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Old 06-02-2012, 05:48 PM
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Default Dawn of Fantasy needs lot of work

Hey guys have been playing DoF this weekend after getting it in the free giveaway competition, and i must say im quite dissapointed. Being a strategy gamer to the bone(AoE, Starcraft, Dawn of War, Stronghold, Total War series are some of my favs) i really expected more from DoF. Dont get me wrong, the ideas and concepts behind the game are great, i just think they were poorly excecuted or maybe a little rushed.

Some things that need major work:

-Graphics! This is a big one, you'll have a hard time attracting new players in todays age of high tech graphical games with the current extremely low-poly model counts and low resolution textures. Also a vast number of new players who do get the game will probably be turned off by the poor graphics and not play DoF due to this too. (I do play the game on full graphic settings by the way)
-Lots of elements are unfinished; I have started an Elven city in the online mode, and none of the tutorials or any of the quests from Northras are voiced at all, which is very annoying and not very professional, another big turn off. This is just one of many that i think you guys already know about.
-Clunky control mechanics; why have pan camera assigned to the same button as the move command for units?!!! I am always finding when trying to right click an area on the ground to make a unit move there if i move the mouse in the slightest the camera will be panned and the move command will not be given, resulting in my unit doing nothing and more often than not dieing if this happens in a big battle. This definitly needs re-working, though could be changed by remapping keys, which i have yet to investigate.
-Battles are very slow paced; i dont know if this was intended, but battles and missions crawl along at an incredibly slow pace, slower even than the Settlers series, which i am ashamed to say. This is partly due to pathetic unit movement speeds, incredibly slow siege mecahnics, and could also be because of the un-intuitive control mechanics too. Too remedy this i often find myself training countless mounted ranger battalions merely because they move quickly.
-Pathing issues; though these are already being worked so i will save my rant on this issue

Those are just my opinions for now, i am still yet to test out the single player and PvP aspects of the game, though if it as anything like the mmo aspect of the game, i probably wont like it.

In the end, i think there are many good ideas and concepts behind this game, and it definitly shows some potential. But there is still heaps and heaps of work to be done, and i know this wont happen quickly, but hopefully the dev's actually read this forum(unlike on a lot of other game forums) and actually listen to their customers/supporters so that one day i may come back to this game and be pleasantly suprised.

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