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Old 01-27-2014, 04:17 PM
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Default Patch # 23 - The Big One

Today we are happy to announce to releases of the first major patch since we officially launched Arcana expansion last week. With thousands of players online enjoying the game, and helping the development team on the forums we were able to discover some previous unknown bugs, as well as track down some issues we had in-game for a while. Tonight`s patch fixes bigger half of the current problems you`ve reported while playing the game this past week.

And while this patch might be quite large and an important milestone - unfortunately it doesn`t include fixes some issues like multiplayer lag or multiplayer sync problems - we hope to address in the coming week though in the patch 24.

Also please keep in mind - this patch will require us to take the game server offline for a few minutes. And in addition all of you would need to get this update in order to play the game. In some cases this will require restarting Steam couple of times.

Patch # 23

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Greatly lowered cost of PvP protection in the Market - making game more PvE oriented
-Pathfinding improvements allowing units to better scale walls
-Pathfinding fix for Elven Swamp, Human Alpine homelands
-Pathfinding fix to tasking units over long distances sometimes not working
-Pathfinding fix to lag spike when changing unit`s formation
-Pathfinding performance speed improved in certain situations
-Wizards health regen and base health greatly reduced, Wizards must be protected by other unit now
-Fixed major bug with towns losing large quantities of resources on relog
-Fixed Wizard Hunt Orc quest - broken cinematic - player can now complete the quest
-Disable Gathering Rates on the Resources Bar

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Online Kingdom account creation now shows Remember Login and Auto Login options
-Garviolas now will burn for a maximum of 1 minute
-Fix for Human Large Gatehouse positioning gates at a wrong location
-Fix for some homelands that are missing wall segments
-Exploration mode performance improved, reduced lag spike on AI patrol movement
-Quest homeland AI now have stone and will use Trebuchets e.t.c
-Army vs Town PvP now shows enemy spawn location on the minimap
-In PvP there will be no crown reward for victory or defeat unless fighting takes place
-Several units with reduced collision can pass through gates and bridges now - units like Hydra
-Fixed issue with men towns having Lentoth placed on top of Fred by the tonwhall
-Single units like Wizards can now properly capture towns
-Fixed Siege Tutorial issues with siege towers not letting units through
-Fixed bug removing lootable corpses during Elven start-up quests
-Fixed lag spike with Female Warden looting
-Improved Looting behavior for workers - faster with better performance
-Removed open limits button from armies to avoid exploits
-Fixed visual glitch with 24 labourers coming out of the building for a 10 laborer battalions
-Fixed art on the Elven Wizard Tower and Guilde Hall buildings

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Lightning Storm spell effects greatly reduced
-Dragon Slayer bonus VS Dragons increased by 100%
-Healing locations not longer heal units in combat
-Healing locations healing speed decreased
-Human start-up quest - Orc Camp - made much easier - no Ogres
-Ranged Siege Weapons fire much faster, making them more effective
-Human Siege unit Dragon's Breath damage reduced 2X
-Lowered the cost of Mantlet, Hydra and Army Slot in the Market
-Greatly reduced Ogre stats - unit was OP
-New town starting Crowns increased to 24
-King of the World Achievement requires player to conquer all of the 28 NPC towns

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