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Old 05-25-2013, 03:49 AM
shizuyami shizuyami is offline
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Territory control in PvP is definetly the way to go, guild based ofcourse, so you can compete with other players. Also another thing I would like to see added with the guild feature is for the guild leader to be able to build a guild city.

Now you probably think.. a guild city, what is that good for?

How about this, members will be able to contribute resources to the guild city, this would work the same was as bringing resources from city to city, then in this guild city you can build 3 layers of walls and there should be a mercenary camp and a daily upkeep to be paid.

Now this guild city can be used to combat other guild cities of different guilds, they can attack your guild city too. Every battle you win would earn you x amount + 10% of the opponents guild wealth.
This wealth will be displayed in a public ranking system which would rank guilds by the amount of wealth they have.

This will make pvp really competetive and would also make the bigger/better guilds stand out more and basically have a target painted on their backs. Causing more pvp fights and a more competetive scene.

Now this would bring some issues, so to solve them right away: there should be a 2 hour cooldown between fights, you can use guild wealth to buy immunity for a certain period of time, but the cost would have to be paid in %, so that the rich guilds will think twice before buying it.

There will be friends who create guilds and then attack eachothers cities for wealth, why this won't cause an issue: they have to bring a minimum amount of troops to battle, their wealth wouldn't display the strength the guild really has , if they get boosted up in wealth, other guilds will start to attack them too, and those guilds most likely have the forces and strategy to deal with them easily since they aren't used to actual combat and are at an amount of wealth (rank) where they dont belong.

You can only challenge guilds within a 25% wealth range of your wealth ( this doesnt kick in untill the guild city has reached 25.000 wealth to avoid the difference to be to small to get a challenge in the early stage).

Now for the combat:
You can attack with up to 4 players and defend with up to 4 players, the attacker makes a party beforehand, and the defenders is simply first come first serve, they need to have an army standing on top of the guild city to be able to join in.

There have to be atleast 4 people in the defenders guild online to be able to attack their city.

The army will be devided like this: a max of 100 units in the battle, divided by the amount of players, so if your with 4 people, each player gets to put a force in of 25 units. 3 people would be each player with 33 units and so on.

I dont know what values the actual servers can handle and how many people they can handle in a battle, but I am just using these number to give an example to make the combat fair.

Now to make this wealth system more interesting:
Only can be earned trough battle with other guilds,
losing can cost you 10% of all your wealth,
Can be spend on longer protection (will cost x+ x% amount of wealth)
A ranking system that takes track of all guilds based on wealth.
A research building within the guild house that you can spend the wealth in,
This researches certain unique defense buildings/traps (input ideas here) for very high cost that would require your guild to work together to build.
Researches for small bonusses of stats (hp, damage,defense) that will only work within the guild city. Not in attacks, this is ment to give the defender a small advantage and to make a fight more dangerous even if an attacking guild has the upper hand.

Summary of battle plan(numbers can be changed):
4 guildies from the defender have to be online to be able to be attacked.
max 4 attackers
When an enemy guild attacks you have 15 minutes to prepare defences.
defenders decide who defends the city between the 15 minute mark and 5 minute mark, after this no other guildies can join in to defend.
Defenders have to put their armies on top of the guild city and have to swap their units into the city 5 minutes before battle.
This is done so that the max army population gets devided properly, if you would do it earlier you wouldn't know if your defending with 2 or 4 people for example.
Amount of defending units should be 100 / amount of players for each player.
Attackers should be with atleast 4 people to fight. This to avoid guilds with only 1 player attacking other guilds with a full army while they themselves can never be attacked.
Guild alliance would also be cool, being able to ally other guilds and helping eachother in combat when neccesary.

More ideas if possible:
If territory control gets added you could make it that a guild can build a guild city in each territory to expand their control, these cities could be the targer of enemy guilds,and when they are succesfully conquered the enemy guilds gains that territory and starts with a city from scratch.

To make this work you could divide the whole map up in more smaller guild territories, and add a empty guild city in every territory. So guilds will have to compete to get the cities and actually need to try and keep the cities to be able to keep on going up in the rankings.

Now there is 1 overlooked issue, ghost cities. Guilds that once conquered a city but then never had 4 players online anymore making the town sort of invulnerable to attacks.

solution: If a town hasn't been attacked for 2 days, it will be open to attack 24/7 despite the number of defenders online, this not only solves the ghost town issue, but also cause the more powerful guilds who never get attacked because they are too strong to be on their toes because they could be attacked 24/7 even if they dont have all their players on.

Note that you can also only buy 3 days of protection max each week, this is to stop guilds from turtling and 3 days should be enough to get a nice defense force going.

Now one last issue I noticed, what if a guild doesn't own a city because it got conquered but they are the number 1 guild, will they stay there for like forever untill someone else gets there?

The answer is : for each day you don't own a city as a guild, you lose 5% of your wealth. This will stop the turtlers and make people actually try to conquer a city more likely, because they dont want to go down too much in rank.

Now 1 final thing to mention, it would be nice if the guild cities all show up on the actual world map, so people will have to walk there to start a fight or to defend it. Ofcourse you wouldn't see your opponents army, but this would make the guilds scatter their armies more over the map, making it harder to be both on the offensive and defensive.

This is quite the list and I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't make it into the game, or if it would take ages to make it into the game. But its just my 2 cents of what I think is a great idea.

I probably overlooked things, or I might be contradicting myself here and there, but I put my final thoughts in the summary. All numbers ofcourse are open for discussion. I would just like to know what you guys think about this idea.
Old 05-28-2013, 05:10 AM
Vinsitor Vinsitor is offline
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Default Kingdoms war

I imagine a conquerable territory, divided in regions with resources, quests and NPC trade cities.
Guilds can create an alliance and build control towers -> cities -> citadels to control each territory.
A net of controlled territories can give the sovereignty of a big region (kingdom) to the alliance the guilds are in, giving access to all the resources of that region.
Guilds have to conquer the net to make the territories first contested and then, after days, conquered and then take the region.
Alliance can spread the income of the kingdom to all the guilds, due to the importance of the guild owned territory (river, mountain, ecc.), the size of the guild army, ecc.
Guilds armies can siege castles for days, cutting off resources until the death of the sieged armies, or assaulting the remaining army with many losses. Sieged guilds can instead wait for allies’ help, or do a raid in the night to break the siege.
It would be good to see mercenary companies too, that fight for gold or a castle.
Old 06-01-2013, 03:23 PM
crazyb0b crazyb0b is offline
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I've said it since before the game even launched, but we really need to be able to customize our main Hero. As it stands there is really nothing connecting me to the game. That is why I haven't played much. It is a decent RTS, but there isn't much MMO in it other than being persistent.

Being able to get trinkets, weapons, armor, mounts, pets, etc. for my hero would actually bring me into the game, and want to play it since I would feel connected to it. As it is now I just have a bunch little pixels running around doing my bidding.
Old 02-05-2014, 05:47 AM
Rouke Rouke is offline
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I would not mind seeing a command which allowed our units to better stack on a wall for keep defense. I wish my units could look as sexy standing on my walls as do the NPC guards at other cities do.
Old 02-05-2014, 12:05 PM
Limb Limb is offline
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Would be great to have pve homeland defence. So if you start war with npc town it can send an army to your homeland. Randomly or with timer. Like in single player kingdom wars. So there will be a reason to make alliance via diplomacy or conquer. Not just for crowns.
Old 02-06-2014, 01:39 AM
CalamityGear CalamityGear is offline
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For me my suggestions are
1.Being able to select multiple buildings at once (so if i have like 5 stables or something and i select all 5 i can click 5 times so all the stables start creating a unit)
2.NPC Towns you're at war with being able to attack you (it would feel more like you're at war with them if they actually send stuff to attack you)
3.Attack move not randomly turning off i don't like it when i charge my guys into the enemy and they run past them all taking free damage and i notice that attack move is turned off somehow.
4.Customized outfits/weapons for hero units, It would give more life to your hero which seems kind of boring on it's own like maybe add customizable clothing/weapons that you can make yourself like pixelart etc.
Old 02-20-2014, 06:27 AM
Diarmuhnd Diarmuhnd is offline
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Hero mounts and baggage trains that support and supply the armies they follow, camp followers, whores, etc. Making it a target for specific pvp win-loss conditions. Lets not forget about pirates!

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Old 03-15-2014, 10:43 AM
ElderDays ElderDays is offline
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Here is a list of thinks I would like to see.
1. Ability to customize your leader: Name, Gender, Choice of cosmetic skins. I would be willing to buy these through a cash shop.
2. Rescale the unit models: The units are way out of scale with the buildings and for some reason this just bugs the heck out of me. Please reduce their size by at least 25%
3. Decorative objects for cities. Things like statues fountains and banners. Again something I would buy in a cash shop.
4. Personalized heraldry: The ability to choose from pre made designs and colors or maybe even a tool to make our own.
5. More NPC monsters and races: I'd love to be able to hire gnolls barbarians centaurs etc. as mercenaries.
Old 03-15-2014, 12:29 PM
Wilffio's Avatar
Wilffio Wilffio is offline
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Thumbs up

great ideas folks! the devs will be looking into making some of those i support some of them aswell! keep it up

Old 03-15-2014, 02:13 PM
nightovizard nightovizard is offline
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Well first of all this multiplayer features:

And try to fix everything from what you've already done which is great

Then about dwarves and other races:

hotkeys for some abilities and actions/selections, so you can respond faster to a threat.

A way to know the actual maximum range for long range units (when selected, a circle could appear)

kickstarter could be a great source to get funded and make advertisment of the game

I would like to be bale to place walls and buildings wherever i want, but that still seems not posible yet, so well maybe something related with the scenario editor could be done here (Multiplayer matches on custom maps?)

Sending resources and units to other players.

I would like to see some kind of necromancer unit that summons the dead units of a battlefield (maybe undead could be an entyre new faction)

A way to program a ''stop producing food when it reaches X, and wood when it reaches x. so the rest of the total amount of resources you will have are either gold or stone.

keep the game progressive and appealing. Never stop making new content, this is part of the MMO genre.

It is a persistent world, but it presently feels like you have no real impact on it outside of your own city. Players actions hould have consequences in the world.

the guild leader to be able to build a guild city. Now this guild city can be used to combat other guild cities of different guilds, they can attack your guild city too. Every battle you win would earn you x amount + 10% of the opponents guild wealth. up to 4 vs 4 player battles.

make the world map bigger, with more strongholds and castles. With the new expansion, this probably would be widely welcomed. Also you could place a new continent at the other side of the great sea, along with yet to be released naval and sea battles.

Changes on the unit interface, for example I would like to be able to select all my units on the battlefield, because the number of units I can select at the same time is limited. Also I would like to see where my units are going to be positioned when I keep pressing right click and I select the direction they should face (similar to total war).

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