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Old 10-22-2012, 11:33 AM
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Default Compiling a list of issues

I'm really enjoying the game so far in spite of some of the issues I have had. I wanted to compile a list of issues since the game devs seem very responsive and helpful.

Installation: I use a solid state disk and normal hard drives, the first thing I found annoying was I actually used 7zip to extract the archived installer simply because I didn't want to extract the temporary files nor install the game on my SSD. I would prefer to be able to choose the location to extract the archive. Not a big deal at all.

User Interface: When putting in the CD key I first typed the characters in lower case. I haven't had a game that this actually mattered but I did read on the forums that it matters in this game. The funny thing is I first tried to copy/paste the game key but when I hit CTRL+V nothing happened. So I manually typed the key and it still didn't work, with or without the hyphens. It turns out when I hit CTRL+V twice it will actually paste the key. That didn't work. So I hit back then went forward again to enter the key and filled the key field with more than my key (i just pasted twice). I then removed the excess and tried to go forward, nothing. I hit back again and went forward and pasted the key (again I have to press it twice to actually paste) and continued on just fine. If I put anything in the text field and then backspaced the key will not be accepted. Behind the scenes I think some of the text isn't actually getting cleared from the field.

User Interface: When in chat dialogs with NPCs the click sound doesn't happen until after you press the button just before whatever happens next. I noticed this first on people's Youtube videos before purchasing the game. It turns out not to be some kind of issue when recording the game.

Sound Engine: Whenever I enter the field view and possibly entering a quest I hear constant fighting noise from my left speaker. I've searched the battlefield looking for fighting and there doesn't appear to be any. Eventually it does stop but it starts in every field view no matter what. Sometimes my guys are fighting and most times they aren't, the sound is there no matter what.

Co-Op: I think the failing Co-Op messages should be more descriptive and even require user input to close. For example, my experience with the game so far would lead me to believe I could have a friend join me on a quest I was trying to accomplish as long as the battalion's cap was 12 or less. However, after trying several different things the result was the same error each time, "no suitable army." The message pops up and goes away faster than you can read it the first time you get the message. It would be nice if the messages were something like, "Your army looks foolish compared to playerx and will not fight." I don't personally see a reason you can't have anyone join if they meet the battalion cap and you invited them. I can understand the 70/30 thing when your being automatically matched with a random person. There shouldn't be an issue if your trying to play with friends. Friends are what is going to make this community larger. Without them average people don't play games for very long.

Building: Buildings shouldn't just ever disappear and then appear again later.

Chat Screen: Quite often it ends up highlighting everything. It's as if I'm holding a shift click from the very top of the chat to wherever I click. It's possible that the game is holding on to a shift click from a previous battle transition.

Battle/Fight warning: When my dogs are being slaughtered I'm warned that I'm under attack. I just don't think that should happen when I'm telling them it's OK to be slaughtered.


-I would rather have hotkeys for the selected units abilities rather than camera controls

-I would like to be able to highlight a group of troops and CTRL+Click an icon for one to select just that unit. Shift+Click = select an additional or subtract a selected so I end up selecting an entire group and Shift clicking each full health unit to get down to the few that are injured.

-Instead of what I mentioned above, if you single click on a unit portrait (in a large selection group) if you could highlight that unit in another color.

-UI could look just a little more slick. Most of it all looks fine for the most part but the buttons could be sharper. Some areas the buttons could use the illusion of depth. I'm not sure if the UI is just low resolution and it's scaled to my resolution (which I think is pretty likely)... Compare it to the launcher's buttons. The launcher is nice and clean.

-Adding friends needs to be easier. Clicking on names allows for whispering but it would be nice to just right click and get a menu to either whisper/add them as a friend/or even possibly ignore somebody (not an issue now but if the community keeps growing because of steam..). Don't ignore the social features your building into the game even if the game gets on steam. Unless all the multiplayer features will have steam support and you'll use the steam community options for everything (friends list, ect) then the in game chat deserves some love.

-Attack move hotkey! I would like to be able to press A then click somewhere to attack move all my units. Partially I would call this a glitch because pressing attack move on my units with multiple units selected only seems to have effect on some units. I almost feel like I need to click on each unit and select attack move. When I try to mass retreat I have the same problem trying to turn it off. Sometimes one unit I have selected just tries to stick around and fight. I have to deselect the group and click on that one unit then turn off the attack move. With an attack move hotkey the units could always just default to move unless you press A first.

As long as you guys find this kind of feedback helpful I'll keep giving it. If you would rather I shut up I can do that too.

Thanks, I'm enjoying the game very much!
Old 10-22-2012, 05:40 PM
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Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 12
X106 is just above average reputation

I created a new town today because I wanted to start with different abilities now that I understand the strength of some. I got to the orc quest of taming the 4 in your village. after that I just went into field view to get some resources and went back to my town to finish the quest I forgot to mark as complete. The cutscene started but no dialog box so I just had to ALT+F4 the game. Chat worked but ESC wouldn't bring up the menu and nothing seemed responsive. I clicked around to try and guess where the continue/farewell buttons might be but it really appeared as though there were no dialog boxes (vs a glitch causing them to be invisible).

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