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Old 01-13-2012, 02:43 AM
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Default Screenshot Design Competition Round 3 - Lost City of X

Screenshot Design Competition Round 3
Lost City of X

Hey all! I apologize for the long delay between rounds. Some stuff came up that pulled me away from work, but we're ready to go, and I hope you all had an excellent holiday season.

The winner of the last round, GPS51, has picked the new theme for Round 3: The Lost City of X. GPS has specified that all entries must take place in one of five outlying Dawn of Fantasy regions:

Terrain Type: Mountains with open volacanos and dead trees
Major Strongholds: None – this is not a player region

Sssilistra is dragon territory. Its landscape is the stuff of childhood fantasies, though few ever set foot in that wild and powerful place. Amidst the blackened trees, fires spew from the volcanoes, which rumble ever angrily. Once every few decades, an elf is drawn to this violent land, hearing a music so raw and intense it cannot be ignored. Not many return, but one who did is the elf named Allios, a nhoblio older than most trees. It is from his rambling accounts that most knowledge of Sssilistra has been gleaned.
Dwarven Marches
Terrain Type: Wet caves untouched by the Dwarves
Major Strongholds: None – this is not a player region

The origins of The Dwarven Marches' name are lost to time. The Dwarven Marches are marked by an abundance of deep, damp caves, none of which show evidence of dwarf habitation, past or present. When questioned on the name, the well known half-dwarf Sir Morin suggested that dwarfs had “marched straight past that gleet manky hole”, but while it is an appealing theory, Sir Morin's etymological expertise is not highly regarded by scholars.
Dunn Ergast
Terrain Type: Caves – full of dwarf mining operations
Major Strongholds: None – this is not a player region

Dunn Ergast, so humans say, is a place where you either lose your hearing or your sanity, so loud and incessant are the bangings and clangings of dwarf mining operations. Dunn Ergast is the center of the dwarf realm. Above ground, the landscape is bleak, desolate and unforgiving. Below ground, it is worse. In the unstable tunnels, dwarfs work ceaselessly, hacking and burrowing. Their labyrinthine abode contains many riches, but only dwarfs possess the skill to navigate that treacherous subterranean dimension. Thus, dwarfs have maintained a contented existence in this unfriendly domain.
Bal Rattha
Terrain Type: Desert – Wasteland, with some empty lakes and lots of dying trees
Major Strongholds: None – this is not a player region

Beyond the realm of Gokkholm lies the barren land of Bal Rattha. where desert stretches into every direction, glittering with a million salt lakes from which no creature can drink. This is the home of ogres, who live here in such numbers that their morning bellows shake the desert sand with a sound like the world ending. Orcs have never sent their armies here, perhaps because there is neither a civilization to destroy nor riches to plunder. Thus Bal Rattha is left to ogres and exiles, and the latter rarely survive for long.
The Desolate Hills
Terrain Type: empty wasteland with hills and swamp
Major Strongholds: None – this is not a player region

It is unknown why The Desolate Hills are quite so desolate. In the Older Times, humans attempted to settle in the region, but their crops failed and their animals died. Some believe magic corrupts the earth, for the Order of the Deep is said to work their spells here, far from prying eyes. Perhaps the wizards have always worked to keep humans away, and perhaps it is partly due to their influence that goblins also populate these hills, a menace to any who travel through.

Check the map for the location of these areas!

For inspiration, you can visit these regions in Dawn of Fantasy's Online Kingdom mode to view the surrounding terrain, but most of the pieces are just placeholders until we expand the playable world, so you are free to deviate from these designs. A design document is also available for more information on the unique lore of each region. And, you may have noticed that there are two other regions on the map, Deathlands in the southeast and the Tattered Islands/Isles of the Corsairs in the north, but we ask that you refrain from picking either of these regions as they're currently inaccessible to players.

Not only is this a great choice of theme, but it's also something that Reverie devs are very interested in keeping an eye on as we have yet to design, in detail, these locations. So who knows, we may even use this round to scan potential level design hires. These are regions that have yet to be properly flushed out, so feel free to depict them in whatever way you imagine them!

We have two small change and one announcement before we begin:
  • For this one round only, fellow designer andreicde has chosen to contribute to the prize pool with 70 influence points of his own. These points will not be distributed based on the voting at the end; but rather, andreicde and the Reverie devs will make an executive decision on which entry deserves these bonus points - so they may or may not go to one of the winning entries.
  • Because this round calls for the creation of a city (it doesn't have to be big though!), let's not even worry about deadlines right now. Just work on a design and we'll do a progress check later on before announcing a deadline. Likewise, due to the scope of this round, better prizes may be added to the pool in the near future - possibly including getting your town featured in-game!
  • We realize that there are a lot of elements to our editor, some of which can be tricky to grasp for newcomers. So, we will now be doing mini tutorials based on request. Want to know more about waterfalls or perhaps you're confused about scripting animations? Make a request in this thread, and we'll help you out!

Rules, tips, and information on voting and prizes can be found here. We will likely add to the prize pool for this round, but that will be announced later on.
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