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Old 04-05-2013, 12:35 PM
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Default Multiple suggestions

Good day everyone, I've been playing the game for three days now, and I think I am ready to propose some little changes. Many of them I'm sure have already been addressed in other threads, and I'm sure some of them are being worked on right now, but here we go.

Performance and UI

These two have already been talked about, but please allow me to stress how important they are.

The game aims to the battles of huge armies we all know and love. But these battles can turn quite frustating when, despite having a high-end computer, the game crawls and screams asking for mercy.

Improving the optimization really should be one of the main goals.

The UI, even though it is still very important, I think could wait a bit more.

It's not a total wreck like the optimization is, but it's still very, very far from perfect. Allow me to suggest a couple of specific improvements:

- It is known that selecting one particular unit in the heat of battle is notoriously hard. To fix this problem, I would suggest a method in the lines of the banners/unit cards of the Total War series.

- Also, leveling up units is painful. This is because there is not, that I know of, any way to improve more than one at once. When I come back to my city and my goblin huts have produced 10 prowlers, I want to give all that fodder the same improvements, instead of having to click on each one, then damage three times.

- Besides, and this has been mentioned by other players too, there should be an option to keep an army's control groups locked. And on this topic, the loading screen tip says I can create groups with the 1-9 keys, but I am only allowed to create 1-6. Is this a problem on my side?


Besides the ones above, that would also help combat, I have a couple more specific suggestions.

- First and foremost, please, improve the units AI. It really is a chore that my bersekers will stay around doing nothing while they are being hit, forcing me to click every time I want them to attack some unit. Of course, the units should obey the player given commands. I mean, if I ask a troop to attack some archers, I wouldn't like them attacking the infantry that engaged them instead. But, if units are idle, they should have some kind of control area where they would attack approaching enemies. I know the aggresive stance supposedly does this, but it doesn't seem to be working.

- Deployment zone, both for attacker and defender. Fog of war. Plain and simple.

- Also, scrolling over unit portraits should provide way more concise information. I feel a simple "Impaler: ++Cavalry --Archers" would be way better.

- Finally, and this is quite general, there should be more unit variety. Of course, this should be taken care of after more pressing matters, but the fact that the three races have basically the same units barring aesthetics and quality/quantity is bland. Of course there are unique units, like orc goblins or human macemen, but the game needs more. This, nevertheless, is much less pressing than other modifications needed.


- The orcs can build freely, and I have read (It may have changed) that humans and elves are limited by building plots. I of course am not complaining about this, but, many times when I tried building a structure I would get the message "You can't build here, this space is reserved for walls". I think there should be something signaling where the walls are going to be built, so we know where we can't build. Maybe something like a simple foundation or a moat.

- Make the settlements more lively and configurable. We only have one city (Maybe we can have more? I don't know that for sure, but I bet, and prefer, we don't), and, quests aside, all that happens here are attacks, laborers gathering or building, and, in the case of orcs, marauders hunting wolves. Maybe you could make it so some random events happened in cities: Some mercenaries come to offer their services cheaply, or refugees from a war-torn city have come to yours seeking shelter.

As for the configurable part, I mean basically this: The walls are prefixed. And I'm okay with that. But, that means that I have to keep any building I want protected inside the walls. That are prefixed. See what I'm getting at? NPC cities are pretty beautifully built, at least the ones that I have seen for now, and I would like to get a similar city. So I propose various things, some of which may already be in game without me knowing it:

- First and foremost, there's no way that I know of to rotate buildings. This really should be implemented.

- When you create your city, you are asked where you want it out if three possible places. I thought that awesome by the way. But, you could expand on this concept. Add to each "major region" a pool of player city environments, and provide one at random to each new city. Of course, some of the city environments could be more defensible than others yaddayaddayadda, but I don't think it would make so much difference. There could be polemic in this though.

- Finally, please, give us a little bit more room in the city center. As I said, I haven't built walls in my orc city yet, and I'm struggling to get all the buildings I need inside the walls. Some orc NPC cities give the idea that we may later get another layer of walls. I do not know this, if that is the case, it would fix the problem a bit I guess. But anyway, I feel a bit more of space is needed.

- In line with the unit variety, we could use more buildings. Not many more, but I believe that, for instance, training grounds would be awesome.

- Finally, there's one little detail I would really like to see implemented. A new units/resources/buildings log. I would like that every time that I come back to my city, or at the very least, the first login each day, a little popup appeared in my screen reporting how many resources I got, how many I lost due to storage limit, how many and new units of each kind I created, and which structures I finished building. That would be really nice.

That is all I can think of right now, but I wouldn't like to end this post without saying that the game is good and salid, and absolutely worth the relatively low price tag despite it's flaws. Besides, the mods seem to be doing a really good job, so keep it up.


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Old 04-05-2013, 01:25 PM
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All great points that i agree with.

The fog of war would be a great immediate thing to add - the option for it is in the actual options but is defaulted off

As for the orc walls , there is a second set, but like you pointed out , iys trial amd error to find out where it will be
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