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Old 08-28-2012, 10:34 AM
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Default Siegeworks Preview I - New Human Towns.

Location: Southmount
In the northern region of Southmont, hidden within the mountains and trees is one of the more prominent locations to seek out as your kingdom grows. Doredale is a peaceful with a generous harbor to boot. Its citizens are known for their generosity and fair prices throughout the entire Human Empire. Doredale has a port and small village extending from the water to the tree line. Strategically positioned against the mountainside is a stone keep which offers protection in case of an attack. This location is highly regarded by its countrymen as the wood supplier of the human realm. Players looking to increase their naval fleet would be wise to choose Doredale as a location to start.

Location: The Wold
Felsing is one of the Human Empire's more peaceful towns. Generous and humble as its residents are, this town is one of the largest suppliers of lumber in all of Teria. This town's primary source of income, wood, is also its main source of protection. Felsing is surrounded by a layer of stout palisade walls. Still, it may be easily overthrown by a powerful army so the Lords of The Wold look after this small town and help protect it from any who may dare siege it for the vast income it brings through its wood exports. Players should seek out Felsing if their buildings need a sturdier frame!

Durian Foss
Location: Southmount Mountains
Durian Foss is often associated with the most serene land in all of Teria. The city is nestled into the Southmont mountains with a dramatic waterfall running into the town from the melting alpine snow. In the winter, Durian Foss is a quiet, almost snowed-in town, but during the rest of the year, it's bustling with activity as the villagers are busy with farming and livestock while merchants haul the excess goods into the bigger cities daily. Its single layer of stone wall in the innermost section of the town was added later, during the War Without Kings, after the townspeople faced their first, and so far only, onslaught by a foreign army. With their own water source and a surplus food supply, the men of Durian Foss were able to hold off the enemy orcs long enough for the royal army of Dagbor to relieve them. That struggle, however, had a permanent effect on the once innocent, peaceful village, and it tied the loyalty of the Durians even more deeply to the Lords of Dagbor, whose side they are always ready to take in the fierce political intrigues that embroil the lands of Mythador.

Location:Wold seashore
Nestled on the coast of the Middle Sea, Welgeth has a long tradition of daring oceanic voyages. Men of Welgeth are proud of the fact that their town is the western-most city in Mythador, and from this port, hardy lads regularly set sail, bowsprit fixed due west, in the hope of finding new islands or even whole continents. Thus far all have failed. Or if habitable soil was found beyond the Western Ocean, the men who landed there never returned. Thus the eternal question of whether another land exists across the ocean fills local lore and continues to breed the hardiest sailors this side of the Silician Corsairs. This love of the sea spurs the shipbuilding industry of Welgeth. The town is famous for its sturdy ships and bustling port. The lumber of the great Wold forest is one of its prime exports and a defensible keep was built generations ago, overlooking the harbor, to protect this prolific industry.

Location: Rollingplain seashore
Westerdale grew out of what was originally a small group of nomads who came here eons ago in search of food. The hills of the peninsula were full of sheep and fertile land and the nomads immediately recognized it as 'home,' something they had never felt before. As an additional bonus, the curved peninsula formed a natural harbor with a steep cliff to protect it from the fierce ocean winds. Soon the nomads realized that this unique cliff would also make their small village invisible from the sea. They could build up against the cliff as high as they wanted without attracting attention from passing pirates or enemy vessels. With an abundance of food for the first time, the citizens began exporting their surplus goods, which marked their city on the map for international trade. They took up shipbuilding and soon this peaceful village became one of the wealthiest towns in Teria. However, the Silician Corsairs, located just north, are the true rulers of the waves in this part of Mythador, and they have never taken kindly to Westerdale's competition. The Silicians remain a constant threat, ready to strike whenever Westerdale shipwrights infringe too boldly on their specialty. Consequently, the men of Westerdale have to maintain a constant state of military readiness, poised to repel the raids from their fierce rivals that come with certain regularity.

Location: Rollingplain midlands
Galehock was one of the first cities in Teria. It was a force that rivalled even Dagbor and Menthorn. It was built on a large plateau that was home to some of the best stone in all of Mythador, which made Galehock an economic powerhouse. And this unrivalled masonry made Galehock into a near-impenetrable fortress. However, what the early humans did not know was that Galehock was built on a fault line. As the miners chipped deeper and deeper into the earth, the earth began to tremble. Smoke and fire erupted out of the old stone quarries, and the shaking began. The citizens tried to escape nature's wrath. Some did, but most couldn't make it down the steep cliff fast enough and were thrown down by the sheer power of the earthquake. The entire city was reduced to ash and rubble. Thus it remained for generations, overgrown and reclaimed by nature. It wasn't until after the War Without Kings that men began to return to the city. Displaced peasants from all over Rollingplain fled to Galehock after their villages had been pillaged by enemy armies. They recognized the value of Galehock's natural defenses and built a settlement on Galehock's ancient keep. They rediscovered the magnificent stone and set up trade routes which brought in gold and new citizens. The city slowly re-emerged, growing and prospering, and as her walls grow even stronger over time, Galehock seems certain to become, one day, another great rival for control of the land.

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