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Old 12-07-2011, 05:30 PM
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Default Reverie World Studios is forming a QA Strike team.

Reverie World Studios is forming a QA Strike team.

We are forming a QA strike group with the primary goal of completely eradicating all out of sync errors aswell as secondary goal of testing pathfinding and AI combat in the near future. To achieve the primary objective we will need people with powerful computers able to comply with advanced logging and debugging with the speical Dev Build. We would also like members that do love the game have a pasion for it but also know it’s flaws. We are looking for very active members that fall into the requirments.

1.Have a copy of dawn of fantasy and play it a lot.
2.Your pc is very powerful and has enough to run dawn of fantasy well with nearly no lagspikes at all.
3.Have a powerful and stable internet connection, better if you live in north america to have the least amount of ping with all other Strike team members.
4.MSN messeger 2010-2011 able to do file transfers
5.Sign a NDA(Non-Disclosure-Agreement) that will legally bound you to not spill-the-beans with any sensitive company information or data including but not limiting to company passwords, addresses, cd keys, algorithms, etc.

This is not a paid position, although compensation would be along these lines:
1.QA Strike Team members’ Real name and username are added to ingame Credits that can be used in Resumes.

2.QA Strike team members have access to a build of the game that is not yet released to the public.

3.Public cities can be copied to Dev build, dev build offers endless resources including wealth, game speed control, season control, other cheats used for testing to make testing fast.

4.After successful assignments QA strike team member can request and aquire lots of free ingame Wealth to public server. Which can pay for future expansion packs,quest packs, stronghold packs, that could be in the thousands of wealth to purchase.

5.Actaully working with the devs close at hand, with the people who made the game.

6.Gratitude of the dev team.

7.Finaly play a less buggy game in part thanks to the QA Strike team!~ You!

8.Possibility of having a speical tag infront of your name when chat is polished:

9. The best Strike team members chosen(hopefully almost all of you) will recived free cd keys to give friends and family a free copy of the game!

Advanced Details of what you will be doing:

You will download a speical dev build with tortoise svn,
This dev build has several degrees of more extreme advanced logging that will allow us to find errors in multiplayer alot easier.
The first stage of testing will enable the strongest logging, when playing someone online the game will constantly lag between both players as the game makes sure both players will form a successful dump file if the game goes out of sync.
If the game goes out of sync the game will freeze for upto 30 seconds as both player’s pcs create a 80-100mb dump file on each computer, this dumpfile will then be ziped up into a 3-5 mb file and sent to me to debug and find the out of sync error.

After out of sync is eradicated you may then help with testing all new game elements including pathfinding update, AI updates and what ever else, we will be doing this for about 2 months after which we may stop or lower the amount of members

If you are interested in joining and you are within all requirments please post here or PM Me Joseph Visscher or wait and talk to me live on GSC Chat that I am on every now and then.,
and we can then have a short interview on MSN to decide if your a applicable candidate.
Joseph B. Visscher - JBV3737

Bugs aren't the problem, figuring out how to fix them is.

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