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Old 02-07-2012, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by neestas View Post
Actually game strugles with GTX480 for some odd reason. Anywhere starting from medium settings gfx card load goes to 100 and you pretty much are forced to downgrade if you don't want to burn the card (temp climbs to 90+ degrees celsius within couple mins with fans @90%.

Even on absolutely lowest settings (keeping native 1920x1080, obviously) it still loads card between 65-80% which forces you to keep fans @80+% if you don't want to burn it.

I've tried rolling back drivers - no change.
Yes, case is recently cleaned so not dust issue. 480s are known to be heat monsters, but so far I've ran all other games perfectly well - TW: shogun 2, the witcher 2, deus ex, skyrim, bf3 etc - all of these I was able to play no problem with high to ultra settings... Seems to me you guys need to work a little bit on Nvidia support

Does game run fine on your 9600gt? Since that was my old card as well. Admitedly I haven't checked DX9c... Will try updating it and see if it helps any. Will update shortly.

P.S. Sorry if I hijack, but really enjoying the game and at the same time kinda paranoyed it'll burn my PC down...
Mate its possible its Nvidia

I experience the "crash to desktop" issue on other games (though this & BF3 crash the most by a LONG mile. Other games which crash, but only occasionally, are total war games & Dawn of War 2).

I ve spent ages trying to find the problem: Clean Operating System install, Memtests on both Ram chips (1 at a time), removing 1 ram-stick, trying the games to see if the crash goes away (it doesn't), trying the other chip to see if it goes away (it doesn't), along with various other tests (benchmarking my system): Never any errors found.

Its the Nvidia drivers - especially on the 560 Ti series.

On a side note: Can anyone recommend a overclocking program to use for my graphics card & which will *permanently* apply the overclock/underclock on start-up until told otherwise?

I ve read on the Nvidia forums a possible fix for 560 Ti cards is to underclock the card to stock-settings... since a lot of the factory-default settings come overclocked automatically... and it turns out for reasons unknown (probably Nvidia Drivers) that these cards are generally unstable.

I.e. mine is a KFA2 GTX 560 Ti EX OC 1024mb Pcle 2.0

It comes automatically set at 835mhz... stock speeds are 822mhz. Such a small difference shouldn't cause a issue: But the voltage is also 0.975... which doing some research on the Nvidia forums, a lot of people say the GC should be ideally 1.00ish instead (Many say its safe for Voltage to go to between 1.025 > 1.050).

So i m debating about dropping the clock to 822mhz (Stock) & then increasing the voltage to 1.00

Anyone recommend a good GPU Overclocking program able to make the desired changes?

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