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Old 04-03-2013, 10:56 AM
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Default Frequently Asked Questions For Beginners

Hello! First and foremost, welcome to the magical world of Dawn Of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars!! As I'm sure you are all aware by now, questions abound ingame. My goal for this thread is to attempt to relieve some of the stress on the Mods and Devs by answering quite a few of these questions that get asked regularly in a simple, easy-to-read format. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! It will not be done with this one post. I will have to edit it regularly. So keep checking back to see if your question has been answered!


1) How do I get more crowns?! I'm almost out!! HELP!!
In order to get more crowns, you may do any of the following: Questing, PVP, Sieging NPC towns, referring a new player (they need to indicate that you referred them in the referral box), or purchase them directly via your Get Crowns tab.

2) Do I need to buy crowns to do well in this game?
No. The game is not a pay-to-win style of game. You may earn crowns or buy them. It is up to you. Hard work is rewarded in this game.

3) I keep getting attacked nonstop!! Can I stop this?!
Yes. Purchasing Attack Protection in the Market will keep you from being attacked for however long you have protection for.

4) Does my Attack Protection time run while I'm offline?
No. It stops whenever you log out or otherwise disconnect from the server.

5) When I log out, will my workers keep mining/collecting resources?
Yes. They will continue to work while you are offline.

6) When I log out, can I be attacked?
No. This is to keep you from having to constantly pay out every 30 minutes. When you are attacked, there is a 30 minute attack protection that is given to you to keep people from "spamming" you with attacks to get easy gold from payouts.

7) Can I trade/sell resources to other players?
Yes. Add them to your friends list and you can send them resources and vice-versa. Remember to be cautious when dealing with people you do not know personally.

8) How does coop work?
Coop basically has a few stipulations whether you are sieging or doing a coop mission together. You must have a very close army strength to your partner. If you have 1000 and your partner has 1500, that wont work. Get as close as possible within 50 or so strength value points. You must also be geographically very close to each other on the world map. If your army is down in dragon land and your partner is up in the dwarven marshes, obviously you cannot do anything together. It's a very short distance to be able to work together in coop. Lastly, make sure to invite your partner by name, obviously. If not, you may end up with someone you werent planning on working with.

9) I have crowns. What should I use them on?
While everyone has a different play style, I can tell you what I have used my crowns on so far. First, I build both sets of stone walls. They have way more health than any other type of wall. This allows for a safer siege of your city, by making it much harder for your opponent to loot your city. Second, I upgraded all my towers to Large Towers, giving my siege weapons more range as well as my archers. Third, I did as much research on technologies and upgrades throughout my city as possible. Fourth, I picked up a few dragons and a few elite heroes. Fifth, I picked up dwarven riflemen and dwarven miners. Sixth, if I'm answering a lot of questions or if I'm not in the mood for PVP, I buy attack protection.

Some things I personally choose to never spend crowns on are resources. I can adjust my city to bring in whatever resources I need, or I can just take an army to an NPC town and pick them up. Much cheaper this way.

10) Garrison? What on earth would I need that for?
To Quote Brian Shingles The Garrison option allows you to mark which units you want to keep in your home city.
For example - you might have several Archers in your city, some positioned for defense and others you want to send to an army.
If you mark the defending Archers as part of the Garrison, when you go to transfer the units to the army you will see which units not to move (they will have a little shield symbol on their icon).


Sorry for lack of updates guys. Work has been hell. I'll update when i can. If you have any questions you would like to see answered in here, please pm them to me. Please, if you see a question showing up in help chat a lot, post it on here so it can be added to the list. I'm not the only one who can modify this. Thanks and good hunting guys!

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