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Old 05-03-2013, 04:24 PM
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Default PATCH # 10 - The Big Step Forward - is live!

Taking another big step forward, we launch our 10th update. During our first month of getting this epic launched, we've reached nearly 16,000 players, and are immensely grateful to the community that has been created. May is going to be an exciting month! Starting with this patch, we have many more surprises, giveaways ,and additions to gameplay rolling out as the month progresses. By the end of the month you should be seeing completely reworked path-finding, as well as the long awaited Guild Alliance System, presently being tested on a separate server. And today`s milestone patch completes the circle on balancing the combat, as well as add great number of new features and fixes for last remaining bugs and issues.

Patch # 10

:::::Major Fixes and Additions:::::
-Major changes to game fonts - changing game fonts everywhere in game
-Fixed a rare crash issue on entering View mode, Quest or NPC Town with certain armies
-New Options menu for the Steam client with Resolution, Window Mode, Language
-Dragons and Heroes do not permanently die, but go unconscious and lose levels
-Added Skill Reset button - no cost to players until next patch
-Greatly reduced amount of XP needed to reach higher levels
-Fixed issue with not getting Victory with another player disconnecting
-Fix for being invited to PvP or CoOp while still under PvP protection
-Loot is calculated based on unit cost and level - greatly increased gold income
-Fixed several gameplay/GUI breaking errors from player log reports

:::::Minor Fixes and Additions:::::
-Fixed rare issue with some units hitting 100% resistance
-Fixed issue with skills being upgradeable beyond limit
-Decreased unit button size for radial menus, helps fit more buttons
-Tribal Shaman abilities changed - Shamanic Healing and Blood Purge
-Disable selection and improved targeting issue with Trees
-TeamSpeak message added to Help channel on start
-Goblins gain Hide ability, loose Hold Fire
-Music volume settings should now work, some sound fx will still play at full volume

:::::Balance Adjustments:::::
-Gold price for NPC Training Merchant greatly increased for higher levels
-Heal gives 1.5 per point
-Dragons and Hero levels add 40% less to strength value now
-Elven Fiery arrow now does Magic damage instead of Fire damage
-Dwarf Axeman +150hp +10 crush res +5 slash res
-Dwarf Battler +150hp +5 slash res +5 cruch res -20 crush dmg
-Crossbowman -25hp -60 pierce dmg +50 crush dmg, monster/siege bonus x2-3
-Swordsman +5 slash dmg
-Maceman +20 crush dmg
-Knights -8 magic dmg +10 slash dmg
-Grandmasters -5 slash res -5 crush res +5 pierce res +15 magic res
-Sentry +30hp +5 slash res -60 crush dmg +70 pierce dmg, cavalry and dragons bonus x3
-Bladestorm +25hp +20 slash dmg -20 crush dmg
-Beastriding Slayer +100hp +10 slash res +5 crush res -5 pierce res +10 slash dmg
-Beastriding Impaler +120hp -30crush dmg +50 slash dmg -10 pierce dmg
-Ogre +1200hp -10 crush res
-Berserker +20hp +10 slash dmg +5 slash res str value lowered
-Goblin Prowler +20hp New Hiding ability
-Goblin Raider +40hp +15 slash dmg New Hiding ability
-Slayer +20hp -5 slash res
-Impaler -5 slash res -5 crush res reduced bonus against cavalry and dragons to x3
-Anvil formation: +10% slash dmg +15 crush res +10% magic dmg
-Dwarf hero Deadly Strike ability +20 sec cooldown -150 crush dmg
-Whirlwind +25sec cooldown +30 stamina cost -10 range
-Tackle +15sec cooldown -75 crush dmg -50 slash dmg +125 pierce dmg
-Leap -50 crush dmg +25 sec cooldown
-Rage Health cost +100 healthdrain +5/hp sec -10 sec duration
-Turtle formation reduced movement malus to -10%
-Orc player hero - 20 crush dmg +20 slash dmg
-Warlord -1500 hp -140 slash dmg +40 crush dmg -5 slash res -5 pierce res
-Protector -40 slash dmg
-Infiltrator -150 slash dmg +25 magic dmg
-High Knights -60 slash dmg
-Dragon Slayer -60 slash dmg. Reduced bonus against dragons tp 8X-4X
-Dwarf Champion -60 crush dmg -10 walkspeed -10 runspeed
-Dwarf Axeman: +2 strenght = 7
-Dwarf Battler:+3 strenght = 8
-Dwarf Rifleman: +1 strenght = 6
-Crossbowman: -1 strenght = 6
-Cavalier: +1 strenght = 6
-knight: +2 strenght = 7
-Mounted knight: +2 strenght = 7
-Swordsman: strenght +1 = 6
-Trebuchet: strenght -1 = 2
-Berserker: +1 strenght = 7
-Goblin prowlers: -5 strenght = 5
-Goblin raider: -5 strenght = 5
-Impaler: -5 strenght = 5
-Impaler Warg: strenght -3 = 7
-Labourer: -6 strenght= 4
-Marauder: -4 strenght = 6
-Ogre: -2 strenght = 8
-Slayer: -4 strenght = 6
-Slayer Warg: -3 strenght = 7
-Warg: -5 strenght = 5
-Bladestorm : +2 strenght = 7
-Enchanter: +1 strenght = 6
-Grand Master: +2 strenght = 7
-Mounted grand master: +2 strenght = 7
-Ranger: +1 strenght = 6
-Mounted ranger: +2 strenght = 7
-Sentry: +1 strenght = 6
-Male Warden: -1 strenght = 4
-Female Warden: -1 strenght = 4
-Royal Dragon: -20 strenght = 80
-Red Dragon: -15 strenght = 60
-Haunter Dragon: -25 strenght = 75
-Ice Dragon = -40 strenght = 60

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