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Old 07-17-2013, 04:36 PM
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Game Balance Designer, QA
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Regards hp regen for normal unit is in program a hard cap of 15hp/sec , and a reduction of area effect dmg that stack up like for example firewall from dragons, regards res : i am gonna start lowering units case by case ,if you notice recently dmg got augmented on majority of units. as well ability, and dragons dmg.

Balancement is a slow and continuous work, i cant just Bam lower all units res in game by 20%/30%, many factor must be considered, such as single soldier dmg/Hp, how many soldier there is for batallion, unit precision, unit attack rate, if the unit have certain bonus towards cavalry or monsters, the kind of dmg the units does., the movement speed, the upgrades, the racial traits.

IS much more complicated that it seams, so we proceede by small amounts 5-10% at time
Vicious666 Game Designer Lead QA
Gameplay Balancement Dev

DoF KW race and units guide
Old 07-25-2013, 02:05 AM
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I have bought crowns over the years, my intentions were not to get this and that as quick as possible but because I love the game and it is my intention to Support this company as much as possible, oh and those who say they followed the game since developement don't seem to show legit record of it.. look at my join date for example.. Im known as Fuddan in game...
Old 07-26-2013, 10:16 PM
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Default balanced game or almost

i've heard that so many time, about so many game this word : balance or nerf and so on. for DoF since i play it, yes i'm kinda new for this game, i haven't found it so unbalanced, but completly balanced for any kind of gamer. i explain :
you guys know the old scientific test for the kids : eat the marshmallow now, or wait 30 minute and you will have 5. this game is all about that. if we want to avoid a pvp at start, just lock your town at 19 peeps, and take absolutely all your time to build your armys decently, stack the food, wood, rock, raise your town, and once you feel ready to go, open your town !(hold wall palisade until you are ready)
Actualy i won't a game fotm fast-paced, it's a strategic game, mitigation high = more time to build a strat, even if 90% seem's realy high, there is always a hole in the armor (rock, paper...).

i.e i'm not pay to win about anything (despite the fact i will do if it was possible, i mean to support this game), starting a new town since 3 days, still under attack protection, and i plan at least 1 week more until i open the gate. army with 1 heros level 60 (max attack 800 = , no need to say the units infront of him must be fully geared with all upgrade) 2 high knights level 39, 2 dwarf champion level 45, 2 Orcs warlords level 30, and 3 shaman...level 2
all of that to say : we have time to build the game, town or whatever that we want. how many game give you the possibility to play exactly as you want it? just be curious, explore some map, read some post, and you will find anything, for casual or hardcore gamer.

Apologies for my basic english, and good game !
Old 08-15-2013, 08:50 PM
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Game Balance Designer, QA
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Originally Posted by SunSic View Post
i have followed this game since it was in development. i was very excited when it finally went to beta, even tho we could only try out single player. when it finally released i got it right away, anxious to play an actual mmorts. i spent a week raising an army, and fought 50 million bandit camps, leveling that army up (even tho every upgrade i did, to any unit, did not stick, and i would always hafta re-apply the upgrades everytime i clicked on a unit). im not too much into pvp, but, i was pretty confident that id be able to hold my own, with my army of 200 well-trained soldiers!

then... the very first attack on my castle! the anticipation and excitement of being able to pit my army against another's! until i saw that the opponent had come at me with a whopping THREE (3) units. thats it. his entire army consisted of THREE (3) units. it might have been laughable, had these THREE (3) units not tore up my ENTIRE army. yes, the one i spent a week training up. i dont care if youre uber ninja orc on crack... 3 dudes should NOT be able to destroy an entire army of 200 or so soldiers. this person won because they paid a few dollars more than i did, and so, got a few units that are apparently immune to regular damage. it was absolutely rediculous. i was so terribly disappointed in this game, that held so much promise.

Your argument are invalid. first becouse is soo generic that not deserve even a serious reply, you not specified what units he got what levels, what kind of skilling , you even accused that he payd for such units, and tbh not exist unit in game that you cant get thrue normal play , so payd or not, anyway thegame match your army based on strenght so the pay to win argument is total invalid. he can buy thrue real money 50 heroes if his army have 5000 strenght he will not be matched against a 2000 str army.

The way you talk show to me that you have very low knowledge of the game , your units where probably completely wrong low level and bad skilled, you should reconsider your position and focus more on learn how the game works.

There is units that counter totally other units, so even if you have 10x of them, they are very ineffective even vs only 5 units of their direct counter.
Vicious666 Game Designer Lead QA
Gameplay Balancement Dev

DoF KW race and units guide
Old 08-15-2013, 09:19 PM
Cheggers2509 Cheggers2509 is offline
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Pay 2 win? really sorry first post on these forums but no where near is it pay 2 win!

Been playing 10/11 days now, My human pretty much has every hero at least level 30 but only 2 dragons the red and green. Did buy some crowns the first day what is lol now I know a thing or two about the game and how to get crown's. A human can easily get 50-80 crowns a hour with 3 army's in the first 3-5 hours of game play if done right.
Now my elf has 3 armies of almost all level 20 normal units that used gold to level up has all 3 crown shop dragons at around level 25. it has 50 Dwarf miners that can only be brought from the crown shop 7/10 army slots unlocked. And here is the funny part not one code or cash has been spent on the elf character.

This game is so far from pay to win I really don't see why anyone after the first day or so would spend real money on this game other than to support Reverie worlds what I will do some time.
Now if you was going to go on about balance of unit/race's in game I might agree with you (ok will agree) but that is a whole different story that has nothing to do with this post or this childish mentality that most online gamers have nowadays that if they don't understand a game or how it works and has a cash shop that even if only sold cloths will call it pay 2 win some how.

If anything the cash shop is bad, should feel bad and hell does feel just so bad that they should give free stuff everyday to every character in game...... Oh hold on they do that anyway.
Old 09-23-2013, 11:03 AM
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OP doesn't understand the mitigation/regen mechanics.

As was already mentioned, some focused fire arrows would have ended this attack in seconds.

This post is the equivalent of a kid playing chess for the first time. Playing black. Getting checkmated in 5 moves with the "Children's Checkmate" strategy. Then posting how the white pieces need to be nerfed.

No clue.

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