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Old 01-11-2012, 11:28 AM
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Default Day one, some bugs & suggestions

Playing as orcs in desert terrain, with gatherer/horde perks. Here are some bugs that essentially stopped me from enjoying the game on the first day of ownership.

1) disappearing unit banners - units of workers and marauders would randomly lose the unit banner, and subsequently refuse to do anything but stand around. They could not be tasked with performing any action. The only solution I found was logging out and back in, or splitting them into an army on the world map and back again.

2) control groups wiping - after each log in, all the control groups (CTRL+ number) I had assigned in a previous session had been wiped. There's also no indication of what control group individual units belong to once assigned. Control groups also wipe between going from the world map back to the tactical view.

3) crash wiping unit/hero experience but not quest progress - this is the biggest one. I could have lived with the annoyance of having to log out every time one of my units felt like bugging out and being totally idle, but this is the show stopper. Upon a CTD, all the xp i had accumulated from combat would be wiped and my units busted down a few levels, while the quest progress wouldn't be. The most recent example of this is trying to do the orc giant wolf monster quest. All my units and hero gain a ton of experience levels, game crashes. I load it up again, units and hero are at their xp level from before having done the quest, while it counts as completed once I speak to the chief or whatever he is. Nothing is quite so maddeningly frustrating as losing all my progress, and it makes the game quite simply unplayable. I don't want the loss of all my progress due to a CTD looming over me while I play, and I won't until this is fixed.

4) unit controls & hero gets lost in a crowd - not really a bug, but it would be massively helpful if the hero had a banner of his own, or if the units could be selected by clicking on their banners, or if the banners were larger, perhaps a bit more iconic, and generally more functional as a UI element. I'm thinking specifically of the unit badges in Dawn of War 2, though these could be adapted to thematically fit a fantasy game. It would also be neat if the hero could be attached to units like in the original Dawn of War. Would make handling him in combat much easier if he wasn't always charging at enemy armies by himself with his troops trailing behind, and invariably getting pasted by anything tougher than goblins. At the most basic level, I feel like the hero simply needs to be more visible and accessible, and treated not as a one-man unit with extra abilities but as a special and separate class of unit. Again, I'd like to point to the original Dawn of War as doing this very well.

5) resource flow breakdown - again, not a bug, but it would be helpful if information related to resource income, outlay, and individual labourer unit production would be more detailed. I'm thinking specifically of the Europa Universalis III system of a mouse-over tooltip that informs the player exactly how much tax revenue each province is contributing to the total, as an example. EU3 uses this mouse-over tooltip breakdown system more broadly, and its extremely useful to see exactly what is contributing to a total statistic, exponentially more so at higher levels of complexity. Just more information about the economy would be great.

Thank you for reading, and I hope some of these reports will be helpful in improving the game. I look forward to checking it out again in a few weeks.

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