and my wizard for some reason was lying dead on the ground at the begin alredy ( i lost a fight just before that siege where the wizard was killed )

the other thing that is the most biggest problem since about 3 weeks i dont get any quests after 3 weeks ( yesterday ) my town was sieged i lost after that the man (FRED) at my townhal talked to me again he was warning me about atacks to come and advised me to join an ally ( after that the questbook still empty ) where ever i go no npc or what ever gives me a quest and my questbook says nothing since 3 weeks or so.... ( Sir Lenoth wo talked to me at sometime..... the knight in camp next to my city) ----i can give him skill points and walk around with him.

the other thing my mines if i take 2 gwarven miners on a gold mine or even one the regeneration is like zero
someone tolt me it takes 3 days for fuill regeneration i had no peasents in my city mining or so after one week it was just about the same
i deleted the game reinstaled it ( First it was steam) normal from your site ) i took one peasent to see if regeneration comes .... somehow yes a little here and there id finely took about 2 and a half week to regenerate to 100%
now i 3 elve peasent on the mines since 2-3 days gold is down to about 3000 from 5000 on to emty them and wait again well if its not ok yed again i donk know..

the other one is if i put archers on the walls and goive them the command to stay there ( the defence mode against cav stops them moviing ) they some how move from a to b after every log in not on the wall anymore but in the forrest as an example and the defence mode is off again.

that what i just write is a copy from an email that i sent to support sometime last week with log files.........................

email 22.02.14 second email with log files

( about my last login ) i dont know what the log1txt is...
( i was sieged and i lost WOW Fred Talked to me at ...... i was asked something about to join an ally or so my quest book was still empty so i tryed out to leave my ally and just made a new one....
Fred at my townhall talked again to me to prepare for atackers..... i strait away klicked on my questbook after that talk. there was something written but it just dissapeard streat away ...again questbook empty and i guess it will stay for weeks if i or nobody can help

From The Top parts i still have the log files if needed

I Gues I also have an ideo to help out comunikation a bit over world chat....
I gues it woulld HElp all players with all Languaged if THE CITYNAMES are all the same
EXAMPLE me German i talk to someone in english and say blabla ok lets meed at Dorntal (Dintala i think) for a coop siege other player will ask what ist that or where is that ( just something i think will help all of us a little bit)

oh i guess you alredy know that citys like mine keep loosing 10 of ks resources trouh nothing....
i sometimes hear a unit is under atack on world map but no screen comes up to fight or so....

From The Top parts i still have the log files if needed
if i can help you somehow to find the problem just write back and ill do what i can
but please ( i know my english is not perfekt but talk to me here if not where else ....

best regards


CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz
MotherBoard Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3
Memory crosshair 2x 4GB DDR 3
Graphics GeForce GTX 550 Ti 2x Running as SLI

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