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Old 08-15-2013, 12:47 PM
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Default Patch # 19 - August Patch

As summer is drawing to an end our team is hard at work on a soon to be announced second expansion pack, meanwhile - we thought it`s time to release another patch addressing most of the common issues reported by our players. Today`s patch fixes majority of known exploits and core gameplay issues, as well as introduces another new awesome unit - Dragon`s Breath. We also rebalanced all buildings costs and some other unit stats. Our next patch scheduled for the end of August will finally include the long-awaited Pathfinding - once again we would like to apologize for the delay - but we want to do it right. And be sure to check back next week for a full announcement on our second free expansion pack - to be released early this Fall.

Patch # 19

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-New Unit - Dragons Breath siege weapon added to Market
-Automatic detection of cheat use, with cheaters repot system
-Updated main loading screen
-Added daily limit for exchanging Gold for Crowns (50)
-Reduced unit self-healing by 30%, reducing maximum upgrade points by 25%
-Exploit Fix: Memory Cheating
-Exploit Fix: Resources and Crown accumulation via Macros
-Exploit Fix: Duplicating Units
-Rebalanced prices of all buildings
-Rebalanced pop costs of all heroes and dragons

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-On pay-out Dragons and Heroes will get damaged if no resources or other units present in the army
-Loot is not removed on auto-loot, so the other player can also loot corpses
-Players can't reset skills during PvP or CoOp missions.
-When paying off attacker on worldmap - player only gets 10 minutes PvP protection
-PvP protection for defending player is now 1 hour + the length of battle time
-PvP protection for attacking player is now the length of battle time
-Fixed issue with Dragons being trampled by Cavalry
-Dragon Horn ability only affects Dragons on the ground

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Royal Dragon pop value increased to 15
-Red/Ice/Haunter Dragon pop value increased to 12
-Green Dragon pop value increased to 8
-Heroes pop value increased to 5
-Storage Change: Orc Hut +20 to 100
-Storage Change: Orc Armory, Warg Pen and Temple -200 to 400
-Storage Change: Goblin Tent -200 to 200
-Storage Change: Ogre Pit, Pyre, War Hall -100 to 100
-Storage Change: Human House +50 to 150
-Storage Change: Elven Residence +50 to 150
-Blood Purge: -50% area of effect, -33% Damage, +30sec cooldown, -30 fatigue cost
-Foot Knight -5 crush res +8 slash dmg +2 magic dmg +80hp
-Swordsman -5 crush res +5 pierce res +5 slash dmg +20 hp
-Sentry -5 slash res -5 crush res +5 pierce res -5 pierce dmg -30hp
-Ogre +500 hp
-Shaman Hero -500 hp -100 stamina -50 magic dmg -100 range +15 strenght
Humans Buildings:
-Archery Range +500 wood +500 stone
-Barn +100 food +100 wood
-Barracks +350 stone +600 wood
-Blacksmith +320 wood +380 gold +250 stone
-Market +400 gold +180 wood +100 stone
-Mill +200 wood +200 stone
-Siege Workshop +400 wood +500 gold +250 stone
-Stables +1500 gold +500 wood +225 stone
-House +5 wood
Elven Buildings:
-Alchemy Lab +100 gold +100 wood
-Arcane Sanctuary +400 gold +150 stone
-Dwelling +25 wood
-War Lodge +450 gold +300 wood +500 stone
-Residence +10 wood +20 stone
Orc Buildings:
-Armory +110 wood +200 stone +200 gold
-Hut +40 food +20 wood
-Grand Hut +500 gold +500 wood
-Pyre +125 wood
-Ogre pit +225 stone +300 wood +500 gold
-Temple +325 gold +225 stone +500 wood
-Warg Pen +170 food +225 wood +500 gold +200 stone
-War Hall +310 wood +1000 gold

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