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Old 07-10-2013, 02:48 PM
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Default Frustrating

I like the game so far but there are a lot of things that honestly just **** ya off... I have not pvped yet and am probably not going to until the game seems to work a little better. Here is a list of observations.

1. Pathing is horrible. My main guy will spend 5 minutes running inside troops to get out. Troops get stuck on the siege equipment getting up walls. Troops should make way for people when they are moving, this needs fixed because it is HUGE pain the ass. More so if you want to climb up the keep walls.

2. If you have more then the "magical" number of the same units in a fight map. When you select them all (click top left) it does not select them all. SO then you move them and it doesn't move all your units. Sure you can work around it by creating a sub group but... why can't it just work?

3. Crashing in game.. When the game crashes in a siege it needs to give you an option of joining back into the same siege. I lost 5 level 20 Ogres and a few other high level units on a siege I was going to win. Having no prompt with "would you like to re-join your siege" after a game crash is crazy and this is PVE not even a PVP match. Also, it is a bit frustrating if it is a long siege.

4. AI and may be somewhat related to pathing... My dudes are apparently ******ed (ok they orcs but still... ) I tell them to stand ground, tell them to not attack on the way, and then tell them to go back to camp. What do they do?? Stand and fight so I have to click click click click watch click watch click click to make sure they get out. Can you guys make it work, if I click once to go to point B the unit should go to point B.

5. Radius of powers.. Ok so what exactly is 200? I have NFI and there is nothing that helps me guess what 200 or 500 range is.

Also, I notice the game stutters when the units are having major pathing issues. Like whey the are all clumped up and you pick the 12 units standing between the other 12 units the game spawned int he same place, game stutters for a minute and then starts working.

The gameplay isn't smooth, there are plenty of economy titles that have the gameplay smoother (hire on of their pathing guys as a consultant?? hehe). I like the game, love the concept and have very much enjoyed building my city and doing the sieges even with all the bugs. I like the progression aspect (long time MMORPG player).

Now with all that said, is this unique to orcs?

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