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Old 01-24-2012, 01:27 AM
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Default How future PvP should work

I will do this in bulletin form if you want an elaboration on anything just quote it and ask a question I will answer ASAP.


-Low yield zones (Resources can't be harvested as fast as PvP zone cities)

-Where your first city is

-Cannot build more cities here

-People who do not want to fight for territory will be here

-Battle system will not change from the current one here (Uses the strength calculator for even match ups)

-Epic units cannot die in this area (Wealth units)

-Winning a battle in this area will not gain you Wealth instead it will gain you a new PvE currency that will help you buy special units that make PvE easier but have no effect in PvP

-Map will be reworked so the safe SEMI-PvP zones are in the center to prevent noobs from accidentally running out into the Full PvP zone


-This is where you would build your second, third or forth city

-These zones have a high resource yield

-Each city you have in this area will make you a small amount of wealth per day

-Cities are hidden until discovered (Fog of war)

-Armies will appear when within a reasonable proximity to each other

-Anyone can fight anyone in this area

-Cities have an SOI (Sphere of influence) that prevents other cities from being build near them (you could probably fit 8 cities max in a PvP zone) this is to prevent overcrowding

-You can attack someone who is off line with restrictions

-If you attack someone that is offline you will have to wait up to 3 hours for your opponent or one of his allies to respond to the distress call if no one respawns in that time a simplistic AI will take over your opponents troops (This is to prevent people from just offline holding territory)

-It will cost a decent amount of resources to set up a city (10k of each resource and 30 wealth)

-All battle restrictions removed in this area (an army of 1 unit can be attacked by an army of 60)

-All units can die here except for the hero if he is slain he will be teleported back to your first city

-If you attack a city and succeed that city is destroyed and will free up that area to place a city of your own (This is to keep a constant resource sink in the game to get Reverie more money, its also there to stop people from rapidly expanding)

That's all I can come up with off the top of my head I would much rather see PvP like this giving meaning to alliances. It will also allow the people that just want to stick to the PvE a nice fluffy safe zone where they can bounce off all the walls and not fear falling on a sharp pointy object. Please if you can I would like feedback on what you think of this idea.

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