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Old 06-04-2012, 06:33 AM
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Default My actual Buglist

First i must apologize. I know you have created some threads to sort different bugtypes.
But don't know where to categorize all of them.
So here is my buglist:

- changing soundvolume in the gamemenu does no effect (musicchanges are working)

- every time i get sieged on my hometown by a npc army i get stuck in the loading screen.
( already reinstalled and chanched graphics etc...)
Anyway sieges from my side on npcs are working so.

- every time i am relogging to the Online Kindom, the ressources i my hometown are resettet to exact 7k. My max is at arond 12k. IF i had more than 7k, it is decreased to 7k all 3 ressourcetypes.

- actuall my wargpens don't transform cavalry even if popcap is free. You have the number on the unit witch is to be transformed but nothing happens.

- i don't know if its a bug if its wanted to be so but if i destroy palisadewalls with catapults i can t go through these destroey walls. They are still blocking.
Destroying Gatehouses doesn't influence the Gate itself at all its still hangig in the air or so.
So always have to use a siege ram to crush the gate and its the only way to get inside a Strongold excpect of zusing siege towers or ladders( i didn't test those 2 actual)

- Some of my units lose their veteranlevel improfements but keep their level with the possibility to put in those points aigan.

I hope thats is of some help for yo guys and i am very sorry for my bad grammer .

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