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Old 02-11-2012, 08:11 PM
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Default Bug/balance list


Orc Thikken Dal (forrest) does not provide bonus to neither Impalers nor Marauders. Both these units are supposed to recieve +30% damage/accuracy which they don't.

Alocated skill points disapearing without refunding points. HP regen on units larger than 1 per squad will almost 100% bug out as soon as you cast AoE heal near damage unit with HP regen. Might be game not supporting 2 HoTs at the same time. Another stat which constatly loses invested skillpoints is crush resistance. Seems to happen more often when you have reached alocated skill points cap. For example getting Orc Berserker unit from 0 to 25% crushing resistance will almost always end up with it reseting back to 0% without refunding skill points after couple map switches if you leave berserkers in your hometown.

Training costs are tied to unit size. This severaly hurts orc/goblin players who have 24/30 orcs/gobs per unit. It goes to the level that it is almost twice cheaper to buy lvl 5 goblin than to get lvl 1 in your homeland and train him in town.

Orc siege mastery does not apply 30% piercing armor and 30% hp to ogres.

Orc Flattan Rol (swamp) hometown has human town sounds (sheep, cows, horses sounds) which is kinda annoying.

Orc marauder/goblin skill points invested in range completely bug out when you use stance adding 20% range.

Mounted Grand Masters do not recieve any bonuses from stone formation.

Deer cost reduction research doesn't reduce deer cost.

Mounted Impalers do not recieve damage bonus from charge because charge doesn't have multiplier on damage type Impaler does...

DMG/HP bonuses from traits/hometown location applies only to the starting dmg/hp. Swamp goblin will start with 30% hp/dmg bonus but the bonus will not apply to extra HP you get from skill points.

Grand Hut will re-enable spawn each time you enter some town/open world map.


Elven Mounted Grand Masters - at lvl 5 you can have 800hp, 400 damage extreemly mobile unit with stealth and self healing. Ohh, and ~50% resistances with ability on. OP much?

Orc formations - firstly, there is annoying bug where your units will get stuck in the formation allowing you only to switch between two formations but not allowing to go back to mob stance. Which means you can not turn it off to preserve stam for later use and leaves those units almost useless after 30-50 seconds. Secondly, reduce stam consumtion. Considering pathfinding is quite horrible you need to enable the stance about 3-4 seconds before enganging (otherwise all your units midfight will try to reposition themselves to fall into formation). When you have total of 30-50 seconds of being able to sustain formation this as well as the need to use active abilities cuts it down to about 10-20 seconds max when you can have your orcs fight in formation.
Compare this to elven "get to stand 5 seconds after deployment while turning on stances, but they give me same, in some cases even higher bonuses and instead of reducing my speed in some cases it actualy even increases it for entire battle!". Yeah...

Rage skill. -100 hp upon use+ 6hp DoT. On units which have 300 hp... Yeah, you have healing as well but instantly dropping your unit to 60% hp (well, 75% hp if you invest 4 points into extra hp) is too costy.

Heroes being able to increase their resistances to 80%. This combined with high hp regen skills and ability to drink potions (worst case being surprise, surprise elven hero who has 20% reduction skill, which makes him IMMUNE to any non magical damage) makes high level heroes insanely OP. A properly "grief" built hero can solo 10+ good units without breaking a sweat.

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